About Barbara Turley | Energise Wealth

Barbara Turley’s Energise Wealth is leading an entire generation of women away from financial stress and overwhelm.

Our Online TV Show, Podcast, Programs and Resources will give you a full blown, step-by-step game plan that shows you exactly HOW to create a super energised and wealthy life.

But first…let’s define what it is to be super wealthy.

Being truly wealthy means designing a life that energises you, a life that lights you up and makes your heart sing.

Yes, we’ll get you acquainted with your inner Ms. Money, unleash your hidden Cash Queen and whip your Sexy Ass-ets into shape, but this wealth adventure is about so much more than just the money!

Now is the time to go after your most audacious visions, energise your life and make a big positive mark on the world in the process.

All Magnificent Millionaires share something in common…they all decided they deserved the best for themselves and then went after it.

barbara turleyHey! I’m Barbara Turley…

…life lover, adventure seeker, self-confessed idea junkie, crazy wife, long-distance daughter & mummy wannabe.

I’m also an investor & Wealth Strategist with a passionate interest in this thing called MONEY!

After a fast and exciting 15-year career in financial markets I cocked my head up one day and started to question how ‘money’ is done and why this amazing tool is still such a masculine concept.

I believe the wave of ‘femtrepreneurs’ that are awakening right now have a huge role to play in the future direction of our global economy.

Energise Wealth is the manifestation of my desire to reframe the masculine paradigms of business, money and wealth as the ultimate feminine tools with which to unlock personal freedom, energise lives and create epic legacies. 

Professional Bio

Barbara Turley is an expert investor and wealth strategist for savvy ‘femtrepreneurs’ who want to get their money pumping, fuel their vision and come alive.

During her 15-year financial markets career she was a trader for some of the worlds largest investment banks, successfully traded her own money, managed relationships with some of Australia’s largest wealth management businesses and became a major shareholder in a $3Billion asset management business.

Today she is the Founder of Energise Group, a wealth strategy and coaching business for female entrepreneurs.

She is also an adventure lover and a self confessed idea junkie with a passion for inspiring women to step into their power, overcome their resistance to money and embrace it as the ultimate tool designed to enable our greatest visions.

“Every woman is a savvy femtrepreneur when she knows how!”


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Barbara Turley

…life lover, adventure seeker, self-confessed idea junkie, crazy wife, long-distance daughter & mummy wannabe. I’m also an investor & Wealth Strategist with a passionate interest in this thing called MONEY!