How To Build Rock Solid Self Belief For Business Success
How To Build Rock Solid Self Belief For Business Success

This week on the blog we decided to address some of your burning questions and concerns about building the rock solid self belief you need for real business success. We hear a lot about self belief and how much this plays a part in your ability to succeed with money, business and investing – particularly […]

blogging into dollars
Yaro Starak on Turning Blogging into Dollars … The super easy way !

I got the opportunity to talk to Yaro Starak from about turning blogging into dollars via blog sales funnels. We’re all told that content is king but this is the next gen of content marketing and blog monetisation. Yaro gives us a simple and effective way to turn our simple blogs into super sales machines.

selling and making money
Why Selling and Making Money can be the Most Powerful Forces for Good in the World

If it’s possible to find a word that feels even greasier than the word ‘money’ … it’s got to be the word ‘sales’. ‘Sales’ immediately makes most people feel queasy. It’s that sense of powerlessness we have all felt when we know we are caught in the psychological web spun by a great sales person. […]

How to Stop the Financial Rollercoaster as a Woman in Business

I think most women in business would agree that it can be a relentless rollercoaster when it comes to financial success. So much for the ‘Do what you love and the money will come’ brigade! I have seen far too many women in business get carted out by this belief over the years and yet […]

women entrepreneurs
Women Entrepreneurs Getting Raw and Real About Life, Money & Success Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSEnergise Wealth Founder Barbara Turley took part in the global Elevate Telesummit this week hosted by Kerry Nieberding  In this up close and personal interview Barbara talks about her own wealth journey, the highs and lows of starting her own business and why she […]

The truth about women entrepreneurs
The Truth About Women Entrepreneurs and Money

Let me ask you a question …. Why is it that women…. have been graduating from university at higher rates than men since the 60’s have been starting businesses at twice the rate of men for over 2 decades          YET still control just 1% of the worlds wealth run half the […]

mining your money opportunities
Are You Mining Your Money Opportunities? Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI was driving along in my car yesterday casually listening to the radio when the spark for today’s ‘mining your money opportunities’ blog post ignited in my head. I had been thinking about my recent interview with Margaret Barry, Founder & CEO of The […]

making millions
Why ‘ Making Millions ’ & ‘ Having Millions ’ Are Totally Different Things

So many people fantasise about the sweeter life they would have if they could just make millions doing something they love. The problem with fantasising though is that there is an element of disbelief built into it. The whole point of fantasy is that it’s not actually real! The truth is that making millions doing […]

wealth blocks
Are We Raising Our Girls With Wealth Blocks ?

Have you ever paused to consider what messages we give our kids about money? Put another way, do we still promote different messages whether the child is a boy or a girl? Since becoming a mother to a little girl, I have become increasingly conscious of these messages and have become aware of some obvious […]

make your vision happen
Overwhelm Be Gone: 3 Steps to Make Your Vision Happen …. With Ease!

Overwhelm! It’s the modern woman’s curse. Forget periods. They’re a piece of cake compared to all the other stuff we women have taken on in the last generation or so. As we all try to be Wonder Woman we are driving ourselves, our marriages and our lives into the ground. Come on …. Admit it […]