perception of value
How To Make Money (Part 4): The Perception of Value

       Have you ever wondered why some products and services can fetch vastly higher prices than others despite the practical value being kind of similar?        It’s frustrating as all hell when it’s your product or service that’s languishing in the discount bucket while others are enjoying the limelight!        So far in this blog […]

the law of compensation
How To Make Money (Part 3): The Law of Compensation

Who would have thought that ‘value’ could be so two faced? No wonder we all keep getting blindsided by it.   The concept of ‘value’ is critical to understand when it comes to making money.   If you don’t, you can spend a long time spinning your wheels and getting nowhere except totally frustrated, confused and […]

two faces of value
How To Make Money (Part 2): The Two Faces of Value

Last week in Part 1 of this ‘How to Make Money’ blog series we talked about The Paradox of Money – How focusing on just the money means you miss the whole value concept and in the end leave a whole lot of money on the table. So this week we are going to delve […]

how to make money
How To Make Money (Part 1): The Paradox of Money

How to make money!  It’s a question on so many people’s minds so I decided to Google it to see what company I would be keeping if I created a blog series on the topic. As expected I found a ton of  ‘How to make money’ posts – everything from how to make it fast […]

changing world
The Rise of The ‘Femtrepreneur’: How Savvy Women Are Changing The World

Entrepreneurship! It’s been called “The New Women’s Movement”.   It certainly feels like a movement and one that is gathering exciting pace.  While the corporate world is celebrating the ‘lean in’ philosophy and feminine leadership is the latest buzz word, quite a lot of women are turning their backs on it all and saying to […]

how to pick the right advisers
How To Pick The Right Advisers

I am a big believer in advice. I know that in anything in life it is always easier when you have a mentor, adviser or some form of coach ……. As long as you pick the right one for you! But how do you know who is right for you? It can be very frustrating […]

kickass investor
3 Keys to Being a Kickass Investor

Why is it that investing is such a scary topic, especially for women? It has this air of darkness, complexity and risk associated with it that makes people shove their heads deep into the sand and fearfully proclaim “Investing is not for me”. While we all know there is risk involved in investing, the levels […]

The Power of Great Advice

I was doing an interview with Wendy Mak the other day for my Feminine Wealth TV show and we were talking about her ‘Just hit GO’ philosophy in both business and in life. It’s a philosophy I love and personally subscribe to also. Unfortunately after the interview I felt a bit ruffled because the truth […]

forbes rich list
Are Women Really Storming Ahead on the Forbes Rich List?

A few months back I was filming the videos for my FREE ‘7 Steps To Energised Wealth’ video training and in shooting one of the videos I talked about the number of female, self made, entrepreneur billionaires that have made the various rich lists. At the time of filming, only a few short months ago, […]

The Art of Feminine Wealth – A Manifesto

Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project and one of my favourite writers and interviewers recently proclaimed: ‘Don’t Just Build a Business, Start a Revolution!’   I loved it. How tingly does that statement make you feel? I know it certainly ignited a fire inside of me. The idea that I could build an epic […]