Golden Opportunity
How to Turn a Crowded and Fragmented Market into a Golden Opportunity

Welcome to this week’s episode of Wealth Unplugged  – the podcast where I share the key tips I pick up from guests I interview on the Feminine Wealth TV show. This week I spoke to Bec Caines, Founder & Editor of The Daily Guru, an exciting online platform for all things personal development. This is one […]

Jane Liu on Million Dollar Months – Turning Rags into Riches

Prefer to just listen? Catch our audio below! Welcome to another episode of Feminine Wealth TV! This week I had the pleasure of delving into the million dollar super success of online retail boutique Showpo with it’s gorgeous and bubbly CEO  Jane Lu. In just 4 short years,  Jane has managed to turn her twin […]

Dr. Pippa Malmgren on Financial Signals, Nude Models, Women and Investing

Prefer to just listen? Catch our audio below! Welcome to another episode of Feminine Wealth TV. This week I am super excited to have Dr. Pippa Malmgren on the show to talk about the simple and practical everyday signals we can all use to shape our financial decisions. Dr. Malmgren is a global strategist who […]

making millions
Why ‘ Making Millions ’ & ‘ Having Millions ’ Are Totally Different Things

So many people fantasise about the sweeter life they would have if they could just make millions doing something they love. The problem with fantasising though is that there is an element of disbelief built into it. The whole point of fantasy is that it’s not actually real! The truth is that making millions doing […]

being an investor
What Being an Investor has Taught me About Business and Life

You know nothing! A strange learning to revel in, I know but one of the best business, wealth & life success secrets I have ever personally learnt. You see as humans we suffer from a thing called ‘validation bias’. It’s a fascinating cognitive bias that’s hardwired into our brains and means we tend to spend […]

building true wealth
The Difference Between Making Money and Building True Wealth

So over the past 10 weeks I have been writing all about making money in the ‘How to Make Money’ blog series. Producing that piece has been really exciting and enjoyable I have to say but it got me thinking about this concept of ‘money’ versus ‘wealth’ and more specifically ‘true wealth’. When I first […]

Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier

Prefer to just listen? Catch our audio below! Hello everybody! Welcome to this episode of Feminine Wealth TV! This week I was fortunate enough that Loral Langemeier was able to squeeze in an interview while in Sydney. Loral owns a large number of businesses but is known best for Live Out Loud, her group of […]

kickass investor
3 Keys to Being a Kickass Investor

Why is it that investing is such a scary topic, especially for women? It has this air of darkness, complexity and risk associated with it that makes people shove their heads deep into the sand and fearfully proclaim “Investing is not for me”. While we all know there is risk involved in investing, the levels […]

forbes rich list
Are Women Really Storming Ahead on the Forbes Rich List?

A few months back I was filming the videos for my FREE ‘7 Steps To Energised Wealth’ video training and in shooting one of the videos I talked about the number of female, self made, entrepreneur billionaires that have made the various rich lists. At the time of filming, only a few short months ago, […]