building true wealth
The Difference Between Making Money and Building True Wealth

So over the past 10 weeks I have been writing all about making money in the ‘How to Make Money’ blog series. Producing that piece has been really exciting and enjoyable I have to say but it got me thinking about this concept of ‘money’ versus ‘wealth’ and more specifically ‘true wealth’. When I first […]

super asset
How To Make Money (Part 9): Create a True Super Asset

‘ How to Make Money ’ blog series together over the past 8 weeks has been so good. I started out writing it for you guys and ended up reminding myself of some serious business lessons along the way!   It’s amazing how there is always something to learn even if it’s a relearn! So […]

Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier

Prefer to just listen? Catch our audio below! Hello everybody! Welcome to this episode of Feminine Wealth TV! This week I was fortunate enough that Loral Langemeier was able to squeeze in an interview while in Sydney. Loral owns a large number of businesses but is known best for Live Out Loud, her group of […]

how to make money
How To Make Money (Part 8): Leverage From the Outside In

Have you ever wondered why two people with the same business idea can have such vastly different results? One shoots the lights out and the other never even gets out of the starting gates. Why is that? A lot of it comes down to courage, self-belief and mindset but to be honest that’s not really the full story! […]

purpose to profits
The 5 Steps of Purpose to Profits

This is a guest post from my good friend and Legacy Project Founder, Brooke Alexander… It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for a week, a month, a year or a decade I’m sure you will agree that the journey is a constant dance of action and reaction, trial and error, process and progress, […]

How to Make Money (Part 7): Leverage From the Inside Out

Now that we know ‘The Paradox of Money’, ‘The Law of Value’, ‘How to Charge Like a Rockstar’ and why a ‘Big Bum is Really Yum’ it’s time to look at the concept of leverage! If you want to be wealthy the two concepts you really need to grasp are ‘value’ and ‘leverage’. Today’s Tweetable: […]

How To Make Money (Part 6): The Value of a Big, Juicy Bottom

So far in this ‘How to Make Money’ blog series we have focused on the creation, giving and receiving of value and the person you need to become in order the make ‘Rockstar Money’. But as the Irish say: ‘There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ (Which basically means that even when things seem certain, something […]

perception of value
How To Make Money (Part 4): The Perception of Value

       Have you ever wondered why some products and services can fetch vastly higher prices than others despite the practical value being kind of similar?        It’s frustrating as all hell when it’s your product or service that’s languishing in the discount bucket while others are enjoying the limelight!        So far in this blog […]

the law of compensation
How To Make Money (Part 3): The Law of Compensation

Who would have thought that ‘value’ could be so two faced? No wonder we all keep getting blindsided by it.   The concept of ‘value’ is critical to understand when it comes to making money.   If you don’t, you can spend a long time spinning your wheels and getting nowhere except totally frustrated, confused and […]

two faces of value
How To Make Money (Part 2): The Two Faces of Value

Last week in Part 1 of this ‘How to Make Money’ blog series we talked about The Paradox of Money – How focusing on just the money means you miss the whole value concept and in the end leave a whole lot of money on the table. So this week we are going to delve […]