how to make money
How To Make Money (Part 1): The Paradox of Money

How to make money!  It’s a question on so many people’s minds so I decided to Google it to see what company I would be keeping if I created a blog series on the topic. As expected I found a ton of  ‘How to make money’ posts – everything from how to make it fast […]

changing world
The Rise of The ‘Femtrepreneur’: How Savvy Women Are Changing The World

Entrepreneurship! It’s been called “The New Women’s Movement”.   It certainly feels like a movement and one that is gathering exciting pace.  While the corporate world is celebrating the ‘lean in’ philosophy and feminine leadership is the latest buzz word, quite a lot of women are turning their backs on it all and saying to […]

forbes rich list
Are Women Really Storming Ahead on the Forbes Rich List?

A few months back I was filming the videos for my FREE ‘7 Steps To Energised Wealth’ video training and in shooting one of the videos I talked about the number of female, self made, entrepreneur billionaires that have made the various rich lists. At the time of filming, only a few short months ago, […]