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#13 Growing Big Dollars – The Millionaire Maker

Hello everybody! Welcome to Wealth Unplugged for another week! This is the show that is designed to give you the quick tips from my interviews on Feminine Wealth TV. This week has been very interesting, with one of the highlights being my interview with Loral Langemeier  – dubbed the ‘ Millionaire Maker ‘ . She […]

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#12 TEDx Dollars – Speaking With Purpose

Hi there! Welcome to another week of Wealth Unplugged podcast! This is where you get the distilled key takeouts from my interviews on Feminine Wealth TV. This week,  I went off-shore for the first time – a Skype interview with TEDx speaker Pina De Rosa in LA! Pina is also a Mindset Effective Expert. We […]

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#11 Genuine Dollars – Living Your Legacy

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Wealth Unplugged! This week I interviewed Brooke Alexander on Feminine Wealth TV on living your legacy – an important step in your Wealth Success Map! Here I delve into a few of my key takeouts from the interview… Takeaway #1 – Living your legacy is a life-long goal, […]

Changing Dollars: The Transition from Work To Motherhood To Business

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Wealth Unplugged! This week I interviewed Jane Copeland of Coping With Jane on Feminine Wealth TV about the transition from work to motherhood to being a business owner! Here I distill that down into some key takeouts that you can get in short bytes… Takeaway #1 – Opportunity is everywhere! […]

Stylish Dollars – Succeeding in ECommerce

Hello everybody! Welcome back to Wealth Unplugged podcast – this week I had the privilege of interviewing Sali and Julie Stevanja of the incredibly successful Stylerunner. Succeeding in eCommerce is no  easy feat, yet they have skyrocketed in just 12 months and are stocking some of the biggest names in stylish active wear. Takeaway 1 – […]

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Partnership Dollars – Making a Business ‘Marriage’ Work

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Wealth Unplugged Podcast! This week on Feminine Wealth TV, I interviewed Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan Smith of The Clinic in Sydney about their very successful business partnership of the last 15 years and how to make a business ‘marriage’ work. One of the great things […]

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Teen Dollars – Creating Savvy Girls

Hello everyone! Welcome back for episode #7: today I talk about my key takeouts from my interview with Marina Passalaris of Beautiful Minds. Marina and her organisation spend a lot of time helping young girls to find ‘true wealth’ through understanding themselves and being empowered to be true to their own beliefs. They also recently […]

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Juicy Dollars: Leverage with JVs, Partnerships and Capital Raising

Hello everyone! Glad to have you here for episode #6! Today I talk about my key takeouts from interviewing Claire Wivell Plater on the TV show this week. We talked about the power of partnerships as well as looking at JVs and raising capital… Takeaway #1 – Divide and Conquer This may be great in […]

Smart, Savvy and Rich Dollars – The Power of Marketing

Hello! Glad to have you here for another Wealth Unplugged Podcast! This week I interviewed Wendy Mak, creator of Smart, Savvy and Rich, a 10 week program to help you reach and sell to more people, while growing your confidence to market yourself. Wendy has a strong background in marketing and brings that experience to […]

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#4 Tons of Dollars: Are We Embarrassed?

Welcome to another week of Wealth Unplugged! This week I had Natascha Moy, a total world-shaker and founder of Girlpower Goddess on the show. She is a dynamic entrepreneur and also the producer and host of two very popular radio shows here in Australia. Here are some of my key takeaways from our interview: Takeaway […]