The Difference Between Making Money and Building True Wealth

building true wealthSo over the past 10 weeks I have been writing all about making money in the ‘How to Make Money’ blog series. Producing that piece has been really exciting and enjoyable I have to say but it got me thinking about this concept of ‘money’ versus ‘wealth’ and more specifically ‘true wealth’.

When I first launched this website I created a beautiful downloadable manifesto called the ‘Feminine Wealth Manifesto’ which details my whole ‘true wealth’ philosophy. I felt after 10 weeks of hard core ‘How to Make Money’ writing it was time to sit back, relax and take a few contemplative deep breaths.

You see it’s one thing to make lots of money but it’s a completely different thing to go about building true wealth.

True wealth is when you find yourself sitting at the top of the mountain you set out to climb and the view is exactly as you decided it would be.

Getting there is about hanging onto the money you make and getting that money working for you so your more precious resources of time and energy can be used to do what truly makes you feel vibrant and alive inside.

That might mean spending more time with family, being out in nature, writing a book, building schools in Cambodia or launching a foundation to create great social change.

building true wealthWhat ‘true wealth’ actually means is personal to each one of us. Only we can decide what it looks and feels like for us.

Lots of people would argue that you don’t need money to do any of the things I mentioned above and technically speaking they would be right. You don’t need money to spend time with family, to be out in nature, to write a book or to spend a night helping homeless people to find shelter.

But you do need a certain amount of money to survive (unless you live in the wild !!). You need to be able to feed yourself, clothe yourself, get shelter for yourself and of course take care of your family.

Most people spend their whole lives working for money to enable living so they never have the time or energy to devote to creating real social change or pushing humanity forward in a big way.


Once you realise that money can and should work for you, serve you and fuel your greatest visions it changes your whole attitude towards it.

Focus your attention on building ‘true wealth’ and not just working for money and watch how the pendulum swings on your happiness factor.

Being ‘truly wealthy’ lets you serve in a much bigger way than you can ever imagine possible.

Percolate that and if the sound of it lights you up inside then come join the list of amazing women who want to be the first to hear about the launch of Get Savvy Academy. Learning to achieve ‘true wealth’ as defined by you is only a click away!

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