Business Breakthrough Masterclass

Hey ! Here’s the recording of the Business Breakthrough Masterclass

Discover how to confidently & successfully use a virtual assistant to eradicate overwhelm and free up your time so you can get one with growing your business. Give me 60 minutes of your time and I’ll show you exactly why and how! In this LIVE Online Masterclass you will learn:

  • Why not getting help with the basics of your business is paralysing your ability to grow it and leaving you exhausted & overwhelmed!
  • How I transformed my first business from a financial blackhole into a thriving business with double the revenue and half the work. 
  • How you can get a fully trained virtual assistant hassle free that even comes with ongoing training, time management and support. 
  • How, for as little as $100 per week,  you can have an assistant free up an entire 10 hours of your time leaving you to focus on the money making parts of your business

                                   Join me lIVE ONLINE

                    Tuesday March 10th at 9am (Sydney)
                    Mon 9th Mar: LA 2pm; NY 5pm / UK 10pm
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