#12 TEDx Dollars – Speaking With Purpose

Hi there! Welcome to another week of Wealth Unplugged podcast! This is where you get the distilled key takeouts from my interviews on Feminine Wealth TV. This week,  I went off-shore for the first time – a Skype interview with TEDx speaker Pina De Rosa in LA! Pina is also a Mindset Effective Expert. We talked about speaking with purpose, how she went about getting a TED talk and what the impact has been on her and her business since. Here are my key takeaways:

Takeaway #1 – The importance of congruentcy between your internal and external life

“The water is always flowing, but sometimes leaves are blocking the way”. This means that you often need to clear those blockages that get in your way. If you’ve ever had a great idea but never got it off the ground, you will understand what this means. Find out what limiting beliefs you have and work on them!

Takeaway #2 – Write down your goals

Pina wrote down her goal of getting a TED talk and started to speak to people about it. She also started acting as though she was going to do a TED talk. Within in one year she was doing TED! That whole process of writing it down made it more real and helps embed it into the subconscious.

Takeaway #3 – If we get more visibility, who is the person that we need to become in order to cope with that?

Pina was feeling very exposed on the inside after her talk. It is a growth experience that needs to be stretched into.  It is ok to feel fear, but you need to be able to acknowledge that, then move on and push through.


Speaker 1: Want to know what successful people are doing with their money to create wealth and use it cautiously for the greater good? Welcome back to wealth unplugged. The weekly podcast that gives you diamond tips on creating conscious wealth from change makers, world shakers, and wealth creators. Now here is your host, Barbara Turley.

Barbara Turley: Hi there, and welcome to wealth unplugged for another week. Thanks so much for tuning in again, and of course to any newbies that we’ve picked up today, thank you, welcome and I hope that you enjoy the show. I hope that you subscribe to the show and keep following us here on Wealth Unplugged. So basically this is the show where you get the lowdown from the amazing guests that I interview every week on my feminine wealth TV show. And on this podcast, what I do, is distill down my key take outs from those interviews into this nice short and snappy podcast so that you can just get the key strategies that you need on the go in 10 or 15 minutes flat. Usually the shows on Feminine Wealth TV are more like 45 minutes long, so often we don’t have time to look at the whole thing so here you just get the key strategies and key take outs.

This week on Feminine wealth TV I actually went off shore for the first time. So I’m here based in Sydney and I decided that I’ve been interviewing people mainly in Australia, but I found an amazing woman who was based in LA and I really wanted to interview her. And although I would have loved to hop on a plane and head over to LA for a few days of American culture, I couldn’t do that. So I got her on Skype and I did my first Skype interview. It was quite interesting from a technology perspective. Again I was having all these technology challenges and fears but we got after it and the show went really really well.

Basically I had found a lady called Pina Derosa. Now Pina, she’s a mindset effectiveness expert, but she’s also a Ted X speaker and an award winning producer, and what an amazing combination is that? I wanted to get her on the show because she did a Ted X talk that really hit a chord with me, but also it got viewed, at this stage I think it’s been viewed 250,000 times all around the world, and it was only last year that she did the talk. So I really wanted to get her on the show and ask her, obviously, how do you do a Ted Talk? How do you get a Ted Talk? Then, what’s the impact of a Ted Talk there after? So I was really surprised, I connected with her online and she was more than happy to do the show and she was a brilliant guest I have to say it was such a great show.

There was a whole pile of key points really out of the show, but my first key take out that I took from Pina, she just talked about the importance of congruency between your internal and your external life. Now let me explain what I mean by that for a second. Pina is a mindset effectiveness expert and coach and what she really does is she helps people who have a big vision they’ve got a path that their on there’s something they really want to achieve, but for some reason they’re just not getting there. Their just not breaking through. They usually have some sort of limiting blocks or beliefs that might be holding them back. And as she put it, “The water is always flowing, but sometimes there are leaves that are blocking the way.” And what you need to do is, obviously if there are leaves in a stream it’s going to really slow down the water. So what you need to do is get in there and clear out the leaves first, and then you can allow the water to gush forth and it actually does do that. That’s what she sees with her clients.

What I find interesting about this is, it is actually one of my beliefs, these weeds and these leaves that get in our way, they can actually stop us in our tracks forever. How many people have great ideas, but they just never really get off the ground? People who, they do all the strategies and tactics and they do everything to try and make things happen, but for some reason they just can’t quite get there.

This was a topic that Pina and I were able to discuss at length because one of the steps in my wealth success formula that I coach people on is beliefs. Actually it’s quite early in the piece that I teach people this because I know that on the path to wealth, I’ve experienced this myself, you can have all the strategies and tactics and things that you need to do, you can get everything right you can have all the knowledge, and you can still end up not achieving wealth, or true wealth as they say. So after many years of me struggling and hitting up against brick walls and trying everything, I realized that, actually, our beliefs are really really strong and they play a massive part in how successful that we are going to be.

It’s really important to actually go back and figure out, what are my beliefs? So for example, with money, do I believe that I deserve to be wealthy? Now, that might sound strange to you, but if you really ask yourself that question, some of us don’t believe that we deserve to be wealthy. Some of us believe deep down that actually, people who are wealthy, are mean or are evil. We don’t identify with them, like other people are wealthy, and that’s a belief too. And those kind of beliefs, sometimes we don’t even know that they’re there, but those beliefs are our unconscious, subconscious thermostat that’s always pulling us back to where we believe we should be. So it’s really really important to make sure that we uncover those beliefs and then reframe them.

I guess that’s maybe the work that Pina does. It’s not just around money, it’s around worth, it’s around so many different things we can have beliefs on. But when we unlock these beliefs and reframe them, we unleash more of our internal inherent value. Then, when we do that, it’s like preparing the soil. Getting the soil lovely and rich and full of nutrients and the right environment so that when we do start planting those amazing seeds of success, we can just sit back and watch them grow. Pina is an expert of this. Helping people to really unlock their inherent value. This whole concept of once you get your internal programming right, the external representation of that in terms of success, is actually so much easier. That was my key take out number one. Really really focus on those beliefs and it was so great that we were so spot on in our philosophies in that point.

My second key take out from Pina, and again it’s something I get my clients to do, write down your goals. Now, I know this seems like, oh yeah, we know all that sort of stuff. Manifest and write down your goals, but I’m going to tell you a story to prove how powerful this is.

Basically I asked Pina. How does one go about doing a Ted X talk? Because lots of people want to do that, but how do you actually make it happen? She kind of laughed and said that she had wanted to do one, she had attended a couple of them, and she’s already a speaker so she thought, well Ted X is kind of the next level. But there was an influential woman’s group in LA that she really wanted to get into, it was a mastermind program, but for this particular program you actually had to apply. You go through this rigorous application process to get into this particular groups, and she had to write down what her goals were. She had to specifically write down what her five year goals were. And she thought, wow a five year goal is so far out. And she thought, I know, I’m going to write a Ted Talk. So she wrote down as a five year goal that she wanted to do a Ted Talk. That’s great, it’s on the list.

She started telling other people about this too, so she started getting anyone she met she would put in that this was her goal. And in speaking the goal, it actually started to make it more true for her. It’s this whole concept of act as if now. So she started speaking and talking to people and in her writing, she started acting as if she was going to do a Ted Talk and it was already booked in in five years time. The amazing thing that happened, was that literally, a whole chain of events happened over the following few weeks and couple of months. And to cut a long story short, she basically within one year, was up on Ted, on stage, doing a Ted Talk.

So I’m just saying, her five year goal turned into a one year goal. We talked in length about this and really that whole process of writing it down made it more real for her and made it less of a pipe dream. When you write stuff down, it becomes more real, and you imbed it into your subconscious that it’s actually happening. Because your subconscious doesn’t actually know the difference between what’s true and what’s not. It just knows what you tell it. So in writing something down you make it really concrete.

With your vision, and with your goals, you have to get really granular. Write down what is your big vision, but then actually list, what are the objectives and milestones that you want to get to in order to make that big vision happen. I’ve written down, I’ll just share with you, I’ve actually written down on my goal sheet that I want to do a Ted Talk. And interestingly, at the end of the interview with Pina she did offer for anyone who wants to do a Ted Talk or who is really serious about it, she actually offered a complimentary session which is amazing. If you watch the interview you can find all the details at the end as to how to get that. It’s something I definitely will be taking her up on.

Moving onto my third key point. Visibility, it’s what we all want, especially in business. If you’re in business you want visibility because more visibility means more business right? Doing a Ted Talk is the pinnacle of getting more visibility and Pina know this as well. This was one of the reasons why she wanted to do one. But what was interesting was her experience afterwards and getting all that visibility and what it did to her personally. The question is, if we get more visibility? Who is the person that we need to become in order to cope with that level of visibility?

Can you imagine telling a very personal story, which was actually what Pina did. She told a very personal story of being date raped at University and that was the opening for her talk. The video was viewed over 250,000 times. She had never shared that story before the Ted Talk. So you can imagine how she felt? This amazing sense of wow, my name is out there now. She was getting loads of business from it and her brand was exploding, all this good stuff was happening. But on the inside she was feeling very exposed and very uncomfortable about the fact that now this story was out there. So we talked a lot about how do you grow into the person that you need to become when you get that level of visibility. It is a growth experience. You’ve got to stretch into your new role. And like I said we all want more visibility, but are we all ready? Are we all ready for that visibility? It’s interesting.

I was speaking to a friend of mine on the phone this morning, a good friend of mine who has just left the financial industry, a nice cushy job just a few months ago. He’s left to pursue his dream which is in the health space. He does, he has a massive vision and really good business plan. But we were talking about this concept of the minute you start to put yourself on camera and put yourself out there, like what I’m doing now here I am on this podcast putting myself out there. How does it make you feel? It takes a level of confidence and courage to actually do this, and to really step out there and to really push yourself forward. I know I have felt it in creating all my videos and all my content.

What’s really cool is that I got a question a few weeks ago on my new Google Hangout. I’m doing a Google Hangout live every Friday morning Sydney time, so if you actually want to get on that you should check on my website, EnergizeWealth.com and you’ll get details of that. But on there I take live Q&A people can ask my any question they like. One girl did ask me, how do you stretch into that? If you’ve got low self esteem or you lack courage, how do you stretch into doing videos and putting yourself online and really pushing your business forward? Because that’s what it takes. I just said to her, it’s interesting. I look quite confident on all of those videos and I do quite well in that space, but nobody sees the anxiety I go through before hand. I procrastinate about doing this podcast and I procrastinate about doing videos and it’s this sense of stretching.

You have to stretch out of that comfort zone. You’ve got to push yourself into the courageous moment. It’s that sense of feel the fear, allow the fear to give you the right message to tell you what you might need to do more of. But at some point you need to step away from the fear and say, “Thank you for sharing fear, I believe in your consultation, but I now need to go for it and I now need to do it.”

And remember, people out there are only really thinking about themselves. None of you are really thinking about my fears here or my visibility or how I feel, you’re thinking and listening to what I’m saying and you’re thinking about it in the context of yourself and how you can apply it to your own life. So remember, when you are doing things in your business and you’re trying to put videos out online or whatever it is that you’re doing, get up on stage and speak, whatever it is, it’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to feel a bit anxious. I was watching a show the other night, and Will.I.Am who’s amazing in the music world and one of my idols, Will.I.Am said, “Anxiety, feeling anxious, their just feelings. And feelings are there for your friend, they’re actually your friend. They’re just telling you and letting you know that this is a big moment in your life and that it’s important.” So don’t push it away. Don’t push it away just got for it.

I think that’s a nice point to end today and I think it would be worth while, as I said, if you want to do a Ted Talk, you really should get over to EnergizeWealth.com and listen to the interview on Feminine Wealth TV. It’s on over there just went up live a few days ago. As always, if you enjoyed today’s show, I’d love it hear about it in the comments below or over on the energize wealth blog you can also comment there. Or you can also drop me an email. Drop me an email through the website on the contact form. I do pick up emails there. It would also be great if you could subscribe to the show wherever you are listening to it, we’re on iTunes, we’re on Stitcher, we’re on Podomatic, we’re all over the place. Wherever you are listening to this please leave a review, a review and a subscribe. It helps us to get the show found by more people, so basically helps us to move up the ranks. I really want to get the show up the ranks so any help you could get me there would be awesome.

So remember, tune in next week when I’m going to be talking about raising Angel investor capital. That’s going to be with a lady called Laura Mackenzie who is the CEO of the Scale Investor Network. It’s the first and only all female angel investor network in Australia. So for all you female entrepreneurs or femptrepreneurs as I like to call you out there, you got to get on the show next week if you’re looking to raise some capital. Until then, have a great week!

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