#13 Growing Big Dollars – The Millionaire Maker

Hello everybody! Welcome to Wealth Unplugged for another week! This is the show that is designed to give you the quick tips from my interviews on Feminine Wealth TV. This week has been very interesting, with one of the highlights being my interview with Loral Langemeier  – dubbed the ‘ Millionaire Maker ‘ . She has so many strings to her bow including running a multi-million dollar global coaching company, being a speaker, author and mentor. This was such an interesting interview! Here are my key takeaways…

Takeaway #1 – There’s more to wealth and success than visualising!

Yes, writing things down is powerful, but there are more steps you need to take. For example, I have wanted to get Lorel on my show for a long time – I wrote that down but I also went out and told people about it. Loral talks about the importance of sequencing to build wealth – it’s all about taking the right steps at the right time.

Takeaway #2 – There are no self-made millionaires, only team-made millionaires!

If you’re running around doing all of the work in your business, you run out of time to think and act strategically. Having a good team behind you is important and both Loral and I believe it is vital to get coaching to take you to the next level. A key point is also to mind who you hang out with – who do you want your behaviour to model? Find a community of people who get what it is that you are trying to do.

Takeaway #3 – Having money lets you serve

Many women will say “I’m not in it for the money”, but the fact is that money is an integral part of life and business! Think how many more people you can serve with more money! Treat money as another part of your team and give it the respect it deserves…


Speaker 1: You want to know about successful people are doing with their money to create well and use it consciously for the greater good?

Welcome back to Wealth Unplugged, the weekly podcast that gives you diamond tips on creating conscious wealth from change makers, world shakers and wealth creators.

Now here’s your host, Barbara Turley.

Barbara Turley: Hi there and welcome to Wealth Unplugged for another week. Thank you for joining me. This is the show where I give you the key takeouts from guest I’ve been interviewing on my Feminine Wealth TV show. I’ve been interviewing some amazing female entrepreneurs, and investors, and everyone in the wealth space on my Feminine Wealth TV show.

This podcast is designed to give you the quick tips that I picked up from those people so that you can just implement them really quickly throughout your daily lives. This podcast is usually about 10 minutes long, 10 to 15 sometimes [inaudible 00:00:52] and so you can really get it in when you’re at the gym, or feeding a baby, or [trapped 00:00:52] when you’re in traffic. Hopefully, one of those things will really suit you.

This week, I had a crazy interesting week. It started off with me having a surprise issue where I had just small health issue where I had to go to the hospital for a day. All fine now, everything was fixed, but as I was pulling up to the hospital last week for my day patient day, I got a phone call.

The phone call was from one of the big global speakers on the global stages. She has an office here in Sydney. The office called me and said, “Look, we’ve had a cancellation for an interview spot tomorrow afternoon and she was only in town for one day.”

They had heard that I was really keen to interview this particular woman. Of course, I completely jumped at a chance and I had to change around, load the shows, and get the schedule completely shifted to try and fit this interview in. Of course, I had to try and come at a hospital on Thursday, get myself together on Friday, and get the whole thing organized.

Basically, the guest that I’m talking about and I was quite excited to have her on the show was Loral Langemeier. Loral Langemeier, she’s been dubbed the Millionaire Maker, how amazing is that? She runs a multimillion dollar global wealth coaching business. She is a five times New York Times Best Selling Author. She was also featured in The Secret the movie about the manifestation. She was in that particular movie.

She was also mentored and coached by Bob Proctor. This woman, she is initially one of the global leaders in the wealth space. She’s very high profile, so I was just completely overjoyed that I had managed to get this woman onto my Feminine Wealth TV show, which is largely at this stage, to be honest still quite a startup show.

Anyway, the reason that I managed to swing this one, and this is the power I guess of putting stuff, there’s the universe, and this is why I want to talk about this. I had told, first thing I had done, about six months ago I was making my list of people that I really want to interview for the show. I’ve written down some very high profile people.

At the time that I put their names down and Loral Langemeier was one of them. I put their names down and I had no idea, to be honest, how I was going to get these people on my show or whether they would say yes or anything about the how. I don’t know how I was going to contact them, nothing. I decided to write their names down anyway, because I’m a big believer in just, write it down and figure it out later just make it happen. Somehow the universe will conspire to make it happen.

I had mentioned my list to a couple people and I had put the fillers out there. I told a few people that I really want to interview Loral. I didn’t even know she was gonna be in town, how about the [style 00:03:51]. A friend of mine had basically who’s quite connected with the office that she has down here, heard that this interview was cancelled and basically mentioned, “Oh, my god, I have this amazing girl who has this TV show online, who really wants to interview Loral.”

I got in at the last moment and, of course, I just jumped at the chance and said, “yes”. I basically said yes and thought I’m just going to figure out it how I’m going to make it happen later.

I thought this was a really interesting segue into my first point for my interview with Loral, because she obviously was featured in The Secret. The Secret was all about manifestation and this idea that you can just visualize, create vision boards, and think about something enough and all of the sudden RAM Maserati appears outside the door. It feels a bit like that for me right now with this interview. I put it that, the universe, and then the universe conspired to make it happen and all that stuff.

One thing I love about Loral is although she was in The Secret and that was all about that, she and I have very similar view on this. This way more to us than just visualizing. When it comes to wealth and creating success, too many people just think, yes writing stuff down is really powerful, but there are more steps that you need to put in place than just writing something down.

Yes, I wrote Loral’s name down on my list, but I also took the step of going out and actually voicing that goal and actually speaking to a few people who I knew were connected there. A few weeks ago I had a lady called Pina De Rosa on the show. Pina actually she used the term my love for this, she called that Little Soldiers of Light.

Basically, when you tell people and you speak your goals, you’re sending little soldiers of light out into the universe, who actually can bring back the opportunity to you, so there’s a little step that you really need to take action I guess is what I’m saying. You can’t just sit in your bedroom and visualize and stuff will naturally happen. I do believe a lot in that and that you do need to know and have the vision, but then you need to take action and actually take some steps.

My first key tip from Loral that’s really, really important one, is the importance of sequencing when it comes to wealth building. What I mean by that is she’s a big believer too in getting your vision right, deciding what you want, writing it all down, but then it’s really key to do the right things in the right order and act the right time.

There’s no get-rich-quick schemes really out there, I mean those loads of get-rich-quick schemes, but there’s no get-rich-quick are there in what she teaches. She teaches people how to not only come up with the vision and to have a really strong belief about your ability to do something, but then she teaches you which steps to do in which order, at which time.

I know that my philosophy is very, very similar to her, and I followed her for a long time and that’s why she was perfect to come on my show because I’m very, very aligned with the way that she thinks and the steps that she has. They are the steps to wealth.

As she said in the show, creating wealth is the same, you do it the same way as we’ve always done it for centuries. There’s no secrets in this really. There’s nothing new here. It’s just for some reason people mix the steps up and people tend to say they get the steps with the checklist or whatever and they go, “I don’t really feel like doing that bit today, so I think I’ll do a bit of this bit and a bit of that bit.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. You need to do with wealth. There are steps you need to take. The steps are really clear. You need to do them in the right order and at the right time and that’s key. Often, we don’t really know that’s the bit actually the [trick itself 00:07:43]. I think that’s the thing.

Loral Langemeier, she has created why she called a Millionaire Maker, she’s created thousands of millionaires basically over the last 19 years that she’s been doing this and training people all over the world, so that’s why she was actually named that. I think she has a book, I’m just looking it at my desk here. I’ve got the book somewhere. It’s called The Millionaire Maker. Yeah, that’s one of her books. She’s basically perfected this and taught many, many people over a long period of time, so she’s worth listening to.

The other thing she said which I just loved and again totally [on-board 00:08:20] my philosophy, there are no self-made millionaires. There’s only team-made millionaires. Again, I think the reason a lot of people fail in any way is they try to do everything themselves.

For any of the solopreneurs out there or people really stuck working in the business, exceptionally well in the business, but not doing a lot on your business same with investing running around doing a lot of the work and not really thinking strategically, the problem there is that you’re not engaging a team to help you to actually get there.

Teams cost money, we all know that. Loral mentioned that one of the challenges that she finds is that you need to get people through that hundred to $200,000 mark because that’s where the challenge really is. The hardest money you make is the first hundred thousand or even the first 150, let’s say, because you [had a living 00:09:18] on a lot of this and there’s not a lot of it left to pay the right people to get on your team or pay coaches and mentors.

She believes, and I firmly believe as well, that the first big thing that you really should spend on is a coach or a mentor. I mean think about it, the best athletes in the world have coaches. Look at Roger Federer, look at Nadal, look at all these people on the tennis circuits. Look at the biggest business people out there. They all have coaches and mentors.

Even Loral herself was saying that despite, and she’s [tougher game 00:09:48] now. She has billionaires that mentor her. She’s still getting coach and mentored and she said that she has never got a year in her life without getting coached. What I love about this is that the first coach she actually hired, I think it was the first one or the first big one anyway, was Bob Proctor who is absolutely massive out there and she paid him a lot of money way back then to get her on the path where she wanted to go.

What she talks about now is modelling is the fastest behavior change that you can do and the way to get to model someone else is to hang out with them, so you either have coaches or mentors, or you definitely need to be in a community of people who are wanting the same things as you, doing the same things as you, and actually striving for the same level as you.

What often happens is, and we will find this, we’re all hanging out with people who are in our family or our friends, who might not be the most supportive to our vision. What happens is we’re all hanging out together and bitching and moaning and being negative about the same thing. Unfortunately, it is true to say that we’re modelling the behavior of the people around us.

If the people around you are not really that supportive or not really going anywhere, Loral’s view is she basically said, “fire them”. Fire all the negative people in your life and start hanging out with people who are doing things differently, who are doing things the way you want to do it, and then going to the places where you want to go.

I guess it’s really hard to [merge 00:11:20] your family and friends then say you’re fired, Donald Trump style, you’re fired. The solution is that lovingly we can do this. The idea is that you still have your friends and family, but you really need to find a community of people that you can go and hang out with sometimes and swap ideas with and people who get what are these that you’re trying to do as you are on the same path as you.

The other thing is if you are coming to the point where you’re thinking I need a coach, another thing Loral said, which is actually really, really important, you want to get a coach who’s actually done this. For example, if you want to be a millionaire then hire a coach who already is a millionaire because there are lots of coaches out there that are telling you, I can show you how to make millions but they’re not millionaires, so how can they teach you that?

As Loral herself said, she has 72 different companies. She just recently like she buys companies, she overhauls them, and then sells them. She’s got multiple trusts. She’s got all these different things going on. She sees speakers on the circuit all the time who are claiming to create millionaires but they’re not actually millionaires themselves, they’re broke. Where they’re getting the money from? They’re getting their money from you.

I think she’s about 13 or 14 years older than me. I really resonate a lot with her because I like the path that she’s gone on and I love her philosophy [running 00:12:45] wealth. I think at this stage I’m at, I’ve got several different companies already. I’ve got trusts. I’ve got lots of different things going on. I’ve made my money already which is just an amazing position to be in.

I get excited by the idea of creating even more companies and actually investing in more companies and I’ve got lots of different investments going on, but angel investing and bench capital is the area that I’m moving into now, which is very exciting.

One other thing we talked about, Loral and I, we both agreed that a lot of people think that making a lot of money means a lot of hard work, a lot of stress, a lot of overwhelm, it’s all too hard, but both of us actually think making money and learning how to make money is actually quite a lot of fun.

I supposed that’s one of my missions out there is to show women out there in particular that making money can be a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun. Learning how to do it is a lot of fun. It’s actually quite a spiritual and good thing to do because it brings me to my third point, to my third key takeout from Loral was that, let’s face it, having money it lets you serve so many women I speak to. They say to me, “Oh, but I’m not [inaudible 00:13:56] money,” that’s the most hilarious one I ever hear.

The other one is they don’t really say that but they sort of if you imply that you want to make a lot of money they’re very uncomfortable with that. Women running businesses who are covering up, they’re trying to forget the fact that money is an integral part of life and of business. It’s actually a key survival skill.

They’re running businesses I see it all the time. They’re running businesses and they go on and on and on about how I want to serve the world, I want to serve the client. It’s all about serving. They try and put away down the back somewhere out of sight the fact that there is actually a capitalist. Business is about serving clients and serving needs and solving problems, yes, but in order for that to really work, there is a value exchange that needs to be honored and money comes into that.

Money is a part of business and it’s a very, very important part of business. It’s a very important part of serving. By neglecting this part of your business or your life for that matter, it’s like neglecting a lover. How would your partner feel if you never brought up any conversation, never talked about them, never praised them, and never really looked at them, they’d leave you.

Money needs to be treated the same way. You must treat it with respect. You must treat it like an integral part of your team, like the most important part of your team actually. You wouldn’t treat your colleagues or your staff members with disrespect and disdain that we often treat money with.

I’d really urge you to think about money a little bit differently and maybe start thinking about money as one of the members of your staff, one of the members of your team. Start treating the money with the respect that it deserves, because really I know so many women, you all want to serve and I do too. We all want to serve at a global level. We all want to serve in a really big way. We all want to give back that’s our nature as women. It’s in our DNA to be nurturers, to be carers, to be givers, to be community builders, to be collaborators all these things.

What we need to realize is that money, getting the money bit rise, is what allows us to do this on a much grandeur scale.

I think I’ll leave you on that point for this week because I’m always trusting that one particularly for the women out there.

As always, let me know what you think of the show and in the comments below [review 00:16:23] listening to it, if you’re on the blog at energisewealth.com, you can comment below or if you’re on iTunes or PodOmatic or Stitcher one of the podcasting areas, it would be great if you would subscribe to the show and leave a review because that really helps me to get the show right to more people, so more people can get these messages and it just helps the whole thing helps me serve in a bigger way. Try to subscribe and if you can review the show that would be amazing.

Come back next week. Next week, I’m gonna be talking to a lady called Alessia Marini. I’m actually going offshore again. I’m heading to Italy and this girl is an amazing Italian woman. She has created five different companies across multiple continents. Basically, she drove them all to massive success and [and then runs 00:17:13] a $30 million enterprise around the world. Now, she coaches other people how to do it.

She’s a feminine leadership consultant and coach and she’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl and amazing to listen to. She gives us basically the five steps in full detail that she takes her clients served that’s well worth listening to.

I’ll be back next week with my key takeouts from that video. Until then have a great week see you then.

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