#4 Tons of Dollars: Are We Embarrassed?

Welcome to another week of Wealth Unplugged! This week I had Natascha Moy, a total world-shaker and founder of Girlpower Goddess on the show. She is a dynamic entrepreneur and also the producer and host of two very popular radio shows here in Australia. Here are some of my key takeaways from our interview:

Takeaway #1: For women, making lots of money is often still seen as a ‘man’s domain’

The concept of making large amounts of money, or the desire to make large amounts of money can polarize women and make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. We need to re-frame our thoughts around money and see it as the neutral tool that it is, rather than associate it with negative terms such as greed.

Takeaway #2: If we empowered more women to make more money, the knock-on effects for communities and the economy would be huge!

It’s in all of our interests to ensure that women are changing their attitudes and belief-systems around money, and gaining confidence in managing and making it.

Takeaway #3: There is much more involved in taking a business to the next level than just passion!

The hard work is in getting very granular with your vision, breaking it down into parts and numbers to get a solid picture of what you business does, who it serves, how it makes money and how it will be of interest to potential buyers.


Intro: Want to know what successful people are doing with their money to create wealth use it consciously for the greater good? Welcome back to “Wealth Unplugged”, the weekly podcast that gives you diamond tips on creating conscious wealth from change makers, world shakers, and wealth creators. Now here’s your host, Barbara Turley.

Barbara Turley: Hi everyone and welcome to “Wealth Unplugged” for another week of brilliant insights into wealth from the remarkable people I’ve been interviewing on my “Feminine Wealth” TV show.

This week, I had Natascha Moy, founder and director of Girlpower Goddess on the show. Now, I described Natascha as a total world shaker on the show, which made her gasp a little, as I know she wasn’t expecting that. But the reason I called her that is because she honestly has such powerful self-belief and vision. It’s quite amazing to be around her. Her creed, if you will, for her life is: “When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.” Well, Natascha certainly embodies this philosophy and always strives to dream big, aim high, and live really large.

She’s a really dynamic entrepreneur and has successfully launched many businesses in her career. Armed with a bachelor of journalism, she cut her teeth in the challenging world of women’s magazines. Working her way from promotions to editing publications and win a coveted Panpa Award … Now I hope I said that right. Panpa Award. She’s also the producer and host of two wildly popular radio shows here in Australia, one called FoodinFocus, which is dedicated to her total adoration of great food and fabulous wine, and the other one is called the Eden show, which is about uncovering the myths and mysteries of women. Her passion really is inspiring women to remove the shackles of fear and guilt so that they can get on with creating more beautiful lives.

Look, the reason I wanted to get Natascha on the show was to specifically explore the reasons why women feel so darn uncomfortable with wanting to make a truckload of cash. It was a great interview that went on for a good 40 minutes, so plenty of nuggets of wisdom in there to pore over if you have some time to check it out.

To isolate just a few key takeouts I got from chatting with Natascha … I want to dive straight into the issue of making truckloads of cash with key takeout number one. I chose to ask Natascha this specific question because she’s one of the few women I’ve met that will openly say she wants to make $100 million. She wants to build a huge global business and fast. And one that is set up for sale from day one.

Now the interesting thing about this is that I’ve watched Natascha say this to a room full of women several times over and it would literally polarize an entire room. You can feel the energy shifting around so uncomfortably. For most of the women, they’re put off by this. They feel it’s verging on vulgarity, while others are silently squirming in their seats, wondering how she’s had the guts to admit something that they would never allow themselves to. We got talking about this and Natascha felt that a man would slap you on the back and say, “Good on you for wanting to earn $100 million or have a company worth $100 million.” Whereas women still feel quite challenged by it. Now why is that? We talked about this for quite a bit, actually, and came to the conclusion that for women, making lots of money is still very much a man’s domain. A woman entering that domain can be perceived as quite masculine and maybe threatening to other women and particularly their sense of self.

I’ve spoken to quite a few of my guests about this problem, actually. As women, it’s not necessarily programmed into our DNA to be money-savvy. Since the dawn of time, if you think about it, the concepts of money, business, and wealth have really been the domain of men and women have taken little interest … Or should I say, were not really allowed to take much interest really until our generation. So women today are stepping up and taking on the world of business in a brilliant way, but we still have this block around money and what it means to make a lot of money. I feel that we have to learn to reframe money and wealth and realize that money is just a neutral tool to be used for whatever purposes we decide it should be used for. It is there to serve us and it is us that decide how we will use it to serve ourselves and society.

Now if Gordon Gecko’s “greed is good” philosophy makes you just want to hurl, then don’t blame money, just blame Gordon’s massive ego. This brings me to my next key takeout, which is a follow-on point from the first one, I guess. Natascha’s mission is to free women from fear and guilt so that they can finally create the beautiful life that they deserve. She believes that if we empowered all the women in business out there to make more money, then the knock-on effect on society and community investment would be absolutely huge. Now this is a point that I’m 100% in agreement with.

Studies have been done on this by the likes of Goldman Sachs and the World Bank and it’s estimated that the multiplier effect on the economy of harnessing what we call “the female economy” is far greater than any so-called “China effect.” With the global economy still in quite a bit of disarray post the 2008 financial crisis, it’s in all of our interests to make sure that women are changing their attitudes and belief systems around money and gaining the confidence and drive to play a bigger game.

To be fair, it’s certainly happening. We just saw the other day a 25% increase in the number of female billionaires on the Forbes Rich List. Unfortunately, it’s a bit deceiving because a small portion of those were of the self-made entrepreneur type, but nonetheless, the number is significantly higher than last year, so it really is something to cheer about.

That brings me to my final key takeout from my chat with Natascha. She commented that over the past year, in looking to grow her business and potentially raise capital from investors, she has realized that there’s way more involved in taking a business to the next level than passion and a whole lot of women who love you. Lots of women would suffer from this. They think that that’s all they need, the passion will drive it. This of course if one of my favorite topics, business models, followed closely of course by strategy and leverage. The really hard work is in getting very granular with your vision. Often it’s hard to take a very lofty, dreamy vision, where you can see it all happening and you want to focus all your attention on manifesting like all hell. Except at some point you have to sit down and look at some numbers, do some financial modeling, and get a solid picture of what your business actually does, who it serves, and how it’s going to make money so it can sustain itself, and of course become interesting to potential partners, investors, or eventual buyers.

This is what I like to call the “marriage” of masculine and feminine energy and it really is the key to success in business. While it’s vitally important to have strong vision, which is more of a feminine, creation-style energy, without the good grounding of masculine energy, like planning and strategizing, the vision can remain just a pipe dream or a flailing business not really getting anywhere. Similarly, great planners can often never make it big because they lack grand vision. So both of these things are vitally important when you’re running a business.

Again, these are just a few nuggets from the interview. If any of them have resonated with you, it’s worth heading on over energisewealth.com and watching the whole show on Feminine Wealth TV.

Okay, so that’s it again for this week. I hope the show has really got you thinking about how you might be shunning a whole lot of money because you see Gordon Gecko’s face smiling back at you every time you think about making lots of it. Maybe reframe that. If you enjoyed today’s show, I would also love to hear about it in the comments below or over on the Energise Wealth blog or even the Facebook page. I really do love hearing people’s reactions to the shows and particularly any light bulb moments that you have. Be sure to share those because who knows who else you might inspire with your thoughts and comments.

Remember, tune in next week to hear my key takeouts with Wendy [Mack 00:09:05] and how she’s carving it up in the world of marketing with her smart, savvy, and rich program. Now who doesn’t want a piece of that? Take care. Have a great week.

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