How to Turn a Crowded and Fragmented Market into a Golden Opportunity

Welcome to this week’s episode of Wealth Unplugged  – the podcast where I share the key tips I pick up from guests I interview on the Feminine Wealth TV show.

This week I spoke to Bec Caines, Founder & Editor of The Daily Guru, an exciting online platform for all things personal development. This is one talented lady- with over 10 years’ experience in international Event Management, as well as being a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Well being enthusiast, Body Language fanatic and above all, wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves.

We got to the root of how she managed to turn the problem of a crowded and fragmented market into a golden business opportunity.

Here are my key takeouts from my chat with Bec:

Takeaway #1 Business opportunity is everywhere …. even in crowded & fragmented markets.

You just need to think differently about it, see it differently and from different perspectives. Often when you are new to an industry you can bring fresh eyes and experiences that could reshape that industry or concept completely and thereby unearth your golden opportunity.

Takeaway #2 Be very strategic about how you build your tribe

Sadly just putting your message out there and hoping the masses will come doesn’t always yield the results you want or need ! Bec was really strategic in how she built her massive fan base in 8 months flat and it involved a combination of a strong, authentic message, deep analysis of what was resonating with her audience and strategic collaborations with key influencers. Don’t leave one of these steps out … they are all needed even though some (like the analysis bit) can make a lot of people doze off !

Takeaway #3 Being purpose driven and commercially minded is the secret sauce for serious business success.

Having a purpose behind your business will grow your business way more than if you’re just in it for the money but being commercially minded is absolutely vital if you want to sustain a business, we always have to consider commerciality.


Speaker 1: Want to know what successful people are doing with their money to create wealth, and use it consciously for the greater good? Welcome back to Wealth Unplugged, the weekly podcast that gives you diamond tips on creating conscious wealth from change-makers, worldshakers, and wealth creators. Now here’s your host, Barbara Turley.

Barbara Turley: Hi there and welcome to another episode of Wealth Unplugged, the podcast where I give you my key tips and strategies from the women that I interview on my Feminine Wealth TV show. On there I have female entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists. And boy, do I learn a lot from these women. Some of them have been absolutely super-successful in so many different ways, and they have so many tips to share with us that we can really learn from and not make the mistakes that they’ve made in their businesses or in their wealth journeys. And hopefully, we can all learn together.

But I know that you don’t always have time to watch a full 30-minute show, or sometimes you’re just on the bus or you’re in traffic and it’s easier to listen to a podcast, and a quick version of what I found out from the guests on the show. On this podcast, in five, 10 minutes, I give you my quick three takeouts from the people that I interview on the show.

So this week on the show, I had another Northern Hemisphere girl, all the way from the UK and living down here like I am in hot Sydney Australia, Bec Caines. She got sense like me, and she shipped herself down here to sunny Australia. But Bec is the editor and founder of a brand-new online platform called The Daily Guru. I can tell you something, this is one talented lady. She has over 10 years’ experience in international event management, as well as being a life coach, writer, speaker, wellbeing enthusiastic, body language fanatic, and above all she’s a very passionate and very beautiful young woman. In the interview, I managed to get to the root of how she turned the problem of a crowded and fragmented market into her golden business opportunity.

So many times, we look at doing a business ourselves or we look at something we have a vision for or a dream for, and we go out to try and research the market. What do we find? We find tons of other people that are out there doing exactly the same thing. Then we get very disheartened and we think, “Well how … Where is the space for me? How am I going to get into this crowded market and actually get business for myself?” What I loved about Bec did, is she did start out as a life coach and she went that route. And she realized that actually what she really loved doing was connecting with other life coaches. She just loved researching the space and understanding the whole wellbeing space. So she decided then to utilize her marketing and events background and pair it together with this life coaching that she had just learnt, to produce this platform called The Daily Guru.

On this platform, she brings together all the experts who are in the industry onto one platform, where people like you and me who don’t want to go hunting for all these different people … We can just jump on The Daily Guru and we can find experts in lots of different areas, from spirituality, obviously wellbeing and health, fitness, even wealth. and I have to say that I’m one of the experts on her platform. If you look up the hashtag #GuruToWatch, you’ll find all the gurus that are on The Daily Guru platform.

In doing this, I guess my first key takeout from this is to say to yourself, “There’s always an opportunity. Maybe you just can’t see it yet. Maybe when you’re discounting something or saying that your experience or your idea is not good enough, or there’s too much competition for your idea, how can you do it differently? How can you turn that on its head and actually turn it into your golden opportunity? Think about the experience that you’ve had before. Maybe you had a career before that was nothing to do with this idea that you have now, and you ‘re wondering how you’re going to connect the two things together. Think about all the things that you learnt in that other career or in that other life, or as a child, or in a different business that you were in. How can you bring that new insight, that insight that you have, into this new industry that you’re going into, and kind of shake it up?”

Now, I’m very passionate about this point because this is exactly what I’ve done with Energize Wealth, which is my business. I worked in the Financial Industry for 15 years. There’s financial advisors everywhere. There’s plenty of help out there for anybody who wants help, financially. But the issue that I saw was that nobody was really filling the gap … The gaping hole that exists between the need for financial advice and guidance, and the actual desire to go and get it. How do you create demand out of that … A need is there, but unless the person on the street, or you, or any of these people out there see it as a need, how do you turn it into actual demand?

I realized that that gap was really an education gap and a confidence gap. People need to feel more confident when it comes to money and their financial affairs. People need to feel more confident when they’re going into business that they can understand the steps to creating a successful business. Because actually, there are formulas for these things that have been proven time and time again to work. But often what happens is we just have that confidence gap and that knowledge gap.

Think about in your industry. Is there something like that going on in your industry? Is there a crowded industry that you want to get into and you can’t figure out how? You’ve got to figure out what is the strategy that you’re going to use to turn that into your opportunity. That’s exactly what Bec did, and she’s done it exceptionally well.

The second key point I want to talk about is her process, the exact three steps that she took to build a super-tribe of highly engaged fans in as little as eight months. Now, I know all the bloggers out there, we all want to do this. Actually it’s not as easy as we think. Some people get lucky with it, but I loved Bec’s answers, because she was very clear about how she actually did this. We can learn a lot from what she actually did.

First of all, she talked about the first step which everyone talks about, ‘being authentic in your message and in who you want to serve’. Now I really want to labor this point for a second, because what Bec was saying is that, “You can’t get distracted by what other people are doing, or who other people are serving, or how they’re doing it.” You have to think about where is your place. And it kind of gets back to my key takeout, number one. But where is your place and who’s your idea customer, and how are you going to speak to them? Because then what happens is, you actually magnetically attract the right audience. This is community-building, at the heart.

Now, what I loved about Bec is she expanded that out even further in her second step. This is the bit where most people are going wrong, probably including myself, so I really learnt a lot from this analysis. Analysis, analysis, analysis is key. If you’re putting posts out on Facebook, out on social media, and you’re not measuring the engagement levels of those posts and seeing what’s resonating with your audience, what’s not resonating with your audience, what’s working, what’s not working … You’re not really finding out what your tribe really, really want. You might think you know what they want, but listen to them and let them tell you what they actually want.

So it involves a lot of analysis which, of course, we all hate doing. Everybody wants to stick to the authenticity and the vision. But as I’ve said many times on this podcast, you can’t just have vision without strategy and implementation. This is the whole marriage of the masculine and feminine in success, and particularly in business, where the feminine is all about collaboration, community, listening, vision. And then the masculine is all about analysis, reporting, tweaking, measuring. All these things we don’t really want to do. But it’s very very important if you want to have that massive impact like Bec has had in her business. I mean, eight months, she’s got 12.5 thousand fans on Facebook. That’s hard to do, I have to be honest.

Then, her third point in this is collaborations. Again this is a very feminine energy, but she’s done it in a very strategic kind of way. What she’s saying is, “It’s not just about running out and finding a friend who loves what you do, and then you try and collaborate together. It’s about being strategic here, and finding out who are the people in your industry who are in the influencers? Who are the influencers? What do they want, and what do they need? Then how are you going to go and pitch how you can solve that for them, or give that to them, so that they collaborate with you?” Like I said, it’s not about getting loads and loads of collaborations, it’s about getting strategic collaborations that work effectively for you and your business. That’s my second key takeout. Build your tribe, but do it properly. Don’t just think too much … The message is very important, the vision’s very important, but how you execute is absolutely vital to be totally honest, as well, and it’ll mean that you won’t get frustrated.

Okay, so that leads me on to my third and final key point. Obviously we got onto the topic of money, because this is a money show and Feminine Wealth TV is a money show. What I loved about Bec again is again, she’s quite strategic. She’s a very feminine, very beautiful woman, very … A lot of purpose behind what she’s doing, and a lot of very positive energy around what she’s doing. But we talked about this whole concept of having a purpose behind your business and your vision is absolutely key, and it will grow your business more than you can ever imagine. However, if you are not commercially-minded also, and focusing on the commerciality of everything that you’re doing, the purpose can run away with you. You can end up not achieving the financial metrics that you need to.

At the end of the day, business is business, and purpose and passion will drive a business fantastically. But you need to have the commercial acumen in the background, and the commercial knowhow, particularly in negotiation with anything, to make sure that your business is sustainable and that you build the business that you truly want, that actually works for you as well, you personally, and gives you the lifestyle that you personally want that matches your personal vision.

Those are my three key takeouts today from Bec Caines at The Daily Guru. If you want to catch the whole show, I urge you to go and have a look, because she did say some really really amazing things. You can catch that show over at under Feminine Wealth TV. Just look up Bec Caines and you’ll find it right there.

That’s it for this week. Next week, I’m back with a social enterprise, and I’m going to be talking about how Kathy Wong has managed to actually harness this idea of giving, even though she’s a startup with no money. How is she giving, but also creating wealth out of this for more than just herself, and doing it very, very successfully? If you want to catch that show, then jump on over to energisewealth and sign up, and I’ll let you know when the show goes live. If you love this show, of course, you can help to get this show out further by sharing it with your friends, so please do share the shows. Share them on social media. It helps to get this message out for other. Also if you’re on iTunes, jump on over there and subscribe to the show. Make sure that you get this in your podcast downloads every week, so you can implement these tips and listen to this while you’re out having a walk, or in the car, or wherever you may be.

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