How To Turn A Crowded and Fragmented Market Into A Golden Opportunity with Bec Caines

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This week on Feminine Wealth TV I had the pleasure of interviewing another northern hemisphere girl, Bec Caines,  who (like me !) got sense and shipped herself ‘Down Under’ to live in sunny Sydney, Australia. We got to the root of how she managed to turn the problem of a crowded and fragmented market into a golden opportunity.

Bec is the Editor & Founder of a brand new online publication called The Daily Guru.  This is one talented lady- with over 10 years’ experience in international Event Management, as well as being a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wellbeing enthusiast, Body Language fanatic and above all, wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves.

Bec recognizes how much we all need a helping hand to overcome obstacles and to decide what it is we actually want from life.  Through The Daily Guru, Bec is working hard to share that philosophy with her community. Working with some of the most inspiring Gurus in the industry – she wants to encourage women from all around the world- to be brave, grow, seek more information, embrace new ideas and ultimately help create the life that they deserve.

I managed to unearth some really interesting insights into how she is achieving such success with her business …… and fast !

Among other things I discovered:

  • How she turned the problem of an industry being very crowded and fragmented into her golden business opportunity.
  • The exact 3 steps she took to build a super tribe of highly engaged fans in 8 months flat !
  • Why being purpose driven and commercially minded is the secret sauce for serious business success.

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Barbara Turley: Hi there. I’m Barbara Turley, and you’re watching another episode of Feminine Wealth TV. The show that uncovers the diamond tips on creating truly conscious wealth. From change makers, world shakers and wealth creators. Very excited about today’s show, because I am joined by the guru of all gurus in the personal development space. She has an online platform where she brings together industry experts in the personal development space, to give you your daily dose of inspiration. Please welcome to the show, Bec Caines, the founder and editor of the Daily Guru. Welcome to the show Bec.

Bec Caines: Thank you Barbara. It’s lovely to be here.

Barbara Turley: Yeah. It’s fantastic to meet another Northern Hemisphere girl living down here in Sydney. How … Hot Sydney, Australia.

Bec Caines: It’s wonderful, isn’t it? I think you and I know a little trick and the rest of the English don’t know at the moment.

Barbara Turley: Absolutely. They all want to live here.

Bec Caines: Yeah.

Barbara Turley: Tell me, the Daily Guru, it’s a reasonably new platform but it has absolutely exploded. Tell me, what exactly is the Daily Guru? Just give me your pitch on what it actually is?

Bec Caines: The Daily Guru is an online publication for all things to do with personal development. We’ve created a space that allows industry experts to share their tools, education, services to our audience. Each day we share a blog and we’re also engaged in live events.

Barbara Turley: Fantastic. It’s sort of like rather than having to hunt around the internet, you go to one place to find the best at certain topics.

Bec Caines: That’s exactly it. Yeah.

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:01:31] Niche of experts and they could all come on one platform.

Bec Caines: That’s exactly it. We started out basically because during our own journey, we were searching for coaches, we were searching for holistic therapist, we were searching for personal branding companies, and we realized that actually this is an industry that’s quite run on referrals and recommendations, and it’s really difficult to find someone if you don’t know someone who knows someone.

Barbara Turley: It’s very fragmented, isn’t it?

Bec Caines: It absolutely is.

Barbara Turley: There’s no central body to create … yeah. This is what you’ve created then.

Bec Caines: You see. This is what we decided. We wanted to create a space that was really safe for people to go and explore these topics. Everything from professional development, personal development, emotional development, what courses and events are out there that they might be interested in, and then everything in the Daily Guru in that space is already regulated. It’s high quality content and it’s the best people that you can be working with.

Barbara Turley: You vet the gurus or the industry experts before the come on the platform?

Bec Caines: Yes, exactly.

Barbara Turley: It’s like your personal stamp on the people who are there.

Bec Caines: It is. I think it’s really important because anytime that you’re working in the personal development space, you’re going into it because you’re perhaps in the time of crises or in the time of need so it’s really important that you find the right person to be working with you that’s going to suit your style, your needs and also you might not be aware of all the options for you, so that’s what the Daily Guru offers.

Barbara Turley: That’s fantastic, actually because you’re right. When people are in crises the first thing they do is jump online and Google. My iron has just broken down or I’ve lost my job or I’m in a career crises or whatever they’re going through, and they become susceptible then to the snake world that could be out there.

Bec Caines: Yeah. A beautiful website does not sadly always determine excellent service, and also in the personal development industry a website that doesn’t look appealing does not determine whether someone is going to be an except in that field. That’s the kind of real good stuff that all the people in the industry know about. But all those entering have know idea and that’s again what we want to be helping people with.

Barbara Turley: Yeah. Tell me, where did this all begin? Were you always an entrepreneur? Is this your first business? Give me a bit of the back story of Bec Caines?

Bec Caines: No, I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. As you mentioned, the Daily Guru is only eight months old, but my journey to creating the daily guru probably started at 18 months before that when I was working in the corporate world. My background is in events and marketing and I’d been working that space for 10 years, and really enjoying it, and I got to that stage where I thought, “I kind of don’t know what my next step is going to be.” I didn’t know whether it was going to be the next step up that career ladder in the corporate space or whether I wanted to do something myself.

I started exploring, and the the first sort of decision I made was to go do a life coaching course, which is incredible. That life coaching course has really become the foundation for everything that came after that with Daily Guru. What I mean by that is in order to create the Daily Guru … I had no idea about the industry, so I didn’t even know that that’s the space that I wanted to work in.

Barbara Turley: After the life coaching industry, of course, yes.

Bec Caines: Absolutely. Then from then on, with the content that we’re creating, the people that we’re engaging with, etc, I didn’t even know that work existed before I did the life coaching, so that was kind of my first step. After that, I realized that I wanted to bring my background of events and marketing into something in this space. My background is that I’m experienced in creating communities and engaging people with people online and running events in the event space, but I wanted to bring that into personal development world, so there was born the Daily Guru.

Barbara Turley: I love about that actually that you … When I was looking for something new to do, I was from the corporate world as well, in the financial industry, it was actually my father who said to me … I went down the life coaching road originally, which I think a lot of women do. I thought, would I be a life coach? Am I going this way? My father actually said to me, “Is there no way that you can bring together the stuff you’re learning know, with the industry expertise that you have?” Actually that was why Energise Wealth was born. It’s born under that as well, so I love that you haven’t just thrown away the experience that you have spent like 10, 15 years building up and actually paired it together to create something really amazing.

Bec Caines: Yeah. I think it took a long time for me to decide that, but what I realized is that I originally went down the event space and the marketing space because there was something in that that really resonated with me. It was a strength and it was something that I really really enjoyed. Although my enjoyment wasn’t as high anymore in the corporate space, that was because it wasn’t fulfilling the path that was my purpose, and that was that the industry wasn’t suiting me anymore.

I wanted to find that new industry. I definitely was ready to trial, doing it on my own, and putting to test all of my ideas that I’ve been having for a while and to see, can I make a go of this. I’ve really been placed, I’ve been able to match those skills from my past into my new interest.

Barbara Turley: Tell me, so where was the point where you went, you know what, I love the life coaching but I don’t want to be a life coach? Where did the platform idea come out of, the transition there?

Bec Caines: Life coaching, I did trial it for a little while. Just as you always do with these things, you start up with few friends, then you move [crosstalk 00:07:06]. I realized that although I enjoyed it, what I really enjoyed was actually meeting the other coaches and finding out who was great and learning from them, and then it moved from coaching and it was naturopathy and it was kinesiologist and I noticed how so many people, in my work team at the time, etc, was saying to me, “Aw, what did you do at the weekend, and who was that person and maybe I want to go see them.”

Immediately, I realized actually that knowledge sharing and information is really powerful and there’s so many people that aren’t aware of these services. I thought, that was my original idea of how can I start sharing these services on a bigger scale.

Barbara Turley: Probably, with people before they need it.

Bec Caines: Yeah.

Barbara Turley: Because there’s this whole thing of usually people only find the life coaches space or this interesting work when they’re going through crises. I always get the feel from your website that you’re actually trying to target people before they get crises so they know some of these skills earlier on, I guess.

Bec Caines: Absolutely. I think with person development, it doesn’t have to be just out of crises at all, because I don’t know where this believe came from but I feel like so many people who come out of school or university and they feel like they’re being told, right, you’re done. You know everything now, you should be able to cope with everything. Off you go and be an adult. That is where we all start being really tough on ourselves, and then we go through a difficult situation. Whether that’s the professional environment or personal or emotional.

When we don’t do it as well as we had hopped, we’re just tough on ourselves and tell ourselves, we dealt with that poorly, we’re not good enough, etc.

Barbara Turley: We internalize it and we think there’s something wrong with us, that our friends are dealing with things better, or-

Bec Caines: Yeah, very tinted glasses. We start shooting on ourselves and saying everyone else can do it, it’s so much easier, why not me. But actually these tools and skills we don’t get taught, and I know that’s such a cliché that we don’t get taught these life skills in school but it’s true. Therefore, that’s why I feel that the Daily Guru going live only eight months ago and it’s taken off so quickly shows there’s a huge appetite for people to be learning this in a proactive way and not out of the space, if discomfort.

Barbara Turley: Absolutely. I’ve also noticed the supersonic rise of the Daily Guru and how successful it has been, which is amazing, so congratulations on that.

Bec Caines: Thank you.

Barbara Turley: What would you say, I mean, you’ve got like 12,000 fans at this point in time that we’re talking on Facebook, you know, you’ve got a big list. How do you do that? Everybody want’s to know, the viewers are going to want to know, how do you get such an engaged following going?

Bec Caines: Really, where I started from was just firstly deciding what I wanted to create, not getting distracted by what was already out there in the industry. Obviously competitor analysis is important to understand that you’re not going in saying you’re the only person who does something and there’s actually 20 more. That’s important. Deciding what you want to do and being authentic and following that space. That was my first point. It’s not getting destructed by what other people were doing, and just staying true-

Barbara Turley: Comparison agents and all that stuff, because that actually bolts you down, emotionally and mentally.

Bec Caines: It does. Before you know it you’ve created something that’s actually unintentionally a little bit of someone else’ product, and a little bit of what someone else is doing, and then your audience can feel that, I really believe that. When you create something that is really authentic to your values and your believes and what you’re trying to create, that’s when your right audience comes to you. I start-

Barbara Turley: You magnetically attracts them them because that’s really important.

Bec Caines: It really is. Secondly, that’s all I focus on as a community building. I wasn’t selling at my audience to begin with, I was trying to show them what the Daily Guru has to offer. I gave myself a grace period of around six months, but all I focused on was my content that I was sharing, and I was doing analysis all the time on what’s resonating, what are they really liking, what’s not being enjoyed, which of the gurus that are really loving when we share them?

Then if I knew that piece of content was working really well, I would know which industry of gurus to go out to so that I can showcase them. It’s feeding itself so that then eventually when I move into the event space, which is now face two of the Daily Guru, it meant that the content that we’re sharing in the live space, as well as online, is all to do with what, my read is one thing, following is one thing. It fed itself, and that engagement meant that it grew much quicker.

Finally, collaborations. I mean I’m such a believer in collaborations. If you can find out what the people that you want to work with need and you can offer that then-

Barbara Turley: Collaborations becomes easier.

Bec Caines: So much easier.

Barbara Turley: You know what I love about that, a lot of people are going on saying, be authentic, your message is really important, and all those things are really important, but I did pick up something you said that I really want to double back and focus on for a second. Collaborations and visions and authenticity and the message are all very feminine energies, but doing the analysis on what’s resonating, which posts are doing well and the actual numbers behind all these things is very masculine energy. Actually, the most successful businesses are the ones that pair the two, very feminine energies and masculine energies together. You’ve done that really really well.

I love that you said there was analysis too, because sometimes we’re told just put your message out there, and it doesn’t always work. You have to analyze the numbers too-

Bec Caines: Definitely.

Barbara Turley: On what your readers are actually looking for.

Bec Caines: Yeah, definitely. It’s so interesting.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, I find it interesting too.

Bec Caines: What you put out there and you think, “They are gonna love this piece.” Then you know-

Barbara Turley: Crickets, nothing. Then you think, oh.

Bec Caines: (laughs) Then another piece you’ll share because the your … The most exciting thing about when you’re in business is the fact, trial and error. You can just try stuff. It’s, it’s your opportunity to test the water, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work, but try, if it works keep doing it, if it doesn’t move on, try something else.

Barbara Turley: On that though, because that is key. Obviously when we’re working for ourselves and we do try something, like the thing that you think it’s going to be amazing and nobody cares about. How do you get over this disappointments factor and move on to the next thing, because that’s really key to be able to do that?

Bec Caines: Yeah, it is. I think you just have to take it with a pinch of salt. You have to learn to laugh at yourself.

Barbara Turley: I mean this is your background, I suppose. The whole event and marketing space. It is testing and trying and then going back to the drawing board and testing again. I personally find that quite hard, that’s why I asked the question. In my own business when I try things and I put my heart and soul into it [inaudible 00:14:14] Oh okay, that was interesting. It takes a while … I find it hard to get over the disappointment of that. I know a lot of people would.

Bec Caines: Yeah, it absolutely is. I think what I find myself doing is I remind myself that if this was easy everyone would be doing it.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, that’s true.

Bec Caines: There’s hundreds of statistics out there that show the percentage rate of successful businesses in the first year. If it works against you it’s quite low. Equally within that there’s a lot of characteristics within those that were successful and we can all learn from that. The fact that it’s not always easy, you have to remind yourself of that and reflect on the wins and then say, “At least I’m trying.” If you don’t try something you don’t know whether it will or won’t be successful.

Each time I really really do take something from that. Perhaps it’s the way you executed it or maybe it was the way-

Barbara Turley: Maybe just the message.

Bec Caines: [crosstalk 00:15:13] Timing, communication style, whatever platform you decided to share at that moment in time. Not enough collaborations, there’s something to be learned each time.

Barbara Turley: Yeah. I think that’s really key and I’m glad we touched on this, because sometimes when people are successful, and one of the reasons that I want to have this show, is that we delve into the bit that are hard, because it is hard. It’s really hard work having your own business, as we were talking of air. It’s so much work, and it is great to have the successes, but there are the hard times as well that you have to get through.

Bec Caines: Yes.

Barbara Turley: Anyone watching, we all have those times, they have to get through that. Tell me now, I want to talk about phase one of the business is kind of up and running now, the building of the online community.

Bec Caines: Yes.

Barbara Turley: Tell me the phase two, live events?

Bec Caines: Yes.

Barbara Turley: That scared me. I’m not the live event girl. Happy to go and speak on other ones but I’m not yet at the stage of having my own so I’m really keen to hear.

Bec Caines: Maybe we can get you to one of ours then.

Barbara Turley: Yes. I’ll speak to anyone of those.

Bec Caines: This has always been the end vision for me and that is taking the content that’s online that’s really resonating with my audience and the gurus that I’ve been able to bring to them and making it into a life space event, and creating these beautiful unique experiences that tap into all the things that I believe help the learning experience increase even more. That’s the scent, the touch, the feel, the look, every part of that. Honoring what the Daily Guru is about, and creating something that people can’t experience anywhere else.

I know that sounds like such a cliché, but when you have the idea and you see the opportunity to bring together a whole selection of gurus that can deliver something in a really powerful way-

Barbara Turley: In a beautiful space as well.

Bec Caines: In a beautiful space.

Barbara Turley: That’s key, because along the space that these things go on are not that beautiful or inspiring actually.

Bec Caines: It’s that whole event delivery, the whole experience in itself and that’s something I’m hugely passionate about, that I want, when people go to the Daily Guru event, to know that there’s a different feel, a different experience that they’re about to have.

Barbara Turley: The Daily Guru feels to me like it’s quite a women focused thing, but it’s not a women … you haven’t gone-

Bec Caines: It’s not exclusive.

Barbara Turley: It’s not exclusive?

Bec Caines: Yeah.

Barbara Turley: But do you tend to get more women?

Bec Caines: We do. To be honest, that’s probably partly with the fact that the brand is incredibly feminine.

Barbara Turley: Yes.

Bec Caines: However, I really believe that this is an area where all of these content, in actual fact, probably the men are being quite neglected and actually it’s an area that they could really do with a body that’s devoted to them. Because the way in which they’re going to absorb and be open to this type of content is going to be very different to the way that women want to be educated about it. Definitely not exclusive. We’d love-

Barbara Turley: Welcome anyone.

Bec Caines: Yeah. I really believe that perhaps it just needs to be delivered to them in a different way.

Barbara Turley: I feel the same by the world space. People always ask me, why are you always focusing on women? And I go, it’s not that I’m trying to be exclusive, it’s just from feedback over the years from women that I’ve spoken to and it’s getting even bigger now. They’re saying that actually when it comes to money and wealth women actually want to be in the space just with women, because they’re afraid to ask the questions or to be too open about the knowledge gaps and things like that with men. I just think I’m trying to honor that space and do it for that reason.

Bec Caines: Yeah, definitely. I think, potentially we may look to run events that are more targeted at men latter down the line. Should that demand be there, absolutely. At the moment our community is 90% women, we know what they’re wanting, we know what they’ve been engaging with and now we’re creating these events to support them.

Barbara Turley: Tell me, Sydney based events to start out with. I’m assuming you’re going to try and do Melbourne, offshore?

Bec Caines: Offshore as well, international. Absolutely. Our community is 70% Australian and the 30% is international. What’s wonderful, is now we’ve started … we’re launching our first event next week, which is really exciting. Basically, we’ve already been receiving some emails and communication from an international audience saying, “When is it coming offshore?” That’s wonderful to hear. Definitely we will go offshore, but at the moment I’m always about, focus on one thing, do it really really well and grow, and that’s what I’m doing.

Barbara Turley: That’s another key point, key take out from today. Is focus on one thing, do it really really well and then grow. Can you share anything about the event next week? What’s in store for us?

Bec Caines: Absolutely. We’re running a five week series. We’re bringing in five incredible speakers. Each week they’re going to be tackling the subject of self worth from a very different angle. The idea behind this is that each week, because they’re tackling it from a very different angle it’s going to create a whole experience which really helps anyone who has anything to do with self love or self worth that they want to work on. This is going to be an intense five week experience that people can really come together and do that.

Barbara Turley: Do they come to all five or people just deep into the ones they want to come to?

Bec Caines: They can absolutely just attend one session, three sessions, whatever resonates with them, because we appreciate that every one is at a different stage in their path and journey of work. Maybe they’ve been seeing a coach and one of the modules they think, “I’m down with that, that’s fine.”

Barbara Turley: All right, now I need to work on this right now and not move to that next level yet.

Bec Caines: Yeah, exactly.

Barbara Turley: Because it’s a lot to take, especially with the self worth topic. I think everybody has this self worth issue, we all have this subconscious believes about ourselves and stuff like that.

Bec Caines: Absolutely. Going back to our conversation earlier about it doesn’t always have to be driven out of the space of discomfort. Everyone could do with topping up-

Barbara Turley: Absolutely.

Bec Caines: … their confidence. It’s not just going to be working on the space of what’s bad. It’s more also working on the space of how can we just enhance what we’re doing.

Barbara Turley: I love that too actually as well, because self worth is a topic that I talk about on the Energise Wealth site a lot, because self worth is very very heavily linked to money, income, wealth building, it’s several thing of like … I’m not saying that people who have higher self worth are worth more, but they tend to earn more because we ask for more, or increasing your self worth can increase how much you value yourself, and how much you’re willing to set the price at. Particularly in your own business or your salary negotiations. Huge one for women.

Bec Caines: Definitely. Because their believe systems we set up to support receiving the wealth.

Barbara Turley: I always say as women, I mean, God loves us. We have no problem marrying it or divorcing it but when it comes to going out and creating it in the world we actually get a bit of a block there. Even women tend to manage the money in the house. When it’s internal … that’s from generations of that’s the way it was done. When it goes to going out and creating business or investing, that’s the world of men. That’s why the wealth thing, that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching the wealth in a more feminine way.

Bec Caines: It’s so important. I love that you’re doing that because I think it’s so important. Otherwise women, we can go out and be entrepreneurs and we can have this vision but then there’s the obstacle that’s ever going to allow us to really flourish and really create these opportunities to people because we have a road block, a believe, a challenge to do with success, to do with wealth and money.

Barbara Turley: A lot of women would say I hear things like I’m not in it for money. I think, well, nobody is in anything for money. You need passion and money to create something really amazing, so don’t do one without the other. Make sure that you’re not forgetting the other one. It is really really important to support our lives. I always say it should be like your best friend, there’s nothing wrong with that. Then you can give so much more in this world when you embrace money, embrace wealth.

Bec Caines: I totally agree. I think to have a purpose behind your business that is greater than money I think grows your business faster than you could hope for. However, being commercially minded is important to be able to grow that business in order to service them.

Barbara Turley: To keep it running in the right way. If people want to check out the event, they want to to check out the Daily Guru, they want to find out more about you, where do they go. We get a link on a screen [inaudible 00:23:54].

Bec Caines: They go to We also have a Facebook page. We have our new website launching on Monday, which is really exciting. We’ve just had a whole revamp of our current website-

Barbara Turley: It’s still Daily Guru? The Daily Guru?

Bec Caines: It’s We’ve just had a bit of a sprinkling. We’ve had our incredible graphic designers rework the website so it looks stunning, it’s easier to flow through the content and obviously now moving into that second phase of having events, it’s really prominent as to what the events are and where you can find them. Equally part of that event phase is we’re going to be sharing not just our event but we’re going to be sharing the industry’s events. If there’s coaches, if there’s therapists, if there’s other conferences going on that’s in this space we’ll be sharing that.

This would be the place that people can go to find out what’s going on in the industry.

Barbara Turley: In this phase. That’s fantastic. I just love that you’re doing this and I love that you’re also far and living in Sydney and it’s an amazing time here. Thank you so much for being on the show today.

Bec Caines: Thank you so much for having me.

Barbara Turley: I look forward to coming to check out the new site and the event next week.

Bec Caines: Thank you so much Barbara.

Barbara Turley: Thank you again for joining for another week. Remember, you can catch me later this week on my podcast, Wealth Unplugged, where I’m going to be giving you my three key takeouts from my chat today with Bec. Until next week, have a great week. See you then.

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