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Kick-start your path to wealth and break free of fear, confusion and overwhelm around money with our “Wealth 101” Series.

We spend so much time caring about our physical appearance, our belongings and those around us who we care deeply about.

Why is it that we often neglect our money?

It is after all what fuels everything else…

  • The freedom to look after ourselves better
  • More and better choices on what we want to buy
  • Amazing opportunities for travel
  • More time to pamper our loved ones
  • The power to indulge in the best beauty or health treatments

Most people say it is because we don’t understand money…and how to make more and manage what we have…and what we don’t understand we tend to ignore or push away.

Your journey to being wealthy really does start with a decision to understand money and our “Wealth 101” series of tutorials will help you get clear on what money is, how it works and most of all how you are interacting with it!

This is the must-have financial kick-start for every savvy woman on her way to becoming a Magnificent Millionaire.

What you get:

  • A downloadable guide to the 7 Steps to Wealth
  • Access to a carefully selected library of easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to implement videos and resources that teach you the basics underlying the 7 step wealth success map.

Taught by professional investor and wealth strategist Barbara Turley, each tutorial has been carefully selected to only give you what you must know to get started on your wealth journey.

Barbara has removed the fluff, the noise, and the padding that you will find on most websites and in most programs so you are left with straight and to the point relevant info to guide you on the path to becoming wealthy.

These lessons are light and fun and something that all savvy women should add to their routine of looking after themselves.

Your Investment: $197


Gemma Jordan

Gemma is a business systems and operations consultant that can transform any business from chaos to calm. She is the oil that successful start ups need once they are firmly on the growth path.

Patty Kikos

Patty Kikos is a speaker, yoga teacher and energy healer renowned for inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs to make incredible internal transformations that magnify their effectiveness and impact on the world.

Wendy Mak

Wendy Mak is an Australian-based professional fashion stylist + style blogger who brings the fun back to fashion for those stuck in a style rut.

Marina Passalaris

Describing herself as a bridge between parents and their children, Marina works closely with students and their families dedicated to helping them achieve happiness through education about grooming,

Kylie Butler

Kylie is a Career Coach, Talent Attraction Strategist, Speaker and the owner of Inspired Careers & StandoutLinkedIn Profiles.

Janet Kadafar

Janet is a online course design specialist for established coaches and digital entrepreneurs who are struggling with the overwhelm of creating an online course.

Heather Porter

Promoted and managed events in over 25 countries for her own music and art production company and for some of the world’s most well-known speakers such as Tony Robbins.

Barbara Turley

…life lover, adventure seeker, self-confessed idea junkie, crazy wife, long-distance daughter & mummy wannabe. I’m also an investor & Wealth Strategist with a passionate interest in this thing called MONEY!