Global Business Success with Alessia Marini

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Welcome to another episode of Feminine Wealth TV! I’m thrilled to have my second international interview today with a Alessia Marini – an experienced, entrepreneur, coach and businesswoman who has 7 very successful businesses operating globally.

In this interview we touch on a number of subjects for women in business; from getting started in what is often a very masculine domain, to finding and empowering the right business partners so that you are able to effectively leverage your time and focus on your passions. Achieving global business success takes effective planning and leveraging – Alessia shares with us her “Women In Power” formula for success! She also shares some exciting news with us…

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Barbara Turley: Hi there. I’m Barbara Turley and you are watching another episode of feminine wealth TV; the show that uncovers the diamond tips on creating truly conscious wealth, from change makers, world shakers, and wealth creators. I’m super excited to be joined on the show today by a wonderful Italiano serial entrepreneur and leadership consultant, Alessia Marini. Alessia welcome to the show.

Alessia Marini: Hi Barbara. Thank you so much to invite me to your show.

Barbara Turley: I’m excited because I’ve actually had one other international guest on the show. I had a lady called [inaudible 00:00:42] who’s also Italian, but she lives in California. Yes, we did a Skype interview as well. It’s great having you on the line.

Alessia Marini: … Because we’ll move to California in July.

Barbara Turley: I should connect you with Pina.

Alessia Marini: Sure. We are connected now from Rome, but we’ll move to San Francisco soon.

Barbara Turley: How exciting.

Alessia Marini: An Italian crossing the bridge and the ocean and moving there.

Barbara Turley: Truly international. Alessia, I was just so excited to have you on the show because I just love that you spent basically a decade driving 7 international businesses across 5 different countries and scaling them to a whooping 30 million dollars. That is just such an amazing feat and on top of all that you did all that before you were 30 years old. Of course, I’m dying to know, what is the formula for such supersonic success like that. Before we get into that, I’m just really keen to know, where on earth did this entrepreneurial spirit really come from with you? Where did it start?

Alessia Marini: Thank you for the question Barbara. Where did it start, that’s quite a long question. I come from an entrepreneurial family. I can say that I was immersed into this entrepreneurial mindset and energy since I was 3 months old probably. I was born into that. I was always around my parents working and around their office. I [inaudible 00:02:23] very easily. They are so passionate about what they do even now. My father is in his 70s and he’s still working and he’s so passionate that he organizes events.

Last weekend he was in Perugia, a wonderful city in Italy because he organized an international golf challenge with sponsors and guests arriving from everywhere. He’s so passionate that I was always in that energy about building something, growing it, creating a new project, involving people, involving people from other parts of the world. It was so natural for me to step into that, but I don’t really know where it started.

Barbara Turley: That’s amazing. As you say, that was very natural for you to step into that because it’s what you saw, it what you knew from childhood.

Alessia Marini: Up with that. At the dinner table with my partners and we would talk about business. They always involve me. I’m their only child. I was always involved. They would tell me, they would share with me what was going on, they would bring me with them when they were coming for their work. It was very interesting to me and I was very engaged in these conversations for very very early on.

Barbara Turley: Did you parents work together? Was your mother in the business as well?

Alessia Marini: Yes, they did work together so I could see from very very early on, all the nice parts of working together both the challenges.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, in the family.

Alessia Marini: I’m sure that they complete each other. They could build what they did because of their 2 energy coming together. They are really complementary, while my father is much more a get it done person and a numbers person, my mum is more about public relations.

Barbara Turley: That’s a perfect team.

Alessia Marini: They work very nicely together even though they needed to find their balance for sure and they needed to find different areas where they could really apply their strength.

Barbara Turley: What about in Italy, I’m interested to know Italian culture. I’m Irish so I’m close enough to be able to say this, but it always feels like such a masculine culture and I just wondered how is it for women and leadership in Italy and how you were brought up.

Alessia Marini: Thank you for the question. That’s an interesting question Barbara because actually that’s very much part of, it was part of my journey and it’s part of what I’m passionate now in the world which is empowering women. This starts from what I experienced, I was always in these conversations, I loved it the I started to at the beginning to my parents business, I started to run it, when my father got sick. I was still in a frame of in order to be a business person and a successful one, you need to at least to act like a man.

Barbara Turley: We all feel like we have to become men of women in order to succeed.

Alessia Marini: To many women, all around the world are in that conversation. I think this was one of the biggest lessons and I’m so grateful for that, from Paula, my coach when he came in because at some point I was totally worn out and I lost interest in the business. I didn’t feel it like something fulfilling and empowering. I actually felt like I needed to leave outside of the office door part of my personality. He helped me understand that I shouldn’t do that. It wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t even helpful because I had a little bit this role model of my father as the business person.

We often have role models where we think when we face a situation, what would this person do or how would this person handle that. Which is very empowering on some levels and sometimes it can be challenging. For me, it was very challenging because then I actually left aside part of my personality. I tried to have relationships with people like he would have them. To solve problems like he would do it, but it wasn’t me.

This first thing both me and my results.

Barbara Turley: What I love about that story actually and I think a lot of viewers, it’s good for them to hear that because now today you are this massive success story, but it’s good to hear the reality of when you first started out. You’ve said, you were drained, you weren’t getting the results, you were wanting to just leave the office and get away so you could be yourself. What was the pivotal moment for you to push, when did you push through that and realize, “Wow, I could make this into a massive success.”

Alessia Marini: It started when I was totally hopeless, saying I just want to exit that. I felt trapped because I felt like my parents [inaudible 00:07:37] I didn’t want to let them down. My father wasn’t good and it was weird to just leave. I actually engaged with a coach at that moment and I wanted [inaudible 00:07:49] my request was for him to help me transitioning out.

Barbara Turley: You were finished.

Alessia Marini: Yeah. In a way the business could still go and maybe grow because I was like I’m not able to grow it any more because I’m not passionate. He came in and said, “Why are you not passionate about that?” I said, “Because I can’t express myself here. I don’t want to do that. I didn’t want to live my life like that.” He was wonderful. He actually took me on a journey to discover how I could actually bring all my personality and that’s what it’s so critical for me to empower women in understanding they can actually be themselves.

The world has so many men already. They don’t need more.

Barbara Turley: We need more feminine energy.

Alessia Marini: We need women to step out and be powerful in their energy, bring in their strength, their passions, whatever they love into their business. They don’t need to [inaudible 00:08:50]. It’s actually part of them and it’s part of creating a powerful business and a powerful brand because it creates more genuine connections. People can really connect with you when you share about who you are and what your passions are. If you leave that aside, the connections, …

Barbara Turley: If you hide who you are.

Alessia Marini: It’s a weird feeling, but many many women are in this weird part where they want to be successful. They are passionate about their business, but they actually hide a little bit their personality behind some sort of idea, business person that they should be.

Barbara Turley: Particularly I think in the corporate world as well, in the big institutional or big companies that really happens.

Alessia Marini: Where they’ve seen and as you know what they hear is a transitioned over coaching and especially passionate about coaching women obviously. What it is sure in the corporate world you have that because of the whole structure that you have around you. The private world and the entrepreneurial world you have women that think that, they just think, “Okay, but I will just peel something very small so I can be myself.”

Barbara Turley: Yes. I know. Because they acquit big. Women are acquitting big international businesses that make lots of money with a masculine paradigm.

Alessia Marini: Exactly. They are like, I will just make something … I just want to build something small so that I can be myself.

Barbara Turley: Because otherwise I can’t be myself.

Alessia Marini: There they need to give up on being myself and I don’t want that. Helping them to understand that they can have a business as big as they want and it doesn’t mean that it needs to be super big, but they don’t need to set limits on their dreams and they can be themselves. They can have them both together and that’s something …

Barbara Turley: Tell me then, you hired this coach to help you transition out and he actually helped you to not only stay, but to transition to another level I guess within that original business and succeed.

Alessia Marini: We grew the company a lot because he helped me connecting the business with my passion. He started to ask me his work questions, he came in and he would say like, “What are your passions?” I would start to talk about connecting with people and animals and I didn’t even know why we are talking about that. Sometime, he would make some sort of points to reframe it about my business ans how I could apply these questions in my business. Overtime, I actually really transitioned in being really passionate even because I realized that I was so passionate about people and I actually had 35 people at the beginning depending on me because they were working on my business, in my business with me.

All their families as well. I became very passionate about knowing everyone of their stories and their channels and helping them through that. Creating a very powerful team, creating situations for the team to really merge together and there in the office change totally. Then I brought this same passion over to my clients. I started to have very very deep and strong relationships and connections with them. It makes the business just grow and grow and grow. It was wonderful because I could actually bring all that. Moreover, I had a big passion about [inaudible 00:12:28] animals and children.

Barbara Turley: A lot of women would. Yeah.

Alessia Marini: I wanted to do something. I felt the business was about tourists, so travels. Which is nice and it’s a lot of fun, but I couldn’t really see that’s something that could really help someone not that had a problem.

Barbara Turley: Right.

Alessia Marini: I connected. I created a whole project with my team together, to help structure that was helping children in Brazil that had no families. We created a whole support project where we would not only give part of our profit to this structure, but we created events with our clients and we involved all our suppliers in giving something, we created big lotteries where we would give away prices and people would buy tickets all over Italy at the beginning. It was a lot of fun. This gave me a lot of fulfillment actually. We grew the structure in Brazil [inaudible 00:13:33] children that they could host at the beginning, to 303. It was wonderful. We involved so many people and we did so many events.

I could actually bring this part it was so important for me and such a big connection and feeling into the business. This changed totally both my energy, my commitment, and the results. When people see you so passionate, they connected with you on a different level.

Barbara Turley: I love the fact that what you are saying there, there is so many things that would resonate, as you would know with so many women out there because as women we love to give, we love to nurture, we love community, we love creating collaborations and that sense of community. That’s how you can … You just demonstrated how you can do that through business and through making a business super successful, but also getting to live your passions every day and give back and create that lovely sense of being lit up inside by what you really want to do.

Alessia Marini: For it to work together with my clients every day, it’s how they can grow their business, but connecting it to a bigger project, a bigger mission that they have, this makes just a huge different both in the commitment and in how people connect with them.

Barbara Turley: I’m interested to know, obviously you were loving this business that you are in, you had now made it super successful and it was like feeding all your passions and everything that you wanted to do, why did you decide all of a sudden, okay, let’s have 6 more companies? How did that come about?

Alessia Marini: It started a little bit, the first one that I started after, my biggest project was just I met people through my business that were passionate about some of the projects and we started to engage in that. We shared this big passion and we decided to just make it happen and just create something new. I always start a business with business partners because I’m very passionate. I’m very passionate about teams and people, that’s what really drives me. When I meet the right person and I’m inspired about creating something together, it’s the right moment for me to start something with that person. That’s how all my businesses actually started.

Barbara Turley: Did you do one at a time or were they sometimes overlapping? Was it over 10 years, you just did one and then another and then another?

Alessia Marini: I started so sure the time at the beginning, but the during the last years, I actually started more than one at the same time. Even when you [inaudible 00:16:28] person how to choose the right people around you, there is one core thing that I communicate to all my partners is that I have several businesses so I always choose someone that has a little bit more availability on time and energy than I have to run [crosstalk 00:16:46] in and out, but I can’t really commit to a full day in that business. I learn to choose the right people and I have some rules around that. I want to [inaudible 00:17:01] that somehow we are already in that industry even if they didn’t do exactly what you are doing, but I need some sort of experience because if I will not be there full time, they need to know a little bit how everything works and to be connected.

They need to know just how to move it forward. Always have business partner that had had businesses before. Sometimes they were just working on some other projects for someone else, but I want them very inspired, I want them to love what they are doing because I know that it’s a huge difference and even if they don’t have all the parts and pieces they will figure it out if they are passionate enough.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, and if they are doers, if they like to get things done. What I find fascinating and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this is, so many people struggle to even run one business. Here you are able to run 7 and now you’ve stepped out of all those businesses and you are now coaching and consulting to executives and CEOs on how to do it, but all those businesses are still running. You still own those businesses, right? How do you get a business to the point where you can be so free, so flexible?

Alessia Marini: It comes back to the people that you surround yourself and how you help them become leaders themselves. It’s about empowering others and help them to become leaders instead of many people and I see that in many business owners, you are a little bit, in the frame where everything is about you and you need to check everything, you need to do everything because nobody will do it as …

Barbara Turley: As good as you. Women always say that. It’s just easy to do it myself.

Alessia Marini: [inaudible 00:18:45] I needed to change that at some point because life sent me a very very important message because I broke my spine.

Barbara Turley: A big lemon. Bitter lemon.

Alessia Marini: I needed to be 6 month in bed. I couldn’t do everything myself because it was impossible.

Barbara Turley: Was this when you had the first business?

Alessia Marini: I had my first business and I had another one running.

Barbara Turley: Okay. You had to learn. 6 months in bed.

Alessia Marini: Very early and I was actually struggling a lot because I was already with these 2 businesses. Involved in both that they didn’t know how to manage anything. This happened and I was totally freaking out because I didn’t even know how everything would work with [inaudible 00:19:38] months. This helped me. Obviously I was forced to engage in that conversation, how it will empower my team in moving the business forward even if I wasn’t there. It was very inspiring. I love the conversation. I kept and developed that over the years because I’m very passionate about and that’s something that I had my clients to do. It’s not just you want [inaudible 00:20:08] the business or not, but even if you want to stay involved, it’s a different way to work.

People around would be more inspired if they know that they are actually empowered and not just [crosstalk 00:20:22] …

Barbara Turley: Also given permission I think because sometimes I think as business owners, we have great people on our team and we do try to empower them, but then from their perspective, they still see you as the owner and the head. They are afraid to step up sometimes. You have to inspire your team to think about the business like it’s theirs. What would they do?

Alessia Marini: There are so many business owners that complain a little bit about my team is wonderful, but [inaudible 00:20:50] business would be theirs. I go in there and I say, “Okay, but where is your communication actually telling them that and giving them information to do that?” We are still keeping a frame of control where they feel that they can’t really put all their energy off, people can be so creative when you give them the freedom to do that. You need to give them the freedom in a set of frames where they understand what’s the outcome and they understand how to really work all together, but once you do that and then you give them the freedom to express themselves, they will just [inaudible 00:21:27] some. It’s just a total different experience of work.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, it enables you to grow much bigger or to do other projects and other things. I’m dying to know, I know you have a formula for success now that you coach people through and I know that there are steps involved and I’m sure everybody watching is going, “Come on Barbara. Just get to the steps. We want to know.” Can you run us through, if you know, what is your formula for success with in business?

Alessia Marini: I call that my women in power formula because …

Barbara Turley: I love it. Women in power formula.

Alessia Marini: That’s what I coach women on to help them really become empowered in their business and not work in the business, but work on the business and expand it and really reach the bigger vision. It’s a 5 step formula that I coach them through and it starts exactly with what we already said which is being you. Be you, it’s create that business and a brand that reflects ad includes all your passions, all your personality parts, so that you can really express yourself in the business. I believe that your business should be an expression of who you are. For example, you have new passions, we need to find a way to bring them in the business as well and connect them. It can be with some social projects, it can be with a kind of things, but once I started to coach someone I come in and I try to look at their brand or business, their personality, and we see all the parts and pieces as not reflected there yet and how can we actually involve all these parts in the business.

That’s the very first step. The second step is called be accessible. This is how you create products. Like you have a brand and if people really want to engage with you, how do they do that? Do we have products, you have services, and more important, do you have packages. I love packages to package together products and different ways to engage with your clients. I always suggest to my clients, create some sort of package of product that you really love because this will make a difference.

Barbara Turley: Your heart is in the package.

Alessia Marini: Very often you end up engaging with clients that are somehow a reflection of who you are, because if they are attracted to you and you are so passionate about something that problem, it’s because you are somehow connected. What would you like as a product to solve this problem? This will be much easier to market, to sell, to bring to the clients saying that’s your answer and I believe in that.

Barbara Turley: What about though, you know the way they say at the moment that if you, sometimes the problem with products and services is that something that’s valuable to me might be not valuable to somebody else. How do you balance that with what I think is amazing with what actually the market wants.

Alessia Marini: You choose your target market at the beginning. That’s part of being you. That’s part of creating a brand is choosing a target market that you want to serve. What [inaudible 00:25:05] very often, we resonate more with people that either have some sort of challenges that we have to or that we have in the past and we solved. We are passionate about giving them the solution that makes such a huge difference for us. In that moment, when we choose a target market, very often if we see that it’s a target market that even just some parts resonate with some part of us.

That’s the part of me to connect when we create our products as well, in order to make sure that there is some sort of congruence between us the product and the client.

Barbara Turley: Yes. Right okay. That makes sense. I’m wondering, let’s say there is a business though. Let’s say there is a business owner watching who is in a business that’s like an industrial widget seller or something that maybe she’s not too passionate about, but it’s a great business and she likes the systems and all that. How would you connect her personality into, the client base might be miners, in Australia here we would have big mining towns and things like that. They always think, how as a woman would you connect with something like that?

Alessia Marini: I think that she needs to find a passion that she can bring in the business and sometimes, very often actually, especially if you have a business that you are not very passionate about like the process or [inaudible 00:26:31], but it’s working. This can be a huge, a very good way to help someone that you are passionate about. Again, if you are …

Barbara Turley: That’s a good idea.

Alessia Marini: Children passionate about helping little girls in Rwanda, passionate about helping animals, saving whales in the ocean, whatever it is, once you see your business as a way to fulfill your bigger mission, then you would find a passion there because it’s not just growing their business to make some money which nobody [inaudible 00:27:02] the money, we always want a different experience of life. We can help someone, someone that you are passionate about, then changes totally how we relate to our business and how we related to the money that we make or the possibilities that we have because it’s not just … That’s a great possibility for me. To have more money in the bank which at some point I’m comfortable like that, I don’t actually need or want to push myself any more, why should I do it?

When you see that you could make a huge difference for someone else doing that because you could create a whole system or a whole program to help people then you find a total different passion and a total different …

Barbara Turley: I absolutely love that you said that. I had no idea how yo were going to approach that question. I just love it because it’s so on my philosophy and what I try and say to women about the money and of things, they say a lot of women shun money and I’m not in there for the money and all that, nobody is in business really for just the money, but it’s the choices ad the things that it’s an amazing took. It can give you the opportunity to do so many things like help so many people and give back.

Alessia Marini: [inaudible 00:28:18] create whatever you want.

Barbara Turley: Yes.

Alessia Marini: Whatever you are passionate about, whatever you want to create, if it’s in our school or our project or even empowering women or helping women to be more self-confident or helping people to understand dolphins or whatever …

Barbara Turley: That’s a good one.

Alessia Marini: I had a client that said I’m very passionate about soldiers that come back from wars and they are I post-traumatic stress syndrome. They come back to life and how will they have support because at some point the support from the institution stops and they are still with their family, with their work, everything has changed for them. I want to create some sort of a program to help them. I would never think about that because that’s something that … I’ve never at all even if it’s wonderful and everyone of us is at different passion that really drives them and when that I the business, the business is totally different from one [inaudible 00:29:28] …

Now, it’s not any more about money, about minus or about products, nothing, it’s about helping someone that I’m passionate about, doing something to change this world. It makes the whole difference. People can’t connect that energy and …

Barbara Turley: That’s how you get tribes and community. What’s step number 3, we only got as far as step 2.

Alessia Marini: Step number 3 is be seen which is how do we position yourself then as an expert and your brand, your business, how do we position it as the go to brand in the industry? How do we use celebrity connections, how do we use media, how do we use marketing, how do we use communication as well. It’s all this part, how do we really make you a powerful communicator. It’s a little bit related to step number 4 because step number 4 is be influential and how to become exceptional at selling. Many people think selling it’s not something they really love. Again it’s about money, it’s not about money for me …

Barbara Turley: It feels cheesy. It’s like manipulation of people. Selling is, particularly women find selling difficult.

Alessia Marini: Again there I need to be very grateful to my coach because he helped me see again the bigger picture. Once you connected the bigger picture …

Barbara Turley: Selling is easy?

Alessia Marini: It’s not only easy but you sell all the time. It’s not only selling a product and it’s not only change for money, you send your ideas if you have a project to help people and you want to go to bigger, towards leaders in the world, you need to sell them on your project. Becoming influential and really developing this ability, will make a huge difference. It’s not just about money, it’s about having more influential people involved in your business, having people doing something for you, helping you or giving you some sort of [inaudible 00:31:33]. Not just sending to our clients to have the money back, this is a very small idea of being influential and sales. Do we sell all the time? We sell the idea to our boyfriend to make the difference, for you.

A moment where we sell them on our design or our vision, I see that tonight I will just rest and you will make the dishes. If we become influential and we know how to really make this happen, it becomes much easier. We can bring that then in every area of our lives. Becoming more influential is about developing, the [inaudible 00:32:15] answer is inside of you and at very often you can frustrate it because you say I tried it, I tried to connect with this person, I try to create this project, it’s just nothing is happening. Then we see, okay, how can we be more effective and more powerful in our communication in order to make it really happen and involve more people and sell them on this project, sell them in this design vision that we have.

Barbara Turley: Do you find that’s different for everyone? Not everyone, but being a powerful communicator, it really is linked to your own personality and how you do things and …

Alessia Marini: There is very much again this belief that it’s a little bit for me a small belief which is you need to have a certain personality to be good in business to be good in influencing et cetera. I find that actually that’s not true. I work with so many people, so many women especially they have so different personality, it’s wonderful, but once they connect to their values and why they are doing that and what they are passionate, they can really express it and communicate it, then it doesn’t matter if they are more fun and super hyped up or if they are passionate, but serious. It doesn’t really matter because people connect to their energy. It’s about helping them feeling really powerful in that sense.

Barbara Turley: I love that actually you are saying that once you connect to your own authentic energy and you are authentic and true to your own nature, people and opportunities are naturally attracted to you because you are living your own truth, you are an embodiment of your own truth.

Alessia Marini: Very often when we go out and communicate to people, we have brought in so many beliefs and things that, when we communicate we already think, he will never do that. Our communication is to clean. It’s already a little bit weird because we [inaudible 00:34:17] like … I know that we’ll not do that, but I will try it anyway. It comes across as weird even with you are trying to use the best communication possible, if you come from this page in your heart and your system, it doesn’t work. It’s about really understanding, coming from a place of love and appreciation for whatever will happen, everything happens for a reason and everything is good and it doesn’t work it means that something better would work.

From there on, we move on understanding how we can actually really create what we want to create.

Barbara Turley: I love that. That’s powerful stuff really. What about the final step. Step 5?

Alessia Marini: That’s the last part which is final result which is exactly be powerful. How do we develop our leadership. Developing our leadership for me is really a life long journey and it’s about developing your consciousness as well in order to really inspire other people and help them becoming leaders so that then you can have more freedom even to do different things and to work on bigger projects because as long as it’s just about you, you can only have a project that is so big. You can’t too many things and if we look at the biggest leaders in the world, they don’t have business that they have just about them. They have leaders around them, they have people that they trust, that they empower, that move projects and parts of their business forward without them. If not they wouldn’t be able to reach this dimension of their business, their brand, their projects, their designs, it would be impossible.

There is really the magic happens. When you are so powerful and so conscious about yourself, your communication, what you want to create that then you can really inspire older people and help them to step into their [inaudible 00:36:19] and bring their passions in that and draw it with you.

Barbara Turley: I’m interested in the word, you used the word power, so be a woman in power. What I find interesting about the word power, it’s like the word money, it’s like the word wealth. They are very masculine. The connotations are very masculine. A lot of women and I know you would see this with the women you coach and I come across it with the women I speak to and coach too, they just have this block when it comes to power, money, wealth because they just feel so in conflict to feminine values. I wanted to know, how do you, I’m with you in that it’s not in conflict with feminine values if you do it in the way that we are talking about here, but how do we get more women to understand that to be a woman in power or to be a woman of wealth is not to be a man of a woman?

Alessia Marini: I think that this comes back to the fact of we have this believe and this vision of power connected to a man. Women are always the weak sex. Actually that’s absolutely not true. A woman is weak when she tries to step into a man’s world and to act like a man. There she loses completely all her strength. Strength of a woman is being emotional and being connected and having this wonderful intuition. Everyone of us knows about women’s intuition and when we take this away and we say, “No, now we need to think like a man.” We are not just ourselves. How can we be powerful if we try to act like someone else. We lose all our groundedness and stability and everything that we built over the years about us and our personality can’t be useful for us any more because we want to be someone else. This is just so difficult.

I think that women need to really step out and understand that the more they are feminine, the more they will be powerful and not the opposite.

Barbara Turley: I love that. I absolutely love that. The more that we be feminine, the more powerful we’ll be. Do you think that leadership is changing women or are women changing leadership? If that makes sense?

Alessia Marini: I think for sure both. I can tell you that in business women are changing leadership for sure because now that we have more women involved and there are more and more women starting businesses and stepping out and these changing the way people see leadership because when women bring their energy into a business, the business is just so different. Obviously men are wonderful, nothing against them. I love men and I love working with men. Many of my business partners are actually men because …

Barbara Turley: Maybe that’s the formula for success.

Alessia Marini: A woman and a man come together and that’s probably what I saw very early on with my parents when you can actually find how to put together these 2 energies, these 2 different strengths and different personalities and different passions and different ways to express, it’s very powerful because there we have a complete business and a complete way to run it. I love that and I love men, but in order to really add something to the partnership a woman needs to be a woman.

Barbara Turley: That’s exactly right.

Alessia Marini: We need to really understand that we have such a gift to offer to the world and the men in the world.

Barbara Turley: To men, yeah.

Alessia Marini: Yes, both our clients and our partners and people that work with us, they all appreciate us for being women and if they [inaudible 00:40:27] men, they have so many that they can go to, so they don’t need to act like a man.

Barbara Turley: They need us to actually be women.

Alessia Marini: That power. This is the power that I mean now. Being really herself. Whatever it means to her. Many women then ask me, okay, does it mean that they need to always wear a dress or a skirt or high heels. I don’t know, it depends on what you have … Who you are and how do you feel comfortable. That’s just an expression, but it needs to be an expression of who you are. You don’t need to put some sort of limits because since you are in business you need to come across like a man. That’s just …

Barbara Turley: Doesn’t work.

Alessia Marini: Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Barbara Turley: It’s interesting actually because women have been graduating from university at a higher rate than men for 30 years and yet we still have not as many female CEOs, we don’t have, even on the billionaires list and everything, we don’t have self-made female billionaires. We have a few, but not a lot. It’s just we seem as women to be hitting this ceiling all the time, but it’s actually created by ourselves because we are not being true to our feminine power and actually that is where the power lies. Is in ourselves.

Alessia Marini: It’s something masculine. Like money, we see money as dirty and we don’t want it. Although we are not doing that for money, we are doing that for a higher purpose, but we don’t understand. The people that are more influential they can actually help more people in the world, are the people that have more money because they come from very wealthy family or because they actually have a working business that can help them then impact the world. I know that women are very very driven by making a difference in the world. They help, they want to give back, they want to change lives. That’s something that they are passionate about, but very often they miss the connection of, if I have a really well working business and I can bring money in, then I can help more people both because I can involve more people, I can reach more people, I can have bigger leaders helping me working on that project.

I can really make friends. Of course, everyone of us could go move to Rwanda or move to Somalia and help people there and I’m sure it’s beautiful when you do that, but how many more people can you help if you have like a working business is helping you reaching so many people in the world and engage each and everyone of them in the conversation about helping these people in Somalia or in Rwanda. There your power just grows and grows and grows and you can reach more people, you can involve them, you can make bigger results happening and faster.

Barbara Turley: It would change the entire world if more women step up into this power.

Alessia Marini: Women are so driven by helping others that if everyone would step into their power, we would really have a different world.

Barbara Turley: We will. It’s coming.

Alessia Marini: I’m sure about that and that’s what I’m passionate about.

Barbara Turley: Alessia, speaking of power and business and wealth and changing the world, what is the big vision on the future? What does the future hold for the Alessia Marini empire?

Alessia Marini: You asked me that in a very very special moment of my life. I [inaudible 00:43:59], but I’m pregnant.

Barbara Turley: I didn’t know that. That’s so exciting. We’ve announced it on feminine wealth TV. Congratulations. Very excited.

Alessia Marini: I’m pregnant for a girl.

Barbara Turley: How perfect. We are having a girl in power.

Alessia Marini: All that actually acquires even a bigger meaning for me. It was immediate, especially when they told me it’s a girl, I was like, “Oh my gosh!”

Barbara Turley: It’s perfect.

Alessia Marini: Much bigger meaning. I want to keep working on that. I’m very passionate these days about helping women that start a business for some sort of social desire, of helping animals, I’m working with some women that are working on some projects about bringing together to different part of the community and solving problems together. Very often what I see is that these people, these women started with a big passion, but then they don’t know how to monetize it. 5 sons and how to monetize, even how to grow it. Very often there are wonderful projects that could help a lot of people that then don’t go anywhere because they just don’t [inaudible 00:45:18] something can happen.

That’s what I’m most passionate about these days, to help women that have this big passion and want to start a business from there then to make it work because, again, that’s … If these projects can really grow and can be sustainable over time because they still don’t monetize or a time they will not be sustainable.

Barbara Turley: No, and then they won’t create change.

Alessia Marini: Yeah. That’s what I’m passionate about these days. Helping these women really make the impact that they want in their community first and then in the world so that we can really create some change.

Barbara Turley: I get tingles. That’s so exciting. Really exciting. If the viewers want to find out more about you and the great work that you are doing and they want to connect with you, where should they go?

Alessia Marini: They can go to my website. It’s very easy. It’s All my contacts all my information about how to connect with me. I answer personally all my email so it’s easy.

Barbara Turley: Great. Alessia thank you so much. I’m just so excited to have you on the show and to hear your news about a baby, that’s just amazing. Absolutely amazing. How many months are you now?

Alessia Marini: Almost 5.

Barbara Turley: 5 months, wow! That’s exciting.

Alessia Marini: Very exciting.

Barbara Turley: For everyone watching thank you again for joining us for another week of feminine wealth TV. Remember to catch me later on this week on my podcast on iTunes or on [Podomatic 00:46:51] or any of the other stations, wealth unplugged where I’m going to be talking about my key takeouts from today’s chat with Alessia. Remember to come back next week where I’m going to be joined by a mystery guest on the show. Thanks. Have a great week.

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