How To Make Money (Part 1): The Paradox of Money

How to make money! 

It’s a question on so many people’s minds so I decided to Google it to see what company I would be keeping if I created a blog series on the topic.

As expected I found a ton of  ‘How to make money’ posts – everything from how to make it fast to how to make it on the side, at home, in your lunch hour and amazingly how to make it legally!

HOW TO MAKE MONEY (PART 1): THE PARADOX OF MONEYWith so much help and advice out there it is surprising that people still find making money such a challenging task.

Why is that?

Well let’s first look at what money actually is.

Money is no thing. That’s right! Money is nothing.

It is nothing but an idea. It’s an idea to make the exchange of value easier and more efficient.

The problem with chasing money is that you miss the whole value point. It means you are too focused on your own needs, how much money you can make or need to make to get what you want. Everything you do becomes about you and your needs. This does not make you and what you offer magnetic to others or to money.

Creating value on the other hand is more about the needs of others and how you can serve those needs. Your job is to figure out what need is out there and how you can serve that need, fill that gap or solve that problem for others.


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Tweet: ‘If you want more money then focus your energy on creating value first.’ Barbara Turley @EnergiseWealth #femininewealth #makingmoney

HOW TO MAKE MONEY (PART 1): THE PARADOX OF MONEYMoney is the result of the value exchange. Unfortunately a lot of people spend more time focusing on chasing the result than they do on changing and improving the inputs, strategies, habits and actions that will create the value necessary to drive the result.

Therein lies The Paradox of Money

If you laser focus on just the money it will either continually elude you and you’ll spend your life chasing butterflies or if you do manage to make lots of it you will end up the classic Miserable Millionaire – rich, unhappy, unfulfilled and not quite sure why!

That’s a sure fire way to end up frustrated, exhausted and bitter. Who wants that!

Next week in part 2 of this series we’re going to delve into the concept of ‘value’ and how to create the type everyone will want to pay you a LOT of money for.


Who likes the sound of that?










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