How To Make Money (Part 8): Leverage From the Outside In

how to make moneyHave you ever wondered why two people with the same business idea can have such vastly different results? One shoots the lights out and the other never even gets out of the starting gates.

Why is that?

A lot of it comes down to courage, self-belief and mindset but to be honest that’s not really the full story!

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“You can have courage & unflinching self-belief and still make a mess of it when
it comes to business and wealth building.” @EnergiseWealth

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing one hell of a savvy  femtrepreneur for Feminine Wealth TV who knows the secret! Lisa Messenger, CEO of The Messenger Group and Editor in Chief of the super sexy entrepreneurial magazine Renegade Collective, was a joy to have on the show.

Despite zero magazine industry experience Lisa set out to create a glossy mag that would rival the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle. The world and its mother would have told her she was mad (and mostly they would have been right!!) but she went ahead anyway (cue unflinching self-belief).

Today, a mere 18 months later, the magazine is in over 30 countries and set
to be in 50 by the end of the year.
Holy bazookas!!

Is it the great content, the famous faces on the glossy cover or the edgy headlines that have driven such epic success? Not really!

The competition in magazine land is massive and very cut throat so quite frankly while all these things are important for the success of a magazine like Renegade Collective they are by no means the secret!

So what is the secret?

Leverage from the outside in!

Last week I delved into the concept of leverage from the inside out so Lisa’s interview was really timely this week as it is the exact same week I had scheduled to write about this follow on concept of leverage from the outside in.

What better way to illustrate a point than with a practical example.

Nice one universe!

how to make moneySo basically before Lisa created one glossy page of the magazine she ran around and tied up as many distribution channels as she could get her hands on, extended the reach of the magazine by building key corporate relationships and managed to casually sneak a deal with Qantas to have Renegade Collective sitting inside every Business, Chairman and Club lounge.

She sold the hell out of it and tied up solid external distribution channels before she printed one page.

THIS is leverage from the outside in!

The question is how are you thinking about leverage in your business? Are you staying too focused on the quality of your product, the perfection of your offer and the daily minutia inside your business?

Maybe it’s time you cocked your head up and had a look outside.

What leverage opportunities are you missing by being so ‘busy’ all the

Let us know in the comments below the ideas you have for leveraging your
business from the outside in.

Declare it to the universe then make it happen!

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