How To Make Money (Part 9): Create a True Super Asset

super asset‘ How to Make Money ’ blog series together over the past 8 weeks has been so good. I started out writing it for you guys and ended up reminding myself of some serious business lessons along the way!


It’s amazing how there is always something to learn even if it’s a relearn!

So to round out the lessons of the past 8 weeks it’s time to bring it all together and create a powerhouse asset. After all, your business should be a true asset working for you and not just creating a glorified job where you’re working for the worst boss in the world …. Yourself!

How do we do that?

Well once you stitch together all the other elements we’ve talked about in this blog series you are almost there. You’ve created value and then leveraged it. This is the simplest formula for creating wealth through business. But to create a true, super asset there is one more step.

A super asset is one that works for you, without you. It is something that throws off cash, has embedded value and can be sold to someone else pretty seamlessly.

If you’re all tangled up in the business and make up a large part of the embedded value then it’s hard to sell it.

Now I know there’s going to be a ton of you out there screaming:

‘But I don’t ever want to sell my business’

Hear me out!

Even if you never want to sell your business you should still set it up so it could be sold or franchised out 5000 times (to quote Michael Gerber of The E-Myth).

Why? Because then it hums like a Ferrari and is beautiful to drive.

When you have a true super asset you are the driver, the leader, the conductor, the artist …… use whatever metaphor works for you.

A great leader inspires and empowers their team to step up and take the reigns. They are not afraid to let go. In fact they know that they need to let go in order to fly.

super assetI’ve been interviewing some truly outstanding ‘femtrepreneurs’ on my Feminine Wealth TV show over the past few months and this is without a doubt one of the biggest key take outs I can share with you from them.

Each one of them has understood the importance of creating true value and leveraging that value from the inside out and the outside in. But they have also realised the power of building the right team around them to make it happen– their dream team.

As Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker, said when she was on the show this week:

‘There are no self made millionaires, there are only team made millionaires!’

Whether they are employed by your company or contracted in, getting the right people on the bus is of utmost importance.

Are you ready to lead your super asset?




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