How to Make Money (Part 7): Leverage From the Inside Out

How to Make Money (Part 7): Leverage From the Inside OutNow that we know ‘The Paradox of Money’, ‘The Law of Value’, ‘How to Charge Like a Rockstar’ and why a ‘Big Bum is Really Yum’ it’s time to look at the concept of leverage!

If you want to be wealthy the two concepts you really need to grasp are ‘value’ and ‘leverage’.

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‘Value’ is your ticket to the party but ‘Leverage’ is the super sexy VIP pass.

What is ‘Leverage’:
The exertion of force by means of a lever or to use something to maximum advantage.

Sounds so masculine doesn’t it?

That’s why so many women shy away from it. It feels masculine, risky, too big or too hard to handle and quite unattractive.

But think about it. Every time we buy a house we are using leverage. We take our own money and then use the powerhouse lever that is the bank to exert the maximum force we can on the property market.

We are accustomed to using leverage in this way but we don’t think about it conceptually and how we can apply the same logic to other areas.

So how can we expand this concept and use it in our businesses to create really epic wealth? Wealth that not only rewards us financially but also personally by giving us our time and energy back.

There are two ways:

We can leverage from the inside out AND from the outside in.

Today let’s focus on the first way – from the inside out.

In the last blog post – The Value of a Big Juicy Bottom – we talked about why you want to have a beautifully streamlined back end in your business and how to do it.

That is actually the first step to achieving internal leverage in your business. You are leveraging your internal resources like people, equipment and technology to get the maximum results in the most efficient way and with the least amount of involvement by you!

But what about your intellectual property (IP)?

Have you ever thought about how you can leverage that in the most efficient way?

For example, if you are a service based business owner do you find you are having meetings with clients about the same issues?

Do you find yourself saying the same thing over and over to different clients?


Are you so busy working IN the business that you find it hard to get the time to work ON the business?

Similarly for product based business owners.

Are you perhaps missing a huge opportunity to leverage your IP and the IP of your team about the product you are selling?

              This is a really common problem in business. It makes it very hard to grow the business and claim back your time simultaneously.

Fact: IP can be productised!

how to make moneyHere’s how to do it:

  • Identify the process or steps you go through with clients to get them the results they need and want.
    Think about the similar issues you see client after client coming to you with.
  • Think about how your knowledge about a product would make the customer experience easier, more effective and turn them into viral, raving fans.
  • Now think about how you could create a digital or event based product from this IP and sell it as a package.

The beauty of this is you create it once and then sell it over and over again.

That’s leverage!

Now for those of you out there saying ‘oh well I am happy with the size of my business’ … listen up! Even if you are happy with the size of your business I am sure you would be happy with more free time to spend with family, to travel and to explore new things without having to worry constantly about what’s going on in your business.

Am I right?

This is why I created ‘The Energise Business Wheel’.

This is a simple system and process for maximizing the internal leverage in your business so you are freed up to build your empire, have more kids or just sit by the pool and dream. Whatever it is that energises you and makes your heart sing.

If this sounds like the bomb!! to you then you’re going to love my ‘Get Savvy Academy’ training program where we take a deep dive into the concepts of value and leverage and build out the perfect Energise Business Wheel for you.

To be the first to hear about the next program launch sign up right here. This VIP list will have first dibs on any bonuses I offer (like private mentoring!!).

Are you going to Get Savvy & join us?

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