Cecilia Robinson on Making Business While Making Babies – The Truth

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Welcome to this week’s episode of Feminine Wealth TV.

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Cecilia Robinson, a serial entrepreneur and the group CEO of My Food Bag. Cecilia has an extensive background in business management, has won several business awards such as the EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Businesswoman of the Year 2012 and Best SME.

Cecilia gives us the inside scoop on how she built the hugely successful and rapidly expanding My Food Bag …….. all while giving birth to her first baby! She shares with us the keys to business success without having to sacrifice family or femininity – two things as women we hold very dear to our hearts.

She also shares with us what My Food Bag is all about and how she got the inspiration for the business from her own needs as a mother and a wife. Sometimes the best business ideas are staring us in the face in the form of our own gripes and needs. She also delves into the importance of balance in business between vision and strategy and how both are vital to achieving sustainable success.

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