Why ‘ Making Millions ’ & ‘ Having Millions ’ Are Totally Different Things

Why ‘ Making Millions ’ & ‘ Having Millions ’ Are Totally Different ThingsSo many people fantasise about the sweeter life they would have if they could just make millions doing something they love. The problem with fantasising though is that there is an element of disbelief built into it. The whole point of fantasy is that it’s not actually real!

The truth is that making millions doing something you love is totally possible and in some cases not even that hard.

You just haven’t accepted that as truth yet!

More on this topic in later blog posts ….

When we see people who have made or are making millions it can feel so deflating. It feels like they have found the heavily guarded and very secret wealth success map.

You think they must feel so smug and victorious with a life full of bliss and harmony. I mean who wouldn’t if you were making millions right?

The sad fact is though that many a ‘millionaire’ is just one bad move away from annihilation.

How many times have we seen celebrity millionaires watch their sweet lives go up in bankruptcy smoke? Or entrepreneurs, placed high on the rich list pedestals with company valuations that would make any heart sing, struggling financially underneath it all to keep the dream alive?

These are people who have made or are making millions but they do not have millions!

It’s a very subtle but crucial difference and understanding it will make or break you financially …… trust me!

So where does the breakdown occur?

What a lot of people who make millions forget or just plain old don’t realise is that there is a bit more to achieving true wealth  than just making money. You also need to actually keep the money you make and then get it working for you as fast as possible so you end up having millions.

making millionsWhat’s really interesting is that there are many people who will never make millions but who end up having millions anyway!

These people not only understand how to effectively manage their money  but also how to put it to work and use the power of compounding to get what they want.

This might seem less sexy and exciting but in the end it is far sweeter than the emotional roller coaster of making and losing money and feeling like your ship could set sail at any moment.

Who the hell wants that?

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So what would it be like to make millions doing what you love AND have millions in the end?

That is what I like to call a ‘Magnificent Millionaire’ and the steps to get there are the same as they have always been. There are actually no secrets with it – just focus, commitment and work!

If you are ready to embark on your path to a ‘Magnificent Millionaire’ then grab my Wealth Success Map right here and get started today!



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