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Hello everybody! Welcome to this episode of Feminine Wealth TV! This week I was fortunate enough that Loral Langemeier was able to squeeze in an interview while in Sydney. Loral owns a large number of businesses but is known best for Live Out Loud, her group of companies which provide coaching, courses and events and has earned her the title ‘ Millionaire Maker ‘.

What does it take to become a millionaire? Loral has developed a system of steps which she briefly shares with us during the interview. She reinforces the fact that people grow wealth the same way they have done for centuries and there is no ‘get rich quick’ solution! Like any new venture, deciding to step out and grow your wealth can take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to an element of risk.

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Barbara Turley: Hi there, I’m Barbara Turley and you’re watching another episode of Feminine Wealth TV. The show that uncovers the diamond tips on creating truly conscious wealth from change makers, world shakers and wealth creators. How difficult is it to be a millionaire? My guest today, she thinks it’s pretty easy and she actually creates millionaires. From a Nebraskan farm to the millionaire maker, please welcome, Lorel Langemeier to the show.

Lorel Langemeier: Thank you. It’s good to be here, Barbara.

Barbara Turley: Thank you so much. I managed to squeeze her in on her very tight trip to Sydney. It’s amazing to have you here.

Lorel Langemeier: Thank you.

Barbara Turley: I just want to start the show. You’ve got such an interesting background story in your millionaire journey, in your entrepreneurial journey. Can you just give is the short and quick? How did you go from a farm girl in Nebraska?

Lorel Langemeier: With no conversation about money.

Barbara Turley: No.

Lorel Langemeier: Like no understanding about money. In fact, when I was in The Secret, I said, “We just had this negative conversation about you work hard, work hard, work hard.” Then two minutes in to the Secret, I said, “Money comes easily and frequently.”

Barbara Turley: I know that. I loved your views on the whole, we were talking about that, on manifesting money. There’s more to it than just dreaming it up.

Lorel Langemeier: It’s way more than that because you have to have the right action. From there at 17, I was given the book Think and Grow Rich, which was completely life changing and probably one of those first reads it was like, “Oh my gosh, somebody resonates with how I think.”

Barbara Turley: Who gave you that book?

Lorel Langemeier: Dennis Whateley.

Barbara Turley: You were a friend.

Lorel Langemeier: Yes. I was 17. I started my first business young. I had a lot of little businesses, but at 17 was my big formal one. Knew how to make money. We had a long journey.

Barbara Turley: [inaudible 00:01:40] It’s more just the beginning. The book, that was obviously a pivotal moment.

Lorel Langemeier: That was a pivotal moment. Starting my own company at 17 was a big moment. Then by 21, I had learned to leverage. I had a personal training business, aerobics instruction business. I was making about a half million dollars, so I knew how to make money. I knew how to leverage other people. I loved selling. I also believed that selling serving. When you know that you can help people’s lives, you owe it to them to sell hard and serve, because you know you’re going to help them.

Barbara Turley: Absolutely. I want the women out there to hear this. [crosstalk 00:02:09]

Lorel Langemeier: It’s the only thing. If you don’t want to sell, stay poor.

Barbara Turley: Absolutely.

Lorel Langemeier: Really, selling is about, like I said, serving other people. After that journey, then I actually went to work for Chevron, on a huge contract. I started as a contract, and then I couldn’t afford the helicopter insurance. I was hired to design 272 fitness centers on offshore oil rigs. It was this hugely male dominated space flying around in helicopters and sea planes. I needed to really get back to my financial life, so I met Kisoaki in 1996 and was the master distributor of The Cash Flow Game, and the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization, one of the original groups. Then just found my own voice in my own work. It was really this whole manifesting thinking, but really without the right action you don’t get it done. That’s partly why my work is so different, is I teach people how to seek once, do the right thing at the right time, to be millionaires in three to five years. I’m not just making millionaires, I’m doing it really fast.

Barbara Turley: How many millionaires have you created so far?

Lorel Langemeier: Thousands.

Barbara Turley: Thousands? Wow.

Lorel Langemeier: Thousands.

Barbara Turley: This stuff really works.

Lorel Langemeier: It really works. I’ve been doing it 19 years in total. From when I started with Kiosaki, I’ve been doing it. You know.

Barbara Turley: Tell me, I mean, you’ve created so many millionaires and you’ve met millions of people. Some of them have not become millionaires.

Lorel Langemeier: Correct.

Barbara Turley: What is the thing that stops people? What’s the main …

Lorel Langemeier: Themselves.

Barbara Turley: Yeah?

Lorel Langemeier: Themselves, and their limitation of thinking they can do it, they’re worth it. Then the other part of it is that they hang out with each other.

Barbara Turley: Yeah. They moan together.

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah. They just moan, and think negative. They won’t reach towards millionaires. I have billionaires that mentor me. I think the other thing, is I don’t even understand how someone could not have a coach or mentor at all times. The [inaudible 00:03:52] have them, and the greatest business people have them. The average person who wants to get through and get wealthy. You can read books, but I tell you the fastest way is you hang out with them. Spend time with millionaires. Spend time with us. See how we roll.

Barbara Turley: It changes everything.

Lorel Langemeier: It will change everything. Modeling is the fastest behavior change that anybody can do, especially women. Get side by side and run, and get away from the people who are negative, just fire them.

Barbara Turley: I think it’s [crosstalk 00:04:21] … Fire them. I love that. That’s the quote of the day. “Fire the negative people in your life.” I’ve heard you say before, it’s one thing to read the book. You can read lots of books and people buy lots of books, and they read [crosstalk 00:04:32] …

Lorel Langemeier: My books are really good. Five New York times, for God’s sake.

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:04:35] your books are really good, they’re very good books. I do agree with you, I think the fastest way to get somewhere fast is to have a mentor or a coach that can show you the path.

Lorel Langemeier: Then who has done it. You know there’s a lot of people in this coaching space. I’ve just started with someone, and we’re going to share with her tonight. It was a millionaire [inaudible 00:04:53] on sight. I know all of them, none of them are millionaires.

Barbara Turley: Oh, really?

Lorel Langemeier: No. Truly sad.

Barbara Turley: They’re good sales people.

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah, they’re good fakers. Good [inaudible 00:05:01].

Barbara Turley: I just wanted to make those millionaires by selling these concepts of [inaudible 00:05:05] …

Lorel Langemeier: It’s exhausting. Know what you really want and be only mentor coach and take advice from people who really had done it. I started a questions, get close to him and start questions.

Barbara Turley: Let’s talk quickly about women. I mean, my area is all about coaching women into this wealthy because I believed that women can be amazing. With business, with wealth, with selling, with everything. If we just, I’m saying they, but we’re woman too, but just things you grasp holds a little bit more and it’s that self belief for that something and I was interested to know what you see as differences with women particularly when it comes to wealth. Just showing in a little bit like I don’t want to be, like it’s ultimately the money thing.

Lorel Langemeier: There’s still a man as a plan. I have a program for women it’s called Wealth Diva. A man is another plan. There’s still this this will if I go to work, I’m going to create some extra money for the household versus I have an income for the household. I’m a single mom, I became a single mom intentionally. My son’s now 14 and his father wasn’t ready to be a dad. I knew going into the game that I was going to be a single mom. My first question, my question for all the woman watching is so what does it cost you to have that life? Mine was $40,000 a month. Here we go, because I’m going to have a nanny, I live in the water, it’s solely oceans. [inaudible 00:06:22] San Francisco, the most beautiful place. I travel a lot, and so instead of single I hope I’m going to make or how many to do it, is I’m going to give business …

Barbara Turley: I’m going to do it.

Lorel Langemeier: I’m going to do it, I’m going to demand and mix it. Now, the good news with women is that 2/3’s of the business is being created. I started by women, but what I noticed about most women is that they only shoot for maybe about 100,000 to a quarter million.

Barbara Turley: Small …

Lorel Langemeier: They don’t go for the million. Most men in the business become like to make millions. Also …

Barbara Turley: Do you think it’s this thing with women like they’re always saying to me, “Oh, it’s not really about the money for me. I want to serve.” [inaudible 00:06:57] …

Lorel Langemeier: Money would let you serve. Money lets you serve.

Barbara Turley: Money lets you serve more.

Lorel Langemeier: [crosstalk 00:06:59] used to man have it.

Barbara Turley: They just don’t seem to, does this push pull with the money thing. Unless you get this money thing right, we’re not going to be able to serve …

Lorel Langemeier: Ultimately.

Barbara Turley: At a world level.

Lorel Langemeier: Never.

Barbara Turley: The way we need to.

Lorel Langemeier: Never. Because you can’t take care of yourself. A couple hundred thousand is a great …

Barbara Turley: Like a family income.

Lorel Langemeier: It is not going to give you the money to do what you really, really want to. Then here’s what’s also interesting, I haven’t done this for so long, it have such a formula for it and just know how to do it. The first 100-200,000’s the hardest money you’ll ever make because you’re not trained as an entrepreneur. You’re struggling, especially the first 100 because you’re living in a lot of it, and then you don’t have the money to hire the proper web designers and the videographers and the photographers, and the copy writers, and the accountants. You need to hire a team because you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t try figuring it all out by yourself. It’s interesting this is men and women try to do it all by themselves. They’re already half of the things just required [inaudible 00:07:54] …

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:07:55].

Lorel Langemeier: Because you’re trying to [inaudible 00:07:57] work designed to do. I say, let’s get pass that six figure mark and then the good news is once you know, once you get in that 100-200,000 range, millions are right around the corner.

Barbara Turley: That’s the starting.

Lorel Langemeier: [crosstalk 00:08:07] anything is like [inaudible 00:08:07] million bucks in a company. I always say don’t get out of that blossom nine.

Barbara Turley: That’s the quote of the day, “Don’t get out of the [inaudible 00:08:13].” I’m not getting everybody tomorrow. That’s just a million dollars on the table. I love it, Lorel, so sweet. [inaudible 00:08:19]. Share with us your own and tonight we’re going to see it tonight, live, but I want you to share with us …

Lorel Langemeier: Now, you’re saying to watch this, huh?

Barbara Turley: Oh, yeah. 100% I am.

Lorel Langemeier: I’m watching you.

Barbara Turley: You thought a formula for success. Can you share it with us? Can you share a few steps with us?

Lorel Langemeier: Absolutely. There’s a lot to it, it give you the shortcut.

Barbara Turley: Just give us the …

Lorel Langemeier: First of all, do a [inaudible 00:08:39] how to do, because we’re occupationally trained to do something and you have a skill set. What I find about most entrepreneurs who wonder around trying to find “the thing” [crosstalk 00:08:48] quick thing …

Barbara Turley: Oh, the next [inaudible 00:08:48] thing and the act.

Lorel Langemeier: No. There’s several line that’s as though your mind just as the same way you get rich is how you always get rich for centuries. I mean, there’s no like new fan called thing that I teach. I just teach it in the right order. You make a lot of money through and entrepreneur venture. Do what you know how to do. Then you have to do it through a corporate structure. You have to be incorporated. Soul traders, sole proprietors never make it. They make it just a little bit and they over pay taxes so I’ll say, corporations makes the money. Individuals gets taxed, so they make all the money outside of the company and make it a proper company. Then you now learn to invest, and that’s probably the biggest scary piece for most people. Then all the reason’s it’s scary is they don’t know how. I always say, when you need to learn in and you need to lean and learn, how you’re going to invest your money. Would you make it? You keep it, you invest it.

We’re doing so much right now. I have over 72 companies. Heaven Harrison for my original partners [inaudible 00:09:41]. We just did eight companies in the last maybe 8-10 weeks. You were acquiring companies that morphs speed. Helping people raise capital, because that’s really where the games play.

Barbara Turley: You know what I love about when you too apprentice. You, it’s fun. I’ve heard you say it before.

Lorel Langemeier: It’s so much fun, I like the energy [crosstalk 00:09:55].

Barbara Turley: Making money is a lot of fun.

Lorel Langemeier: Learning how to do it is …

Barbara Turley: Learning how to do it a lot of fun.

Lorel Langemeier: Is creative.

Barbara Turley: It’s creative, it’s a lot of fun. I think a lot of people see this a lot of hard work, a lot of overwhelm, stress.

Lorel Langemeier: Because they don’t know anything.

Barbara Turley: Because they don’t know anything.

Lorel Langemeier: They’re not just like keep the job and stay broke, or learn.

Barbara Turley: Or learn, and enjoy the ride of learning.

Lorel Langemeier: You’re going to enjoy it around if the people who loved to do it. I mean, I love business. My family in Nebraska, there’s so worried about me because I’m not employed.

Barbara Turley: Oh, yeah, because you don’t have a “job”. Thank God, and you’re a woman. I reckon all your employable, and …

Lorel Langemeier: I don’t have a husband, so the whole thing’s a mad [inaudible 00:10:30].

Barbara Turley: I know.

Lorel Langemeier: I didn’t know what to do.

Barbara Turley: Intuitions of women.

Lorel Langemeier: Oh, my gosh. In just as this mother, there’s a whole body working I need to do around mothering. Because I take my kids all over the world. My kids have the most amazing passport.

Barbara Turley: That’s amazing.

Lorel Langemeier: Then [inaudible 00:10:43] how do you afford it? Well, first of all, we don’t do it full vacation. We put business around all of it. I was it with Branson like last just speaking in South Africa, so I put in a Safari Roundtrip and took my kids. We went to London and went down the [inaudible 00:10:56], skiing. Whatever we do we put business around it. My kids don’t even know what vacation is, we just do business trips, and we just make money around the world. Know what we’re doing and we circle on the way. Even if we’re doing a lot of thing.

Barbara Turley: What about schooling for them then? How do you manage that?

Lorel Langemeier: Half and half.

Barbara Turley: Yeah?

Lorel Langemeier: [inaudible 00:11:10] this idea as well.

Barbara Turley: I hate this idea that my kids are going to be in school so therefore that rules of what I’m able to do.

Lorel Langemeier: No, you just have to figure it out the right schools. They take a lot of school in the road with them, and we make sure that homework gets done and …

Barbara Turley: They’re probably there in the more valuable skills anyway …

Lorel Langemeier: Great, great, great, and super smart. They’re motivated to see what’s the world is about.

Barbara Turley: What would you say …

Lorel Langemeier: [crosstalk 00:11:33] …

Barbara Turley: What would you say, I mean, there’s other people starting their corporate jobs. Bored, tired, lacking energy, all these sorts of things. It’s very hard to make that jump though to say even though they’re really skilled at what they do. To try to leave the corporate world is a tricky one. Do you see them humming up against [crosstalk 00:11:51] …

Lorel Langemeier: 120 days, I’ll help them.

Barbara Turley: 120 days.

Lorel Langemeier: 120 days. You can get out of your job. First, the millionaires. Here’s the thing what’s the skills that you do within that job? That you could create as an entrepreneur? Then look at the different skills sets, look at the different businesses around that skill set. What could you do? Because somebody else is already making millions doing it. Right? The difference is how do you take that occupation and make it an entrepreneurial venture. Which serves other people so I say the definition of an entrepreneur is to serve other people. It’s either you’re solving problems or meetings needs. In that, what can you do that also and then it creates a reason for people to pay you. You have to be compensated.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, that’s the value exchange. It has to be.

Lorel Langemeier: It has to be, otherwise it’s not capitalism and there’s no value and there’s no worth. Right? Do what you already know, price it properly, and even if you’re just doing your part time, like when I watch [inaudible 00:12:44] I had to become an employer. I couldn’t afford a helicopter insurance. I went through a five year sentence of being employed and that was like killing my soul.

Barbara Turley: [inaudible 00:12:51] I’ve been there, it’s really [inaudible 00:12:53].

Lorel Langemeier: It’s just horrible. I became just an executive coach, while I was a coach I was already working at a corp, very high level corporate job. I was coaching other executives and found my path out. Then I started doing financial [inaudible 00:13:07].

Barbara Turley: Then at some point you have to take a job.

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah, I have two jobs.

Barbara Turley: You had to stay …

Lorel Langemeier: In fact, and money’s not going to come in large quantities until you commit to it.

Barbara Turley: Until you commit. Because you’re one foot in, one foot out.

Lorel Langemeier: I would say, in my synergy book, see you hasn’t figure it out.

Barbara Turley: Yes.

Lorel Langemeier: Say yes, you hasn’t figure it out, isn’t I’m going to figure it out and then say yes. It doesn’t work like that, and that’s where most of us are wired. Because you also, people hearing this, especially women hearing this and thinking, “Oh, this man it’s very critical.” I’m not critical at all. You came from an occupational training. Schooling is designed to teach you how to get a good job, and begin programs such a massive bad attitudes. I call them, is to get you a big job raise, versus a massive bank account. They all in what you learn in true entrepreneurial ism I’m always ask this is I’m straight. How did you did it?

Barbara Turley: Hustle, connected and [crosstalk 00:13:50] …

Lorel Langemeier: I did it with other coaches and mentors. Again, I’ve never had a year without a coach or a mentor. That’s the most ridiculous choice to do that, and women will not pay for themselves. Some of the best money you’ll even spend. Because you have to think in that money you’re going to spend. You don’t even know the cost the years you’re going to have, or the amount of connections or hook ups that they can get you to.

Barbara Turley: It’s the leverage, you mentioned leverage in the beginning.

Lorel Langemeier: The leverage is extra ordinary.

Barbara Turley: I mean the words you said at the beginning of the interview is the word leverage and I really want to circle back to that, because I came from the financial industry background for the leveraged is everything. That’s just the whole game. I also say to people, the whole keys as well, you create value, and then leverage it. Then that’s wells, right? Whenever you’re doing it, I think a lot of people and you see this as well. The solar primaries. The busiest that they’ve created in the value, but they’re not leveraging it.

Lorel Langemeier: At all.

Barbara Turley: At all? So leverage is really key, isn’t it? In what you teach as well.

Lorel Langemeier: I’m in mentoring and mastering programs that cost anywhere between 25 to $75,000 and I’m there to meet the same people who want the same thing. You know, adding of coaching log with them. Also, connect me, and it’s just it’s who you know.

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:15:03] …

Lorel Langemeier: It’s huge, huge …

Barbara Turley: The networking and the group. Lorel, one last question. Obviously, you made it to the top.

Lorel Langemeier: I made it to the top.

Barbara Turley: You’re at the top of your game. What’s left for Lorel Langemeier? What’s [crosstalk 00:15:19]?

Lorel Langemeier: The next level of leverage. Now, the summer I’m bringing people from seven countries, and I’m going to train them on how to do my work. It’s time other people teach it. I’ve perfected it, I’ve hold like a little baby for a long time. I did this 3-day workshop year and Europe about it. Everyone’s encouraged to make money in three days, and I’ve done if for eight years. It is the rocket’s of event. It’s the only event in the world that you literally will walk out because you’ve made money. You’re guaranteed to make money, three days.

Barbara Turley: You’ve made money. Three days?

Lorel Langemeier: It’s called three days to cash. I’m now training trainers to do that all over the world. It’s time to release that one, and let a lot of people do it. Because the methodology just works. Then I have this new cool thing that I’ve been doing. It’s called the $100,000 challenge. Because I need people pass a 100,000. 100,000 is just a painful place. I guarantee them a 100,000 in 365 days, but they have to do everything I say.

Barbara Turley: That’s the thing, [crosstalk 00:16:11] have to do everything you say.

Lorel Langemeier: Exactly. They have to do it and have to do it in order. That’s where people screw up. It’s like, I think a lot of the people look at the blue print and say, “Well, it’s like a little checklist. I’ll do a little of that today, a little of that tomorrow. No, you have to do exactly and you have to ask for money everyday. It’s not difficult to find money. It’s in your pocket and it used to be in my pocket. Simple. How do I get it?

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:16:33] …

Lorel Langemeier: It’s that to provide you value, and I’ve asked for it.

Barbara Turley: That’s the simple … it’s actually as simple as that. I think, looking at …

Lorel Langemeier: [crosstalk 00:16:43] how many times you’ve asked for money, oh I said, “next awarding is where is this coming from?”

Barbara Turley: Yeah, yeah, if you don’t ask for it you’d never going to get it.

Lorel Langemeier: You just go out [inaudible 00:16:50] …

Barbara Turley: The universe is going, we need to okay and we really don’t want it.

Lorel Langemeier: No, you just need some cash and …

Barbara Turley: I don’t ask it, I want about it.

Lorel Langemeier: Get out and go … I would say, if you want money, go serve someones life and ask for it, like that.

Barbara Turley: That’s what I actually love that you’re saying … it’s the bit of the pills to women as well. To all the women out there, you can go out there and serve like, serve the world as much as you want, but you must ask for money in return.

Lorel Langemeier: Here’s a simple money X. Right? Barbara, when you once start, how do you want to pay? Which credit card would you like to use? Simple.

Barbara Turley: That’s it. If people favor in all that to go away, then maybe there’s just not what you’re trying to, then what do you do in that situation?

Lorel Langemeier: You have the people …

Barbara Turley: They go, “Oh, I don’t know.”

Lorel Langemeier: You say, you want to make money or not?

Barbara Turley: Yeah, that’s it. That’s eventually it. I’ll have to start using that one.

Lorel Langemeier: I see. Then they’ll just say yes.

Barbara Turley: Lorel, if the viewers wants to know more about your amazing work, they want to connect with you and the work that you’re doing, where should they go?

Lorel Langemeier: Our global company is We also have, you can go there, see where I am. I’ll be back in July, in October, and do 3D workshops. We’ve been [crosstalk 00:17:49] …

Barbara Turley: You’re all over the world. [inaudible 00:17:51].

Lorel Langemeier: I’m all over the world, but we’ve got offices here. We have offices here and cool staff, and they can get connected to our local community. We have lots and lots of grass, and then [inaudible 00:17:59] Thailand with Pat [inaudible 00:18:00] whose also Australian.

Barbara Turley: Oh, Pat, yeah.

Lorel Langemeier: We’re going to go teach more people.

Barbara Turley: Teach more. I mean, teaching Thai people [up there 00:18:06]? Now, is that a dumb question?

Lorel Langemeier: No. I think I’m from all over the world for that particular one.

Barbara Turley: I was wondering about that.

Lorel Langemeier: When I was in [inaudible 00:18:12], then [crosstalk 00:18:11].

Barbara Turley: Then you [crosstalk 00:18:12].

Lorel Langemeier: Summer shops.

Barbara Turley: Do you take a break? [inaudible 00:18:16] …

Lorel Langemeier: [crosstalk 00:18:16] all this time. Actually …

Barbara Turley: That’s the thing, that’s your, your whole life is a break because …

Lorel Langemeier: My whole life is fine.

Barbara Turley: You love what you do.

Lorel Langemeier: I love whatever I’m doing. It feels like you works [inaudible 00:18:26].

Barbara Turley: Really?

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah.

Barbara Turley: Doesn’t everybody want that? Come on, this is what does …

Lorel Langemeier: Grand time, and a great way to raise your kids.

Barbara Turley: Lorel, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Lorel Langemeier: Thank you.

Barbara Turley: I’m so excited that I got you on the show.

Lorel Langemeier: I’m happy too.

Barbara Turley: I know it’s a quick interview, but you’re going to just provide so much value to the people watching.

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah, and you know the other thing we could do, if they’re interested, then we can credit a little link and I’d give them, and what’s called the Millionaire’s Roadmap. [inaudible 00:18:47] everybody free one.

Barbara Turley: Sure. I’ll get the link afterwards, and if you’re watching right now, the link should be just showing up front there.

Lorel Langemeier: Yeah, that’s perfect.

Barbara Turley: Excellent.

Lorel Langemeier: Good.

Barbara Turley: Thanks for having our show.

Lorel Langemeier: Thank you.

Barbara Turley: Thank you for joining again for another week. I will see you next week for more Feminine Wealth TV.

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