Are You Mining Your Money Opportunities?

I was driving along in my car yesterday casually listening to the radio when the spark for today’s ‘mining your money opportunities’ blog post ignited in my head.

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I had been thinking about my recent interview with Margaret Barry, Founder & CEO of The Bali Children Foundation, and how she talked a lot about the importance of mining your opportunities.

I love this concept and, as many of you who have followed me for a while will know, I am a big believer in opportunity hunting, or diamond hunting as I like to call it, when it comes to success.

So there I am driving along and mapping out this post in my head when my ear picked up a rather serendipitous story on the radio! This guy had called up the radio show to give the host the solution to a problem he was having. The pair got chatting on air and at the end of the discussion about the ‘problem’ the guy chimes in with details of his business, his  address and how they fix this problem all the time for clients!!

It was gold!

He got right in there before the host even knew what was going on.

The show in question is one of the highest rated shows on the Sydney airwaves. To even get an ad spot on that show would cost an absolute fortune. This guy had swung not just a free ad spot but an entire discussion about the problem he solves for clients all the time. He even got the host to agree to come in for a meeting!

Now that is mining your opportunities!

This guy is clearly a quick thinker and watching like a hawk for opportunities as they arise.  He would have had to hop on that in a split second to pull it off and with such brilliance too. There was no lack of self worth or apologizing coming from this guy I can tell you. He was proud as punch of how he mined that opportunity and I have to say I was proud as punch for him too!

How many of us would have heard the discussion on the radio about the problem our business solves and thought ‘there’s no point in calling up, I’ll never get through’ or ‘I’m too busy right now’ or even worse listened and thought ‘that’s interesting’ and went on with our day?

I love it when I find a story to illustrate a point so well.

I had this discussion with Margaret Barry on Feminine Wealth TV last week. She attributes her success both in her business and with The Bali Children Foundation to her persistence in mining her opportunities.

I’ve always fancied myself as someone who has cultivated a lot of resilience and is well able to hunt out the diamonds in the rough but this week I took a good look at myself and asked ‘Is that totally true?’

The answer that came from the deep was a tad unsure! I think, if I’m honest, I might have fallen into one of the thought patterns above and gotten on with my day.

It dawned on me that opportunity hunting is about persistence but it’s also about hustle. To truly crack open the biggest of opportunities you need to hustle.

Hustle is about morphing and changing to get the best angle. It’s persistence mixed with fluidity so you’re not persistently going after a closed door but persistently hunting out the right door or the right person who has the key you need.

Persistence keeps you going but hustle is the secret sauce. Hustle gets the deals done, gets you into the VIP zone and sees you reaching envious heights. Hustle ensures your persistence pays off.

Today’s Tweetable

Sometimes we think we are doing all we can to get where we want to go and to bring our dreams to life. We believe we have uncovered every stone and asked all the right people the right questions. We get frustrated when we convince ourselves that we have tried so hard and yet still meet failure.

As Yoda famously said to Luke Skywalker

‘Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try’

Hustle and opportunity mining are not about trying. They are about doing!

Do you feel you are truly mining your opportunities or are you just telling yourself you are?

If you’re unsure then maybe it’s time to check out Get Savvy Academy.

Tell us in the comments below if this resonates with you …..

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