From Zero to Multiple 6 figures in 2 years Flat with Amanda Daley

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This week on Feminine Wealth TV I interviewed Amanda Daley, the Business Mentor that is turning health coaches all over the world into seriously savvy business women and creating a multiple 6 figure business along the way.

Amanda Jane Daley is a Business Mentor for health-focused entrepreneurs. She’s honored to have been featured as a Health Coaching expert on top sites such as Mind Body Green, TinyBuddha and Women’s Health and Fitness. With a background of 15 years in online marketing, Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards. In just a few years, she’s built a multiple 6-figure coaching practice of her own. Now, she combines her health + business savvy to mentor other Health Coaches to achieve the same goals focused on money mindset work and current online marketing strategies. Driven by a dream of shifting the way the world values health, Amanda has become the go-to business + wealth expert for healthy entrepreneurs who desire a freedom-based lifestyle.

What I loved about interviewing her was hearing how she cracked the code on online product launches and put a new spin on her love of health and well-being to create a multiple 6 figures in 2 years !

Among other things I discovered:

• Why ‘doing what you love’ can take many different forms with some being significantly more profitable than others!
• How she discovered THE problem her audience truly had and why it led to $750K in revenue for her.
• The No.1 thing that every business must get right if they want to explode their profits fast.

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Barbara Turley: Hi there, I’m Barbara Turley, and you’re watching another episode of Feminine Wealth TV, the show that uncovers the diamond tips on creating truly conscious wealth. From change makers, world shakers, and wealth creators. Are you sick of hearing that in your first 2 years of business, it’s really hard to make money? Are you sick of watching other people’s product launches go absolutely fabulous, and wondering is that just an urban myth? I know I have, but today on the show, I have an amazing girl, who has done 3 quarters of a million dollars in her first 2 years in business, with 250,000 of that in the first month of this year, so she is on an amazing trajectory. Welcome to the show, Amanda Jane Daley.

Amanda Daley: Thank you, it’s very exciting to be here.

Barbara Turley: Very exciting to have you on the show with your amazing and experience with business over the last couple of years. I’m excited to dive right in and see how the hell did you get to this amazing level.

Amanda Daley: Thank you. It’s actually really interesting to hear you reflecting it back in that way, because …

Barbara Turley: It must be, is it a bit surreal, thinking is that me she’s talking about?

Amanda Daley: It actually is, yeah. I think straight away when you say, “The story of the first few years,” it certainly I think in the beginning didn’t feel like it was easy, so it’s quite fun to sit here now and go, “Oh my gosh. Yeah.”

Barbara Turley: So tell me the beginning. I always say to people, you know, “It doesn’t matter how successful you are, or how fast it came, but the beginning, it’s never linear. It’s never a linear path.” So take me back, were you always an entrepreneur, or were you working for someone else, or what’s your history with this whole business thing?

Amanda Daley: Sure. I actually worked in digital advertising, and mainstream advertising as well for about 13, 14 years. That was my path to start with, and very much loved what I did creatively. Actually I always that technology mix of online, business creativity, but really was finding myself burnt out, not enjoying the corporate environment anymore, and to a state I just kind of couldn’t be in there anymore.

Barbara Turley: I think I know, I know I suffer that, and a lot of people watching will experience that as well, so that’s very common feeling. Yeah.

Amanda Daley: And really as part of that path I was just searching for, I thought there was something wrong with me, so I was trying to fix my health or fix my mindset, or what’s wrong with me, why can’t I keep up like everybody else? I guess one thing led to another. I kind of stumbled across a health coaching course, and went, “Oh my gosh!” Like …

Barbara Turley: That’s for me!

Amanda Daley: It felt like that’s what I’d been training for all these years on the side. Eventually I left my job in advertising, and I was supposed to be looking for another one, and just found myself really just obsessed with setting up a blog, starting to tell people all about health, and …

Barbara Turley: So was health always your … You had a passion in this area like always?

Amanda Daley: I actually did. I remember at high school wanting to be a naturopath, and not wanting to do a science degree, which was kind of laid out in front of me of what you had to do. I thought, oh no, get out of school.

Barbara Turley: The creative side of you coming out, of course. Yeah.

Amanda Daley: But yeah, I did always have an interest in health, and I think in conjunction with just always trying to get on top of my own health. It was something that I kind of always struggled with.

Barbara Turley: Right, Okay.

Amanda Daley: And was always looking for the new thing that I could do, eat, or … So it was very exciting when it came through as a possible career path without having to completely retrain.

Barbara Turley: So you went and did the health coach course.

Amanda Daley: Yes.

Barbara Turley: Then you become a health coach.

Amanda Daley: Yes.

Barbara Turley: So that was the beginnings of this whole thing, yeah.

Amanda Daley: It was, and when you just say this now about the beginning, it’s like, oh yes, so much has changed. It certainly was not easy in those first few days where you’ve had this … Or weeks, or months, when you’ve had a career it’s one thing, and all of a sudden like, I was most like deep breath, like you’re sitting there like, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Barbara Turley: Or what have I done?

Amanda Daley: What I have done.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, what have I done is the big one, yeah.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, and I think there’s almost a perception. There weren’t many people doing this at that time. But even then I had this perception of, I’ve got this qualification as a health coach, I would just go out and get clients, and that certainly was not the case.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, because the health coaching thing, it’s still a reasonably new concept. People are getting more interested in their health, but it’s not like you just go out and everyone just is in demand for your services. It’s also quite broad, like what is a health coach?

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. One of the main things I say, because I do now as a business mentor for health coaches, that’s what I always say, “No one Googles a health coach.” There’s a lot more you’ve got to learn to communicate [inaudible 00:04:30].

Barbara Turley: So there’s are early days, so when you did the course, did you actually start out as a health coach then and start that path?

Amanda Daley: Yes, so I started out as a health coach, I feel like I probably in hindsight wasted a lot of time thinking that if I made the perfect blog and made the perfect logo, that was kind of my background, that that would get me clients, and it didn’t. I literally just remember there was times just lying on the couch staring at the ceiling, like I would do anything to get this workout into the world, but I had no idea how. To be honest, no one would even tell me how. I knew people even in the industry, and it felt like it was this closed secret.

Barbara Turley: I think there will be a lot of people resonating with that statement right now, because it’s like there’s always people who are successful, and yet it’s kind of like this world of I can’t get in. How do I crack the code on that?

Amanda Daley: Totally. That’s how it felt. I was like, what can I do?

Barbara Turley: What’s wrong with me that I can’t get this?

Amanda Daley: Totally. It feels like you see other people getting clients and making money and it’s like I’ll do anything, I’m just missing something. Like what’s missing? So really I started to do 2 things, 1, I just naturally I guess started thinking, hold on a minute, I used to work for the likes of Coca-Cola and Microsoft and eBay, and I could market them, like winning international awards for them, why can’t I market myself? It really, I mean 2 things. One I started to understand like, okay …

Barbara Turley: It’s different when it comes to yourself.

Amanda Daley: [crosstalk 00:05:54] confidence. Essentially you’re selling yourself as a coach, not a product, or not someone else’s. But equally, some of those marketing skills that actually were so obvious and natural to me, then all of a sudden I just started dabbling with those, and actually putting myself out there, and the smallest of things got me a lot of attention, like yeah. Clients, you know, affiliates, all these things that are flowing, and so I was like, ah-ha, okay, this isn’t a different world.

Barbara Turley: It’s almost like that you, Often when we do this, when we try a new career, we go out and we do something totally different and we forget the things that we were doing before.

Amanda Daley: Totally.

Barbara Turley: All our expertise goes out the window because we’re in this new thing. Then we sort of thing, hold on a second, I was successful before, surely I can get this right. And you start to think, well, what have I already learned, and the skills I already have that I can really bring to the table here. [crosstalk 00:06:46]

Amanda Daley: And such confidence. When you say that’s such a confidence thing, I think a lot of people go through. Of being kind of like, paid good money, and senior positions that they’ve worked up to, and all of a sudden they’ve felt they’re at the bottom of some rung, like they’ve got to start again. The confidence without, that was a real key mindset shift for me. I’m not a beginner.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, you might be a start up, and you might have just started a new business, but you’re not necessarily a beginner. You’re a beginner health coach, but you weren’t a beginner business person, a marketing person, at that stage.

Amanda Daley: Totally. [inaudible 00:07:18] and I kept health coaching. It certainly wasn’t easy, there certainly wasn’t a lot of money in the early days, but slowly but surely I started really understanding also the difference in marketing and getting clients. Because if you don’t get clients, you know if they’re, again, the nicest blog and the nicest website.

Barbara Turley: No money.

Amanda Daley: No money.

Barbara Turley: Money is the lifeblood of any business, yes.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, starting to become a bit of an issue by this stage. Really grasped how to get clients, how to start making money as a health coach, and started getting my consistent kind of 4 or 5 clients a month, and making around the 5K up to kind of 7K a month, which started to be a really good.

Barbara Turley: It’s the holy grail when you start out though. Because that’s your sort of base-level income that you really want to get to.

Amanda Daley: Totally. I still maintain that the first 5K a month is the hardest.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, I think so. After that everything’s easy, a million dollars a month.

Amanda Daley: Well maybe not, but.

Barbara Turley: But I know what you mean. That’s the hardest, because you’re trying to find the thing that will work in that first 5K actually, because prior to that, the messaging isn’t working, or you’re not connecting, or something is not going right.

Amanda Daley: Totally, and there’s actually so much to learn, I don’t think people understand, and I certainly didn’t. Even though I had some of these past skills, I mean, you’ve got to know your type of market, you’ve got to know where to find them. You’ve got to know how to talk to them, what offer they want. How to charge.

Barbara Turley: Yeah, the hardest one.

Amanda Daley: All these things take time, and one of the things I’ve seen most from mentoring people one on one is that these grandiose goals in the first 6 months, and then they realize like, oh, there’s so much to learn. In the initial days.

Barbara Turley: There’s a lot to learn, yeah, and there’s a lot of trial and error. There’s a lot of testing, especially when you don’t know, I mean I know I’ve found this in my own business, we talked [inaudible 00:09:01] about this, you might think there’s a problem out there, but if your customer, your idea client, doesn’t see it as a problem, then you’re not going to hit the mark. Even though you know it’s a problem for them, it doesn’t matter. You still won’t really sell anything, so that’s the bit that I found the hardest in my first year, is that. Trying to get that right.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. The reason I’m laughing is this is particularly common with health coaches, or people in the wellness world. Because I tend to find that they quickly go through a detox, weight loss, whatever it is, and they discover this whole other world of personal development and relaxation. So then they try and pull together packages that are more kind of soft and flowing because it’s about the bigger picture, you know like that kind of talk.

Barbara Turley: No results.

Amanda Daley: No results.

Barbara Turley: No results, yeah.

Amanda Daley: And the people that they’re selling it to aren’t there yet, and they don’t … Holistic life coaching, what?

Barbara Turley: Doesn’t resonate.

Amanda Daley: It just doesn’t resonate.

Barbara Turley: It doesn’t even, washes straight over.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, and for every health coach, it’s like, I don’t want to teach weight loss. A lot of my clients, maybe not weight loss, but something as tangible as that sells.

Barbara Turley: It almost feels a bit, yeah I can imagine, because there’s so many, the weigh loss gurus online and all that, who are selling all these products and stuff, so they probably don’t want to be associating with that sort of level, but yeah. That’s the result that people want, I guess.

Amanda Daley: Yeah.

Barbara Turley: So tell me then, where did the health coaching stop and the mentoring to health coaches and the business coaching start? What was that transition?

Amanda Daley: It’s actually funny as you were saying that out loud, because I was doing that with business. I thought, I don’t want to teach business, I don’t want to teach marketing. A lot of that was me still judging the world I’d been in, advertising world burn out, bad.

Barbara Turley: Corporate, yeah, a lot of us do that.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, and I just found that all my clients who were coming to me as health coaches by this stage, well not all of them, but say 50 percent of them were actually health coaches. Up and coming health coaches who were maybe studying. Often I think health and wellness people get into this for their own health, just like I did, and they were coming to me to improve their health. But they were ending up asking me questions like, “What do I do on blog? What do I do on my website?” Just more and more, people even friends in the entrepreneurial world, et cetera, were like, you really should teach business. Since you know it. I was like, no, no.

Barbara Turley: It’s funny that when something … I’ve had this shift in my business as well, when people start coming to you and asking you for something, right, that you know that is a sellable something, and you don’t even have to go out and try to get business for this. That’s telling you something. There’s a market there, it’s like screaming at you, people want this thing, and you’re trying to sell them apples when they actually want oranges.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, but it wasn’t an easy transition. Because I really was so like, I just want to help people with their health and well being, and [inaudible 00:11:45] for me that was more about stepping into a truth in your purpose, and just living the life you’re meant to live. It took me quite a transition, within me, to realize that actually I can do that in business coaching.

Barbara Turley: Absolutely. You can help people in so may other ways, and all these health coaches that you now help, that you mentor, they’re just so [inaudible 00:12:06] all the testimonials on your site. It’s amazing the work that you’ve done with them. You are giving them their passion and their truth, and all that sort of thing.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. One I got there, that was the shift, where I was like, okay, I’m going to offer this now.

Barbara Turley: Was the website and then all of a sudden it was Amanda Daley the business coach? Did you just kind of shift the website, or how did you … Did you wake up one day and it was just like, okay, today I’m a business coach?

Amanda Daley: No. Not at all. For that, there was about a 5, 6 month period where it was starting to cross over. I traded, my website is still actually there, was the health coaching site. I didn’t change that, and even though I’m business marketing and wealth coach, I really think you can hear my own journey, like, well that time on blogs and websites. It’s lovely once you’re at a certain level, but it doesn’t get you clients in the early days. When I moved from health coaching into business coaching, I did not have a business coaching site for about 6 months. Literally at one stage, put out like a single landing page, and that was it. The health coaching one sat there and kind of sits there until this day, I just stopped paying attention to it, to be honest. Then yeah, eventually I did set up then my own website as well.

Barbara Turley: What I love about that, actually, I love that so many times when we start a business, we go out and we get the fancy website and we spend a fortune on beautiful offices, or like nice furniture, or something, when really … I always tell stories about my dad. My dad has given me so many business tips over the years. One thing I remember him saying is like, all it comes it down to is sending invoices. He goes, “Who are you invoicing today?” It was the whole point of just, go out and get the business first. Then do all the logos and all that stuff. Logos really are not going to … They’re not what’s going to assign you business.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely, and I’m the first person like, as an ex-art director, I want everything to look beautiful. It’s very Important for my site to look nice, those kinds of things. But the reality, when I started making a lot more money, is that was not important at all, and I think it is lovely, and I’m loving going back to it now. Now I’m starting my blog again, but that really is the creative piece of the business for me as well as nurturing, like the people who are now my tribe et cetera. I love giving back in that way. But it’s actually not what was making money. In my translation, that means I wasn’t helping people if I wasn’t making money.

Barbara Turley: I love that. I want to pause on that point, because you just said, what did you just say? “I wasn’t helping people if I wasn’t making money.” Hardly anybody will say that. They’ll all thing, I must give first, and then the money will come later, and I’m like no. That is not really how it works. The more money you make, the more you can serve. The more people that you can actually help. It is a mental shift there, so I’m really glad that you made that point. Also I think, as you say, this whole thing of you’ve got to get out and actually do some sales first, and then you can nurture the tribe and all that later, which I think a lot of the marketing world at the moment is talking about, go out and build your tribe, and get a huge social media following, and then try to sell something to them. Both ways work, but I think I prefer your way of really … Then you get to the seed of the problem that you’re client really has.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, it’s interesting when you say it like that, because I don’t feel like I wasn’t nurturing and giving, I was doing it in a different way. I was doing last year, especially, a lot of free webinars, free training series, so a lot of my heart, energy, attention was going into these more one on one personal video experiences with people, and yes I would upsell at the end, but at the same way, like to me I could give so much more on a webinar like that than I could in like a weekly blog post or … It was actually a choice of my energy last year, to be honest. I just couldn’t do it all. That’s the other thing.

Barbara Turley: You were saying that you did quite a lot of webinars, so webinars obviously, this is the latest thing … Or not the latest thing, but people are having a lot of success with webinars. Did you start that straight away? Or when you started the business coaching did you say, “Right. I’m going to do webinars,” and that was …

Amanda Daley: I didn’t start it straight away. I definitely to start with was relying on email marketing, still a little bit of blogging, but that was dropping off quite quickly at that stage.

Barbara Turley: You’re busy.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, and I’m a bit of an online marketing geek, like I just love things like that. There’s a reason I had a career in that. There was part of my journey as well that we didn’t talk about. Once I really got into understanding like, this is a marketing game at the end of the day, I did start learning off a lot of top international online business marketing coaches, and often people who were quite masculine in nature, et cetera. I just had a knack of how to bring that back into the more heart-centered world, and to the health coaching world, et cetera. That’s what I started to have fun with. There’s like these geeky concepts, that can be used in a really awesome way.

Barbara Turley: A creative way.

Amanda Daley: Yeah. I love that side of that, so yeah, I started understanding how to do Facebook ads, and webinars. Webinars in particular for me were …

Barbara Turley: Huge.

Amanda Daley: Really quite life-changing. As far as a business perspective, I was terrified to do my first video, anything like that on my blog. But with webinars, what I found, is that people that know my can trust factor was so much stronger …

Barbara Turley: With a live webinar.

Amanda Daley: With a live webinar, where they would hang out with me for an hour or so, get to know me. What I quickly discovered is people were buying, whether it was 2, 3, 4, 5,000 dollar or more packages off me straight off the bat, having met me one time.

Barbara Turley: On the webinar.

Amanda Daley: On the webinar. Not necessarily on the webinar, but that was the first point, and then obviously I knew how to market in the following weeks to follow up on that as well. Some would come straight from it, but definitely it would say, “I saw you for the first time last week on a webinar, and here I am ready to sign up,” which really …

Barbara Turley: That’s quite amazing.

Amanda Daley: Was pretty cool.

Barbara Turley: That’s very cool. So we should all be doing webinars. Actually I do a few webinars as well, I’m starting to do more webinars this year.

Amanda Daley: I think you have to get across your personality. There’s so many different coaches online, there’s so many different … It’s easy to fall into that that someone else is doing it, like where am I going to find my place. But when people get to know you as a person, there’s no 2 people alike, and if the right client has similar values, beliefs, desires …

Barbara Turley: They see you and they’re just drawn to you.

Amanda Daley: They’ll just be drawn to you. On video you can, after you get over the initial discomfort, you just end up kind of getting in flow, being yourself, speaking your truth, and the right people will be drawn to that. It seems to be that much more effective.

Barbara Turley: What are your views on … So does the Facebook ad comes in for the webinar? So you advertise it on Facebook, comes into the webinar. What are your views on getting the marketing copyright on the webinar page and the name of the webinar, and that sort of thing? Because it’s not just like [inaudible 00:19:19] webinar up, and hey you’re going to be selling 5,000 dollar products. I know that doesn’t happen, so what’s the trick with the webinar thing in your view?

Amanda Daley: The trick with any marketing and really any copyrighting is knowing your target market. You’ve got to know who you’re talking to. You’ve got to really do the work to understand … I always say like care about your audience kind of more than they do. You’ve got to go out and know what are they looking for? What are their buzzwords? What would they buy? I often say to health coaches, “what would your audience go into the pharmacy and pick up off the shelf?”

Barbara Turley: And buy. Get that granular with your target client of what they actually do every day.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, because people do buy, like everyone’s like, oh people won’t buy coaching or health coaching. People buy every day. They spend money on alcohol, iPads, like there’s no lack of money and no lack of spending. It’s just that they don’t understand the offer. Or they don’t understand why they would buy …

Barbara Turley: It’s not resonating with them.

Amanda Daley: Yeah. So it actually has to come back to that point of understanding your market, understanding your offer, and how to package that up as a program. And then really from there, it’s the wording, et cetera, that you’ve learned and that process that will come out on your marketing. First on your Facebook ads, enough to intrigue them …

Barbara Turley: Bring them, intrigue to sign up for a webinar.

Amanda Daley: Enough to click, and it needs to be something that will stand out amongst the zillion Facebook feeds and webinars.

Barbara Turley: Of webinars and Facebook feeds.

Amanda Daley: When they get to that landing page in particular, what is it that they read when they’re there that they’re like, I’m putting my name in. This is me. I’m in. Even more so then to get them to turn up live. There’s that extra step again. Because people do like to watch …

Barbara Turley: There’s a bit of science to this, isn’t there? There’s a little bit of a flow to this, because I think one thing I was thinking as you were talking , it’s probably also a good idea to just get a webinar up there, and see what happens. If people don’t sign up, or don’t show up, or whatever, then you need to tweak it, you need to fix it, and just do another one. Try a different message, and do another one. That’s what I reckon people should do.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. There’s no quick fix. What I often see is someone do something like try one webinar, and that didn’t work.

Barbara Turley: And never do another one.

Amanda Daley: And never do another one again, and then they’ll go buy the next online courses. This one will be on Facebook ads, and then they’ll do a Facebook ad, that didn’t work, and so then they’ll go off and they’ll learn a blogging course, and oh, well that didn’t get me clients. Instead of sticking with one thing …

Barbara Turley: And following through.

Amanda Daley: Following through, but actually trying again, and actually going back and thinking, well if my audience didn’t respond to this, why not? What could I try differently?

Barbara Turley: It’s that thing of saying … I think a lot of people, they try something that fails, and they think I’ve failed. Actually you just didn’t … Your audience, it’s not exactly what they wanted. If you keep trying and keep, as you say, keep the audience in your mind, and not you in your mind, then actually you can probably on the minute you hit on that thing, the floodgates come open.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely.

Barbara Turley: Which is kind of what happened for you, because if you’re doing 6 and 700,000 dollars in a couple of years, that’s … You hit on the thing that people want, and the floodgates opened. How long was it before you hit on the thing, do you think? What was the moment where it just took off for you? Was there a moment?

Amanda Daley: It was waves. No, it kind of happens like once, and the next one’s bigger, and the next one’s bigger. There was a decision point in me, like I said, where I hadn’t wanted to put out the business coaching as an offer, and I feel like that was the first time I officially put that out as an email, and I’ve never had so many responses. I was like, okay. But then having said that, I fell like it went through another wave when I really grasped the webinars, and really … But again when I look at the journey of that, I really also by that stage knew what people wanted. I also knew what they were coming to me for, and I knew how to speak their language. Obviously having gone through that path myself, of really knowing what it’s like to struggle as a health coach. I do, it wasn’t easy.

Barbara Turley: I think for you that’s key. You’re in the mind of your ideal client, even before you came to do this. You already know what they’re feeling.

Amanda Daley: And authentically being able to sit there say, not only was it this hard, but actually I overcame it. I could show that it is possible to do so.

Barbara Turley: That’s amazing. One thing I’m interested now is to talk about the future. The future vision for where you’re going. Because obviously now what you’ve done is you’ve created this amazing business already, but it’s an income stream, really, and how are you going to take it to the next level and really create a company out of this, or a proper business that is scalable, I guess? Where is it going from here?

Amanda Daley: I’m so glad you say that. I think it’s so easy for people not to think, and I certainly didn’t think that next step. Yes, so we’ve already taken step 1 of moving this to a business, which was moving from the one on one coaching only, which I did mostly last year, into creating a bigger group program, or a group [inaudible 00:24:09] program.

Barbara Turley: Right, okay. Cope with more people. You don’t need to do so much one on one, of course, so the group thing is the next level.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. I would never recommend jumping to that too quickly. I think there’s something about working with that many one on one people that really helps you understand what people are really going through, again, talk about knowing your target market when you’ve coached that many people inside and out. You get to know yourself as a coach too, like what your strengths are, what you love working on. So moving to a group program was the first step, I guess, because I started feeling like there’s so many people need this work, and I only have so many hours in a day, or in a week, so it makes so much more sense, as well as I really got to understand the power of teaching in groups and everyone seeing what everyone else is doing, and ah, this is possible for me too. That started things. That’s stage one, and really from there it’s now starting to look at how do I then do that so it’s really evergreen, so that I now know what business, at least this iteration of it, what works, what people are buying, I’ve got that messaging down, I understand the paying points … That takes a while, but once you’ve got that, the next stage is how do you now make that always work for you, so …

Barbara Turley: Rather than you working for that all the time.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, because it is, you’re still as a coach until you get to this level, you’re still in there serving people one on one. Even in a group, you’re still …

Barbara Turley: It’s still you doing the …

Amanda Daley: Hands-on mechanics. Yeah. So yeah, that’s the next stage to me of automating, systematizing, getting everything pretty much working automatically by itself.

Barbara Turley: Flow, which is lovely.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, there’s so many other ideas that I want to put forward that I know can really help people in the health and wellness professions, and there really is only so many hours in a day, and so many ways to do that.

Barbara Turley: You have to take in the stages too, and what I often say to business owners, a lot of us and myself included, suffer from having tons of ideas, and not enough time to execute the ideas, and then what happens is you’re just scattered and overwhelmed, and all over the place. I always kind of say, There’s nothing wrong with what you just said of stage 1 is this. I need to bed this down and get it right, and then stage 2, and then stage 3, and if that takes 5 years, that’s totally fine. Because that’s … It’s like a baby being born, you know and a child grows up, and you have to let it evolve in the stages that it’s going to go through.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely. Part of that process for me is actually refining, say the one offering I’ve really got. There’s no lack of ideas, there’s no lack of other ways I could be making money right now if I wanted. It’s really important for me to have a really high quality product that my clients are really getting results from. There’s so many options on the market that people can learn from, but really nothing, at least that I know of, for health wellness professionals to really get clients, and really …

Barbara Turley: In the early stages, which is the thing that …

Amanda Daley: In the early stages.

Barbara Turley: That first step of getting sales, getting clients, and making money so that you can serve more people.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely.

Barbara Turley: Is really what you’re doing.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, so a lot of my time also this year is going into refining that, making those course outlines and everything just so that everyone can [crosstalk 00:27:13]

Barbara Turley: Really more on the mark.

Amanda Daley: Really on the mark, and yeah. You can go off and do the next big thing, sure, but it’s really important for me, that’s why I’m doing it. That’s the purpose piece, if you like. Get that as slick as it can, but then automate it at the same time.

Barbara Turley: I love that. I’m listening to you going, oh my gosh, you’re like the start student, because it’s really … Do one thing, and do it really, really well, and then do the next thing. That’s the truth in any business. It’s how you don’t end up scattered, and it’s the trick with anything to be honest, really, just focus on it, refine it, and then systematize it and get it off your plate kind of thing, and then you can do the next thing.

Amanda Daley: Yeah, and the other thing for me as well is, I was in the corporate world of advertising, as we talked about, and I became a health coach to have more of a lifestyle. Obviously, because I wanted to share what I’d learnt with people, and serve people, but it was also for me. I wanted a more freedom-based lifestyle. I wanted more time. I wanted to be able to do things on my own terms, and work with clients when I wanted, go on holidays, all that kind of thing. I think as business gets bigger, it’s for me anyway, really important to still manage that. I see a lot of people in the entrepreneurial world and it can get bigger than your corporate job as far as hours that are involved, and all that kind of thing.

Barbara Turley: You know what though, I think that’s a lack of insuring that your foundation is set up properly. What I see with clients who are in that situation, for example, is that often … I see 2 types of clients, really. There’s the ones that just they’re one to one so much that they have no time or space or energy left to even think about how they would go off the next level. They’re making nice money, but that’s a problem. The other ones are the ones who grew too quickly and tried to do all the stages, and they end up completely, because none of the stages or foundation is properly set up to cope with the next stage, and then they end up running, chasing their tail a lot like that.

Amanda Daley: [crosstalk 00:29:08]

Barbara Turley: [crosstalk 00:29:09] should exist at the next levels. You should get more and more freedom the higher up the levels that you go on in some ways, if you’re doing it right I think.

Amanda Daley: Totally, and I’m just thinking, we always see what other people are doing, and there’s this perception we have to do it all now, but think that has to be one of my biggest lessons in the last little while .

Barbara Turley: I suffer from that one as well. I’m always thinking on comparison [inaudible 00:29:28], and think oh I should be doing it faster. But there’s only so fast you can build something, that’s the thing.

Amanda Daley: It is the truth.

Barbara Turley: So that’s brilliant, I mean, you’ve been amazing to have on the show, and if people want to connect with you, and they want to find out more about what you do and your courses, where should they go?

Amanda Daley: Sure, so my website is, and Upswing Mastermind is my signature mastermind course.

Barbara Turley: Love the name of that. Upswing. It’s time to upswing your business.

Amanda Daley: Absolutely.

Barbara Turley: Your health coaching business. Thank you so much for coming on the show, and sharing your first amazing 2 years in business with us. It’s really insightful, really amazing.

Amanda Daley: My absolute pleasure, thanks for having me.

Barbara Turley: Thank you again for watching for another week, and remember you can catch me later this week on my podcast, Wealth Unplugged, where I’m going to be giving you my key takeouts from my chat today with Amanda, and I can guarantee you I have more than 3, so be sure to catch me there. Until next week, see you then.

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