Overwhelm Be Gone: 3 Steps to Make Your Vision Happen …. With Ease!

make your vision happenOverwhelm! It’s the modern woman’s curse.

Forget periods. They’re a piece of cake compared to all the other stuff we women have taken on in the last generation or so.

As we all try to be Wonder Woman we are driving ourselves, our marriages and our lives into the ground.

Come on …. Admit it … you’ve been known to tear the face off your other half proclaiming ‘I have so much to do’ while continuing to multi task like a maniac haven’t you?!

My own husband is going to laugh hysterically in recognition when he reads this post so I’m hoping to get some solidarity from you lot and let’s all finally admit that no …. We cannot do it all. At least not all by ourselves!

Wonder Woman is in chains!

So what’s the solution?

Well I’ve had a great old time this past few months interviewing amazing female entrepreneurs, female investors and all round Wonder Women on my Feminine Wealth TV show and I’ve noticed a few similarities in the ‘making it happen’ department I thought were worth sharing!


Step 1: Team

As my guest Sia Hendry from You By Sia said:

“If you’re a one woman show, you can’t grow”

Now I know there will be a whole host of you out there thinking things like:
‘I can’t afford a team’
‘I could never find someone to do it as well as me’
‘My clients just want me and won’t accept someone else’

But listen up. The reality is that without a team you can’t grow your business, you can’t get the freedom you set up your business to get and most of all you can’t serve your clients, your family or yourself properly.

You can start small. You can hire an intern or an offshore contractor or both.

Making it work is Step 2!

Step 2: Leadership

Half the battle in bringing your vision to life is recognising the difference between working IN your business and working ON your business.

Now if you are so damn busy working IN your business just to keep the money flowing then you will have no time left to work ON your business and bring your grand vision to life.

Leadership is about empowering and inspiring your team to be amazing, to be on board with your grand vision and to let go of the control so your team can get on with implementing it for you!

Yes it might take training and development but in the long run you should be setting your business up so that it runs without you as much as possible!

My guest Alessia Marini, Feminine Leadership coach called this step “Being a Woman in Power’


make your vision happen

Step 3: Strategic planning !

I know I know I know … it sounds so boring right and who has the time for that anyway?

But trust me on this one. The antidote to overwhelm is effective strategic planning.

Effective strategic planning is when you create a plan of action and then actually take action!

Here are a few key steps to creating an effective strategic plan that works and gets rid of any overwhelm … which is the goal here.



  • Write down the key things you want to achieve in the next 3 months – both personal and business.
  • Now rank them in order of importance
  • Pick the top 3 items from each list and put the others away for now. The key reason most people fail is having too many things on their list and underestimating how long it takes to action things properly.
  • Write out the tactical actions you need to take in order to achieve each of the 3 items on your list and who is going to implement each of them. Remember team!
  • Put them in the diary as non negotiable items and empower your team to make it all happen.


Sit back, relax and just focus each day on the steps you need to take today and only today to reach your higher goals.

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed at even implementing the ‘get out of overwhelm’ steps above then maybe you should check out Get Savvy Academy …. THE online training hub for female entrepreneurs who want to get their money pumping to fuel their vision and feel more alive!

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