How To Pick The Right Advisers

I am a big believer in advice. I know that in anything in life it is always easier when you have a mentor, adviser or some form of coach ……. As long as you pick the right one for you!

But how do you know who is right for you?

It can be very frustrating to hire someone and then feel like they are not on the same page as you or they don’t quite ‘get’ what it is you are trying to to pick the right advisers
Often advisers like this are more interested in what they can sell you rather than what strategy you are looking to work.

The key things to think about when hiring any type of professional adviser are:


– Be clear on what you want to achieve before seeking advice.

If you are unclear as to what you want in life or in business then do some work around that first. An adviser can show you the best path(s) to getting the outcome you are looking for but they cannot really help you to figure out what outcome you want.

Life Coaches of course can help with this and would be a lot cheaper than lawyers, financial advisers, accountants etc.


– Have they done or achieved what you want to do or achieve?

Who wants a broke financial adviser right? It’s kind of an oxymoron.

Now that’s not to say that person can’t have gone through a period of financial meltdown before but did they fix it, strategise their way out of it and rise again? Food for thought!

– Where do they earn their revenue for working with you from?

Sometimes advisers have opaque revenue structures full of commissions, referral fees and weird loyalty payments. These can skew the advice they give you. You have to ask yourself if the advice you are getting is really about you or about them and their revenue lines.
How do you find out? Put them right on the spot and ask straight out for a full breakdown. Question everything from products recommended and systems used to fees charged and value provided.
This is not to say you should go for the cheap option, quite the contrary, you get what you pay for. But an adviser with nothing to hide will have no problem explaining and justifying their fees to you.

– Sit with advice for a while before you proceed with anything.

Make sure it feels right for you and your dreams. If there are any icky feelings then try to figure out where they are coming from. It can be fear or it might be your intuition telling you you are going the wrong path – regardless of advice received.

– Are they properly accredited and licensed.

It will be different for each country but every country will have various licenses for financial, accounting, legal and the like professions. This in and of itself does not protect you from bad advice unfortunately but it is definitely a vital consideration

how to pick the right advisersEducate yourself!

You don’t need to be an expert of course, otherwise why would you pay an adviser, but you do want to have some level of understanding about what you are doing. Blindly taking advice never ends well ……. for either party.
On my own wealth journey I have found the advisers I have put on my team to be invaluable in so many ways but I have to admit that it is more because I know how to engage them, how to ask the right questions and more importantly how to tie all of their advice together to drive my own business and wealth strategies forward.

Right now you’re probably thinking ‘Oh no! How do I do that?’

This is precisely why I have launched Energise Wealth !

By default I became my own wealth strategist leading my team of advisers towards the goals I set. I have realised the value of my own experience and wondered how exactly those with no experience of wealth strategy would fare. The truth is often not so great!

So my mission here is to coach you in the art of all things wealth so that you are empowered with the knowledge, confidence and drive to be able to pick your own dream team of advisers and be the leader of your own wealth journey.

When you are empowered like this it will save you from being a blind follower of advice that might not be right for you and your dreams.
My programs and resources are all designed to make you more savvy, turn you into your own wealth strategist and empower you to pick the right advisers to accompany you on the wealth journey you have set.

Why not join the movement and Get Savvy with a whole host of great women all over the world.




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