The Power of Great Advice

I was doing an interview with Wendy Mak the other day for my Feminine Wealth TV show and we were talking about her ‘Just hit GO’ philosophy in both business and in life. It’s a philosophy I love and personally subscribe to also.

Unfortunately after the interview I felt a bit ruffled because the truth be told I have been procrastinating and not hitting GO at all for about the past 2-3 weeks. I have felt really blocked by an issue I was having around my business set up and structure and hence frozen into indecision and inaction.

The Power of Great Advise

Chatting with Wendy and going on about how much I subscribe to the same philosophy gave me that icky feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when the little voice inside your head keeps calling you a fraud.

I know there are times in my life when I get stuck, we all do, but I have a habit of sitting on certain issues and allowing them to fester for a little too long. I try to figure it all out by myself, research madly to find the answer then call anyone in my network I think can help.

The sad truth is that this is an exhausting habit of mine and one I really need to face up to and find a better solution for.

So I did!

I pulled up my big girl pants, picked up the phone and booked a meeting with one of my personal dream team advisers to get the issue finally dealt with.

A day or so later I was strolling around in the sun, coffee in hand and a weight lifted off my shoulders after just 1 hour with one of my advisers. The issue was sorted, wasn’t the monster I made myself sick thinking it was and hey presto I could move on!

Yes it set me back a bit of coin (which is of course what I spent 3 weeks trying to avoid) but in the end how much momentum and coin did I lose with all that stickiness?


So today’s lesson is about the power of good advice!

 In matters of business and especially in wealth building you need a number of key trusted advisers (properly qualified and licensed!) on your personal dream team. These range from lawyers, accountants and financial advisers to mentors, coaches and mastermind groups.

Yes these people cost money but they are invaluable in so many ways I can’t stress it enough.

5 Reasons To Build Your Dream Team of Advisors


  • The Power of Great AdviceHaving a great team of advisers around you to tap into the minute a need arises will keep momentum going in your business and in your life by avoiding those weeks or even months of being totally stuck.
  • Your health! How often do we make ourselves feel overwhelmed, anxious and sick because of issues we don’t understand but are easy peasy to someone qualified?
  • Solid advice costs money but in the long run can save you a ton of money by keeping you away from bad decisions, wrong turns and wasted time and energy.
  • Great advice can make you a ton of money – money you wouldn’t even notice was there for the taking had you not sought the right advice.
  • Getting great advice means you can stay focused on the things you do best and not get tangled up in areas where you are not skilled.

Of course the next question is how do you pick the right advisers! Stay tuned for my next post when I will delve into this for you.





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