Why Selling and Making Money can be the Most Powerful Forces for Good in the World

If it’s possible to find a word that feels even greasier than the word ‘money’ … it’s got to be the word ‘sales’.

selling and making money‘Sales’ immediately makes most people feel queasy.

It’s that sense of powerlessness we have all felt when we know we are caught in the psychological web spun by a great sales person.

We feel sick when we stare at the ‘thing’ we were sold and realise it’s not what we needed or wanted at all.

Then we get angry.

We decide we hate sales people and silently vow never to be one of ‘those’ people.

I get it.

I feel the same way and am writing this from the heart of my own experiences.


But what about the things I do want?

What about the things I desperately need to make my life better?

What about the problem I have that I am frantically searching for an answer to but all I am finding are brick walls and snake oil?

Google will tell you that this happens every single day. Billions of times a day! People are searching for the answers they need and want online.

You hold the answers to some of these questions.

selling and making money

But you won’t sell it to me because selling makes you feel queasy and you are not one of ‘those’ people.

So you don’t sell.

You wait for me to find you. You wait for me to wade through all the snake oil and somehow miraculously recognize you as the true expert I can trust to deliver what I need.

Then you don’t tell me how you can help me with this particular problem I have.

Instead you expect me to know how you can help me and why I should choose you.

You expect me to know how to value what it is you do or the product you sell.

So I make an inexperienced and terrified stab at finding the answer myself and I get sold the snake oil …….. again!

After all that’s all that was there in my face when I went searching.

Then I get angry and even more frustrated as the problem still exists and a new search is needed. I ask friends. I check websites. I hunt high and low.

I find you.

But before I can even figure out if you are any different you make me jump through hoops to find out.


I feel exhausted and despondent. My trust bucket is empty.

And you don’t even know!

You see when we make the decision that selling is bad and choose not to get involved we leave the space wide open for the snake oil peddlers.

The problems people have still exist but there is a gaping hole in the solutions market because you don’t want to go out and sell.

The snake oil peddlers take up the market and perpetuate the message that selling is bad.

But what if selling was actually good?


What if selling was spiritual and for the greater good?

What if I desperately need you to sell to me and help guide me towards the perfect solution for the problem I have?

I have to be honest with you here and say I wish you would sell more. Sometimes I am so damn exhausted climbing over brick walls and trying to spot the snake oil that I just give up and go without whatever it is I need.

But sometimes my need is relentless. Like what if I can’t get pregnant but all my tests have come back fine and say nothing is wrong with me?

What if my marriage has just broken down and I need to know how to communicate with my partner in a non toxic way so I can avoid making the situation worse?

These are examples of situations where people will desperately search for answers and will be very susceptible to the snake oil sales pitches.


You need to sell.

You need to be the person standing there with your sign up and your best foot forward so you can protect your tribe from being led down the wrong path.

If you’re not there to protect them with your genuine sales pitch then who is?

Selling is about relationships. It’s about matching real needs with appropriate solutions. It’s about results!

It’s not about trying to make your product or service fit a need through clever wording – just to make the sale.

So if you know you can get me the results I so desperately need, why aren’t you willing to take my pain away by selling those results to me?

If you don’t then you are leaving me wide open for potential sleaze!

Do the work of finding the solution for me so I’m not so exhausted next time I finally land on your door all sceptical and burnt!

Young business woman drawing diagrams on whiteboard

Yes you make money out of it too. But think about it this way – if you make lots of money helping people who need what it is you do then it means you can help more people!

The world needs you to sell and to make lots of money doing it so you can serve more people who truly need or desire what you’ve got.

If you sell in this way you will not only protect your tribe but you will grow your tribe exponentially and in the end have the ability to touch the lives of way more people in a hugely positive way.

So get over yourself and start selling!

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