How to Stop the Financial Rollercoaster as a Woman in Business

I think most women in business would agree that it can be a relentless rollercoaster when it comes to financial success.

So much for the ‘Do what you love and the money will come’ brigade!

image1I have seen far too many women in business get carted out by this belief over the years and yet still a whole host of amazing and talented women get caught up in this myth each and every year.

Just because you love doing yoga and it lights your soul up doesn’t mean that if you open a yoga studio a queue of raving fans will magically appear out of nowhere and clamour to get into every coveted class!

All too often women graduate from nutrition schools, yoga teacher trainings, pharmacy and medical degrees, law schools and all manner of other disciplines only to find that running a business is a totally different thing to doing what you love.

Running a business requires a whole host of different skills and knowledge that are rarely addressed in the ‘qualification’ style courses.

It requires clarity of vision, strategic planning, financial management, creative marketing and PR (even if it’s just you doing those things through the use of your own mouth!) and of course sales!

I heard Mia Freedman speak at a conference recently about her explosively successful MamaMia blog. She admitted that she started out as the classic blogger sitting around in her pj’s writing and publishing content online. Her content and blog was getting great traffic and had all the trappings of a ‘successful’ blog’ but in 3 years of running it she had made zero money!

She talked openly and quite humorously about this and her complete lack of a monetization plan. One day her husband stepped in and gently informed her that he was giving her one more year before he was pulling the pin on this ‘hobby’ business.

Mia was certainly doing what she loved and creating something of very high value that the public clearly wanted but this alone was not enough to actually create financial, and subsequently, business success.

Her husband brought some really key skills to the table in terms of strategy, distribution and leverage. This more masculine energy combined with Mia’s strong feminine energy of creation, intuition, connection and community created a powerhouse business that today is a true asset and performs like a well oiled machine.

Now before you all jump on me and say it’s not just men who are good at strategic thinking, scaling and leveraging hear me out!

You are right!

It’s not just men who are great at that. Plenty of women are great at that too and on the flip side plenty of men are great at creating vision, connection and community.

Both men and women possess masculine and feminine energy. Admittedly men, in general, are more developed in the masculine energies of pushing, competition and winning while women, in general, gravitate more naturally to the feminine energies of creation, connection, collaboration and trust.

Today’s Tweetable:
image2 Being more developed in just one of these energies can make things a whole lot harder and in some cases lead to outright failure.

At best it will lead to sub optimal results.

What’s fascinating is that today there are a whole host of companies around the world that appear to be super ‘successful’ but are very masculine energy driven – think the financial industry!

If these companies or industries actually focused on rebalancing by bringing in some much needed feminine energy then their profits could potentially soar along with their positive impact in this world!

Research has been done on this and shows that companies who embrace things like culture, positive leadership; community and social impact actually have higher and more sustainable profits than those who are just solely focused on the bottom line.

However, businesses that are solely focused on giving and nurturing without attention to the necessary bottom line also end up out of balance and can fall by the wayside as the life force (ie the money) dries up!

So when you think about your business think about which side of the energy equation is more developed for you. If you want to smooth out the rollercoaster then it’s time to focus some attention on the area you are weaker in. To do this you will either need to learn how to become better there or find someone who is who can compliment your energy and skills.

Tell me in the comments below if this has triggered an aha moment for you and how you are going to approach things in your business going forward.

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