Taking Business More Than Skin Deep

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Wealth Unplugged Podcast. This week I bring you the key tips and strategies gleaned from my interview with Sia Hendry on Feminine Wealth TV. Sia is the founder of leading Sydney cosmeceutical clinics You By Sia. She has 5 across Sydney as well as her own product range. This is one very savvy, successful woman! Her business is a great example of how going more than skin deep, even in the cosmetic industry, produces rockstar results. Here are my key takeouts…

Takeaway #1 – “You can’t be a one woman show and grow”

Sia recognised very early on that in order to grow her business she would need a very supportive team around her. Despite this being an extremely expensive business to get into, Sia had an investor seek her out right from the start. The key part is that they each bring different skills to the table – an effective balance!

Takeaway #2 – Inspirational leadership

Get your business vision in place early and develop the leadership skills to motivate your team so that they believe in your brand. Sia’s team are all strong advocates of her brand. She has also found that developing leadership is about being able to let go – allow others the space to explore how they can step up.

Takeaway #3 – Are we putting obstacles up ourselves?

Women often attach a lot of fear to risk and may ignore their intuition when it comes to business. We get caught up in needing to know the ‘how’. What would happen if we tuned into our intuition more in business? Many of the most successful female business owners operate very intuitively…


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