The 5 Steps of Purpose to Profits

This is a guest post from my good friend and Legacy Project Founder, Brooke Alexander…

purpose to profitsIt doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for a week, a month, a year or a decade I’m sure you will agree that the journey is a constant dance of action and reaction, trial and error, process and progress, learning and relearning.

Many Entrepreneurs find it increasing difficult to manage the merry-go-round of market, employee and sales rifts and shifts whilst others seem to find it increasingly simple.

Some people stumble around in the dark trying to find what they are meant to do with their lives while others seem to inherently know their worth implicitly.

The reality is that you can have both – if you are willing to do the work.

If you are serious about creating a profitable business and purposeful life the five steps of Purpose to Profits will be the difference that will make the ultimate difference. Let’s explore them…

Step 1 Investigate:

The first step is to run an investigation to identify you or your organisation’s unique talents and values.

This is a campaign for the truth.

This is the time to be asking questions, lots of questions. Start looking at all of your data on file. Go through everything. Turn it upside down. Start from the beginning and work your way through. This process will uncover stories, cultural and limiting beliefs, historical data and more, this first step gives you the foundation and insight required to work through step 2.

purpose to profitsStep 2 Incubate:

The second step requires incubation. This is where you’ll begin to think about you and or your organisation’s role in the world, specifically why you or your brand matters to society. In the words of Albert Einstein, if investigation is knowledge, then incubation is imagination and “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Dive into your story, your beliefs. What does your organisation do? What does it say that it does? Think. Think. Think. What can it do? What can you do to make it better?

Step 3 Illuminate:

The third step illuminates. This process takes you to the intersection of you or your company’s essence and its role in the world – this becomes your principle idea. From the position you have the elevated platform to position all facets of you and or your business.

Remember, great ideas don’t appear they evolve.
This I have learned first hand in nearly 20 years of business. By working through steps 1 through to 3 you will begin to evolve your idea, your purpose will begin to reveal itself and you will begin to reveal the essence of your business or life, you will have arrived at your principle idea.

When you do the work, the work will do it for you.

Step 4 Illustrate:

The fourth step illustrates. How you will illustrate you or your company’s purpose internally and externally to create alignment and advocacy for all stakeholders? How will you demonstrate your principle idea, how will you bring it to life for all who experience it? This is the world of design, of logos, of colours of images. This is your brand, your personality, your story. By understanding how you or your business shows itself to the world you bring your principle idea to life. Then, Step 5 becomes the daily step.

Step 5 Instruct:

How does your principle idea transact with the world? What is the system? The products? The services? What are the key actions that will serve the principle idea? When you have a clear path of instruction it becomes a simple process of implementation to achieve a profitable business and a purposeful life.

Brooke Alexander

Brooke AlexanderBrooke Alexander is an authority on Legacy. She is a Business woman, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader who champions the importance of Living Your Legacy. She is the Founder of The Legacy Project a conscious social movement for those seeking inspiration and education to bring their greatest legacy to life.

Brooke works with Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Organisations and Families who wish to create purpose driven businesses and lives, which define their legacy. | |

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