The Art of Feminine Wealth – A Manifesto

Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project and one of my favourite writers and interviewers recently proclaimed:
‘Don’t Just Build a Business, Start a Revolution!’


The Art of Feminine Wealth – A Manifesto

I loved it. How tingly does that statement make you feel?

I know it certainly ignited a fire inside of me. The idea that I could build an epic company and also create revolutionary change with that company spoke to the deepest part of my soul. Powerful.

It really got me thinking about the wonderful world of money and wealth that I have enjoyed a brilliant career in for the past 15 years.

There’s no doubt the financial industry has been through a full wash, spin and tumble dry cycle since the financial crisis rumbled on in but apart from destroying a ton of egos and carting a lot of people out financially, has anything really changed?

It’s kind of just come out a cleaner, tighter version of its’ old self.

It is still such a masculine paradigm full of pushing, striving, targets, competition, lack of trust and lack of women!

So many women I speak to about money and wealth tell me they find it mindboggling, scary and downright confusing so they shy away from it.

Is this surprising? Not really!


Think about it, from the dawn of time, money and wealth have been the domain of men. It is only in the last couple of generations that women have entered the world of business and money (& politics!) in any meaningful way.

We still have our training wheels on Goddammit!!

How can we expect to rebalance the energy of money to reflect the right mix of masculine and feminine energy if women are not taking an engaged seat at the table?

It is my mission to reframe the masculine paradigms of business, money and wealth as the ultimate feminine tools with which to unlock personal freedom, energise lives and create epic legacies.

I believe the wave of femtrepreneurs that are awakening right now have a huge role to play in the future direction of our global economy and I am excited to be a part of making it a truly positive movement.


To celebrate the launch of this revolutionary movement I have created the ‘Feminine Wealth Manifesto’.

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