Wealth And Mindset: Who’s in the way of your ‘Rockstar Money’?

wealth and mindset Do you ever wake up feeling like a Rockstar? You know those days where you bounce out of bed and feel like you could take on the world? It’s like being in love!

Feeling like a Rockstar is one thing but making money like one ….. now that’s a whole different ball game.

I was coaching a bunch of amazing entrepreneurs recently on wealth blocks and a very interesting thing happened. Each of them had just been through a day of financial modelling to come up with a potential revenue number for their business. Golly gosh were there some spectacular numbers in that group!

I asked each of them to share how their number made them feel when they went home that night. The answers blew me away. You would think that making millions would make you feel ecstatic and release that incredible Rockstar feeling but instead I heard comments like ‘anxious’, ‘sick’ and ‘afraid’ (ok there were a few super duper air punchers too!!).

One girl admitted that she actually threw up!

So why is this?


It forces you to question your worth and your beliefs about money and what it means to be rich. It can make you feel like a fraud and challenge you so much emotionally that you would rather make less to avoid having to deal with the icky feeling.

This is why so many Lotto winners end up broke in few short years after their win.

It’s also why a lot of women who get big divorce settlements can also end up whittling it all away very quickly.

We all wonder how on earth this can happen and assume these people must be idiots but the truth is that none of us are immune to this problem.

It comes down to our internal programming

Our internal programming is made up of our subconscious beliefs about what is possible for people ‘like us’, what we are capable of and what we deserve.

image2 Wealth and mindset are interrelated – having more money than your internal programming is comfortable with leads you to exhibit behaviours and take actions that will ensure you get rid of the money as fast as possible so you can return to what is ‘real’ based on your belief system.

On the surface you might think you are capable of taking on the world and that you deserve to be rich but if your internal programming, or your Inner Miss Money as I like to call her, is throwing tantrums deep in your subconscious mind then she will trip you up no matter how hard you try.

It is so important to identify her, figure out what beliefs she has and then work to reframe them so your Inner Miss Money is supporting you on your wealth path and not destroying it unbeknown to you.

It’s why I made it step number 2 in my wealth success map. So if you would like to get clearer on who your Inner Miss Money is and how she fits into the picture check out my FREE Wealth Success Map video training course and focus on step number 2.

It might just change your life ….. get it right here!



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