Episode #2 Wealth Unplugged LIVE: Wealth Blocks of Women (Part 2) – Trust (Replay)

Wealth Blocks of Women – Trust

Trust is very intricately woven with the first wealth block: Fear. When we have a fear, it becomes difficult to trust anyone to manage our money because these tactics sound risky to us. We refuse to take the advice of anyone, even if this advice is sound and could make us quite wealthy. Not only do we not trust other people, but we don’t even trust ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves to make sound decisions about our wealth.

Ask yourself why? Usually the reason why we don’t trust ourselves is simply from a perceived lack of knowledge. We feel we must be good at numbers in order to be good with money. This isn’t true! Money is an idea – it’s an exchange for value, so “money” and “numbers” are not synonymous at all!

Check out the replay of this hangout above: I delve deeper into overcoming the wealth block of trust and answer audience questions…

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