Wealth Unplugged LIVE! Episode #3 – Wealth Blocks of Women (Part 3) – Overwhelm

Wealth Blocks of Women – Overwhelm

When it comes to money and wealth, overwhelm and confusion causes total paralysis, which leads to fear and then we do nothing. Action is the anti-dote to fear but when paralysed we can not be successful.
A number of things that cause overwhelm and confusion include lack of attention to detail and lack of financial organisation. Often people think that if you’re not good with numbers, then you’re not good with money. This isn’t true! Money is emotional.  The financial industry itself can also be very overwhelming; if you don’t know the industry, it’s difficult to feel comfortable with the advice given.
So how do we solve these issues and combat our confusion? Check out the video above and see me address this as well as questions from the audience…

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