Wealth Unplugged LIVE Episode #5: Wealth Blocks of Women – “I’m Not Into Money”

This week we looked at another of the wealth blocks of women: “I’m not into money”. How many of us as women say that? I surveyed a large group of women to find what the main ’10 Wealth Blocks ‘ are, and so many have this particular block. Saying “I’m not into money” can have a number of reasons behind it, but often for women it’s to do with seeing wealth and money as a somewhat vulgar domain, opposite to ideals of nurturing and caring.

How can we overcome this block? In this hangout we discussed different audience questions: how can we maintain our spiritual ideals? Can we teach our girls to stop apologising for their success? Remember, money is just a tool in the value exchange. You do not have to give up your ‘higher purpose’ or become like a character off “Wolf of Wall Street” in order to grow your wealth!

Let me know what you think and please ask any additional questions in the comments below!

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