Wealth Unplugged LIVE Episode #7: Wealth Blocks of Women – Confusing a rich lifestyle with true wealth REPLAY

We are spending our money on things that make us look and feel rich (cars, houses) but stop using becoming truly wealthy. Life style inflation occurs when you become stuck on this path of always wanting more, society tells us “you can have it all” – we buy extravagant houses we can’t afford. As we earn more money, we earn a lifestyle we can’t afford and we become stuck in a rat race, peddling ever harder. A mortgage is one such an example, the reality is the houses will cost you x3 what you initially thought when spread over 40 years, it is a lifelong trap. You want to pay it off in much faster then 30years!!

Three ways to make money
You can work to make money
Your businessman work to make money
Your money can work for you.

The 7 steps to wealth are simple, straightforward and never change but they require discipline! Forget about your job, money and business; focus on personal vision! What are your true, core, desired feelings? What lights you up? For me, freedom is my highest value. Some want security, some want choices, how do I want to feel? Is spending my money taking me closer to these feelings or further away? The best way to be free to feel this feeling is to become financially stable. It can happen in 3-5years and it will reduce emotional rollercoaster. If this is something you would like to get learn more about, download my seven-step wealth map at welathsuccessmap.com and I urge you too. True wealth is when you have financial freedom when your money works for you so you can go out and use

The key piece of advice: you have time and money has time. The 8th wonder of the world is the power of compound interest!! Money can build up – you don’t need 100’s of thousand’s of dollars, put 1000 a year into an account you can’t touch, watch that money grow over time! That money will start to snowball, its about paying yourself first! Get Savvy with your money!! The Get energized program is being updated now but I encourage you to check out this program.

The final not I’ll make is you get exhausted trying to stay on the rat wheel, exhausted from competing with neighbors and friends, you can get confused and overwhelmed and that’s another huge wealth block!!

Next week: wealth block of being a great saver! How can this also be a wealth block? Tune in next week!

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